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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cleaning Out My Closet

Update: I just realized thatmy first two paragraphs I wrote dissapeared. I don't know where my original first two paragraphs went, but this is is something about what I remember.

So lately I have been on a personally cleaning of my not that closet. The sexual closet is still closed up, bolted, and locked the hell up with a security system where you need a voice activator, a thumb print, and a blow job security pass. No, I have been cleaning out my personal clothing closet. That's not my closet above, but I wouldn't mind having a closet to look just like that, you know except for the leopard skin rug...I mean yikes, and that's a man's closet too. I bet Usher has a leopard skin rug in his closet, for some reason. I've been in a sort of early spring cleaning mood. Well, actually because of all the snowy weekends, we've had this year, may have more to do with me doing a lot of this cleaning and organizing. Just getting a lot of things straight and organized. My clothes, books, Cds, mail, junk everything. I once heard, if you get your outside organize and in order, other things in your life will fall into place and eventually the same will work itself out on the inside. So it's like a step into getting the chaos inside of me organized, my getting the chaos around me in order and in place.

Any who the blog closet...
I have been cleaning out my blog closet. I had so many blogs I've bookmarked over the years. I decided to clean them out. I had blogs that I haven't visited since I first started blogging. I decided to give them a reexamination, based of what they are writing now, and well some got the ole' heave ho! Like 10 blogs I made a special folder for them, the "Delinquent File." It's for those who haven't written a post in months, some close to a year. Either they forgot they had a blog or they have abandoned Blogger, for Tweeter or Faceplace. I have not done either thank you very much. I have gave you a great post either in a while, but I'm still haven't forgot about you. As some of the few readers I still have will let you know, I throw you an "I'm still alive" post every once in a while. Moving on, I cleaned it out deleted a few, or more like a lot. In the end I have set up new folders for all my blogs, that I still read. I have "Blogs," "New Blogs," "I'm Bored Blogs," "Image Blogs" know the blogs dedicated to just pictures of hot guys, and "Delinquent Blogs." Maybe I shouldn't reveal that but just letting you guys know. There are a lot of blogs I really love, yet don't comment on as much as I guess I should. If I don't have anything noteworthy to say I don't, but I guess I should still give them a shout out of love.

Clothing Closet...
It feels like my closet stays in a constant disaster zone. My dream closet would be everything in order and color coded. I got there a few times, but in no time it's back to ground zero. I have such nice hangers to for a perfect closet, nice wood hangers...No Wire Hangers!!!! Anyway my motivation was shirts. I had no clean dress shirts or button downs, because that's my casual style. I take them all out and it's like 25-30 shirts I need clean. It's been a long time if ever, I've been that bad on taking my shirts to the cleaners. I think to myself, I could take them to the cleaners or be economical, and wash them myself, because none of them say dry clean only, it's just what I've always done. I decide to buy a two different types of Woolite and wash them myself. No problem, they turn out good...that is until the ironing part. It takes me an hour to iron three shirts. Now I get iron the shirt when I'm ready to where them, but I usually like my stuff ready to where when, well when I'm ready to where them. Also the whole point is organization to have everything hung up, am I really supposed to hang wrinkled shirts. I decide to take all the shirts to the cleaners anyway, to be ironed. I figured I did my bit to save. Half the price of the normal clean is still good, to save me the time of not having to iron all those shirts. I get to one of my normal cleaners. I tell her I just wanted to have my shirts ironed. I have never brought something in just to have ironed, but knew they did that. She tags and writes me up my bill...Now my normal price per shirt is $1.75 a shirt, she writes up a bill where she charged me $2.50 a shirt. Of course I had to ask what was up with that. She informs me that to just iron the shirts is a flat fee of $2.50 per item. We go back in forth how that makes absolutely no sense to me and all the sense to her. In conclusion to just iron any item regardless of a dress shirt or formal gown is $2.50, and to get a shirt cleaned is $1.75 with a complimentary starch and iron. I guess it's a nice thing to know if I ever need my formal gown ironed on the cheap, but for a shirt is stupid. Even though to do more work on the shirt is cheaper, to just iron it will cost me more...ain't that some bull. I still don't know how that makes sense. She kept trying to talk me into cleaning them all over again for the $1.75. That didn't make sense either, especially since they were clean and Downy fresh now. In the end I just brought the home, and put them in a a drawer, wrinkled but clean.

Speaking of cleaners...I went by this one cleaners I go to, to pick up a sweater they had. While cleaning out my closet. I realized that a sweater of mine was missing, and realized that this cleaner had it. I found my cleaner slip in my car and go over to this cleaners. To my surprise they were closed...not for the evening...not for the weekend...not for the Sunday...not for the week, but for good. Please tell me how a cleaners just ups and closes, without notifying it's customers. I mean what exactly is the purpose of leaving your number with your clothing if, no one bothers to throw you a bone, of "Hey we closing down, you might want to pick up your stuff." No information at all on the building except a lease sign. I just stood there waiting, like someone was going to jump out and say hey just kidding we go your cloths.

While I was also cleaning out my closet I realized that I might have moths. I had these two dress pants hanging up, they I have never wore, because they had never been hemmed. They still had that extra foot of raw fabric on them, that some men's pants, come like from the store. I decide to get them hemmed, and notice these little tiny holes all over them. I do some further investigation, and I find more cloths with these tiny holes. Now that completely freaks me out, and I take ever piece of clothing out. Here's the thing I never found any bug or moth in the closet. Do moth holes actually come from Moths? Well, whatever it is, it's not going for the cheaper clothes either. It's going for the cashmere and silk wool items. This one camel color cashmere sweater...lord knows I hated that sweater. It was a very itchy sweater. I HATED it, but I would have liked to give it away to someone who needed it or Goodwill or something, but now it looks like Swiss cheese. I'm not joking it has little itey bitey holes all over it. Now the last thing I would want to do is get moth balls. They have such a strong spell, and I don't think I could deal with that smell on a regular at all. I have been around people who spell like moth balls, and that it's cute. I'm not sure if you have been around someone who uses a lot of moth balls all over their house, but even their food taste like moth balls. I went to Walmart, and got instead cedar balls and blocks. I guess my clothes will smell like a cedar chest, but I think that's better than moth balls. Sorry for those people still rocking the moth balls.

Cleaning out the car...
I decided to clean out my car as well. I have an SUV, and I have come to the realization, that the bigger the car, them more junk you can fill in it. A kid I know asked me a question when I was going through my car trying to find something. He asked me, do I use my car as a closet. At first I thought he was making a joke, but he was dead serious. To be honest sometimes I do. Yeah I have change clothes and sweat shirts in my car. Either just in case shirts, or shirts I have changed out of. I have changed completely in my car. If you ever see a thick nigga in a SUV changing clothes at the stoplight, it's me. Usually I don't clean my car out unless I am actually taking it to be cleaned or visiting Von. Even then I just thrown it all on the third row or cargo area. I take out my clothes and hats when going to see Von, because he always wants to borrow crap from me. Funny thing in all the cleaning of my car and closet; I found two shirts and a pair of draws that belong to him. Here's the thing he don't be over my place like that to be leaving things so I don't know how I got them. The draws I remember...he left them in my car accidentally...Not going to elaborate, just let your imagination run with that one.

Books and Cd's...
I had about 250 to 300 CD's. I decided to really get them in order and straight. But them in the right case, because I think for some it has been years since they have seen the original case. Basically I do this to try to figure out what CD's have been borrowed from me and not returned. My cousin borrowed like 10 or 15 CD's from me over the course of a year, a while back. When him and is girlfriend broke up, uh he let her have keep all the CD's including the ones he borrowed from me. Who does that? Yeah that might seem like the nice thing to do, if they were yours or you bought them together, but he didn't and t hey didn't! I called her, apparently she don't know where they are at now. Some people just have no respect for other peoples things. When I borrow anything I treat it like it's mine. Apparently I can't get the same respect. I have made a new rule no borrowing of my CDs. See the thing is. When he borrowed them, not all of the CD's were in the right case, and he took some CD's out of their case and put them together in one case, so he wouldn't have to carry all the case. So I don't know what he had or what it's in. All he can remember from the 15 CDs, is a Common CD, an Aaliyah CD, Bobby Valentino CD. I had the cases to all of those, but no CD, so I don't know what he carried them out in.

In the end, I'm currently left with 40 or 50 empty CD cases. Now I have a CD carrier somewhere, but I can't find it. Until I find it, I can't narrow down what is missing officially. The big question to me is where is the cases to 15 0r 20 CDs. I know he can't have had them all.

I got all my books in order to, took them from all over the house. Now I love Hardback. I hate paperback. If I can help it, I don't buy paperback, however hardbacks are certainly space consuming let me tell you that. I realize from a cover sleeve that a book is missing. I call the person up, and apparently they either lost the book, when the moved or she lent it to someone and can't remember who...uh, no lending up books as well in the future, I see. At least she offered to replace it.

My personal blog...
There is so much reorganizing and things I want to do with this blog, but haven't done yet. First the overall layout and format I have wanted to change forever, but can't seem to. There is this one that I really want but blogger will never let me work it out. For someone who took Cisco for two years, I'm so computer illiterate. So for in the meantime, I have decided to change my intro picture at the top of the blog. Now this is the exactly view and skyline I see on many of the stories and adventures and guys I've talked about on this blog. So here's a picture as a back drop of all the madness of my DL lifestyle.

I think I'm also changing my name again. The last time I changed it, was when Michael Jackson died, and I changed it as a tribute, if no one figured it out. It is my personal favorite songs of his. As I'm finishing up this blog, I don't know exactly what it will be yet, but I will figure it out at the last minute. I'm just tired of this YB&DL's Bad PYT In the Closet at Heartbreak Hotel, and besides it rarely fits into the comment section on certain bloggers blogs.

Lastly I have several unfinished blogs, that I never published, doubt I would now, but who knows, I might finish them and publish them regardless of their current reverence.