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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Okay I Admit, I've Been Sleeping On T-Pain!

Okay, I'm late on last months reviews and descriptions, and I really don't feel like going into detail, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet, for the Music of the Moment.

I have really been sleeping on T-Pain for his past few albums. I had sorts decided to not buy his work, because I felt he was to commercial, and just a passing fad. I thought his songs were catchy, and had decent beats, but I was never compelled to buy an album. however His recent songs like, "Can't Believe It," which was a Jam of the Moment once and "Chopped and Skrewed" feat. Luda, is what motivated me to buy his album this time. Since they were out of the regular album at the time I went to buy this album. I talked the guy at the counter into giving me the, "Three Ringz Limited Deluxe Edition" for the same price. Which I 'm happy about now, because one of my favorite songs,"Phantom" isn't on the regular album. It's a song about him stalking his ex girl, and him sabotaging her relationship. Twisted, but I love it. This album is filled with one song after the other that I love. My next would be "Reality Show" feat. Musiq Soulchild and Raheem Devaughn. however there is no song, that had me sing and a quoting lines, way after I have stopped playing the CD, like "Therapy" feat. Kanye West. I love this song hands down!!!!!! I can't help it but I like him no matter what his range is. I like the softer side of me, and the just singing he does on while talking about his kids motivating him on, "Keep Going". I like the anger and the rap he does on his dis song, "Karaoke" feat. DJ Khaled. I love all the collaborations on this album. I think the skits are hilarious, especially the ones with comedian, Eddie Griffin. This is a must have, and I think I might pick up his earlier albums now. I'm telling you all to go buy this album!!!

Okay for a second time in a row, Usher is one of my Jam's of the moment. Love this song. I feel like it's Versatile man's anthem...LOL Usher gets down on the low, and he is saying it right here in this song people!

My "Ah that's My Jam II" is Musiq Soulchild's "Ifuleave" feat. Mary J. Blige, is one of the best duets of the year so far. I love this song. I really think they should do more collaborations.

My "Throwback Album of the Moment" is a classic, TLC's "SexyCrazyCool". One of my favorites, because it really doesn't have to many songs, I'll skip. My favorites being of course the classic, "Creep" and "If I Was Your Girlfriend" The Prince remake is good, not like the original, but still sexy and amazing. Most of the album is a sexy vibe, like songs like "Red Light Special" You could definetely get down to this album. Maybe not sex, but definetely make out. I love T-Boz sultry voice with Chilli melody. I think all three of these girls meshed well here. A classic to me is an album where you don't skip many songs to get to the next. All in all I love this throwback.

I for some reason thought that my "Inspirational Album of the Moment" was going to be an extension on his work with his former group Winans Phase II. Which I loved. However, Marvin Winans Jr.'s album "Image of a Man" was not that. Not so much worship as more so a ballard esque album. To be completely honest, there wasn't really to many songs that jump out at you right off bat. However this is definetely not a gospel album that hinds its message behind heavy productions and beats. It's lead single, "You never let Me Down" is a good one. It's Not for Everybody, is what I will say. It may take you a minute to get into it, but I think there is a message for us all, though.


Anonymous said...

I'm not that big of a TPain fan to buy his albums. I do like his singles.

LOL @ calling Usher out. Trading Places is one of my favorites off his cd. My favorite hands down is Here I Stand.

I love both Musiq and MJB but the song is just ok to me.

TLC will always be one of my favorite girl groups. I still play CrazySexyCool.

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

South you are not going to be disappointed with this album, if you like his singles. I'm telling you, I was suprise to, but it's good.

Okay, its not like I'm the first to call Usher out, I'm it's usually not my style, but come on..."Tonight ,I'm on the bottom, you on the top..." Helloooo!!!