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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Debut Album Battle from 3 Talented Women

"First Love" is a great debut album from a talented girl. I was first introduced to Karina with her first single, "16 @ War". Although the song is talking about the trials of a 16 year older in today's world, I did not think she was 16. Unlike most of the teens singer's that are coming out, I didn't feel like her music was aimed at the tween and teenager crowd. I got a reminiscent feel of the teen singers of the early and mid 90's, like Monica, Brandy, and the late great Aaliyah's debut albums, that was music beyond their years, and not aimed at just kids their age. For me I like the message that few of her songs possess like the ballad, "Can't bring me down", which is about determination, and about not letting people hold you back. I think she shines best in the ballad "Slow Motion" and "First Love", which are mostly about young love, but it can very well be related to any age especially "Slow Motion". I think this is anything but a bubble gum album, because she is anything but bubble gum, she is a classically trained singer and pianist, how every I think she will be lost being on the same label as Rhianna. I see a very promising future, if she jumps labels. Loved this album, but it was not the Winner, close though.

After much anticipation Jennifer Hudson released her self titled album. With her voice, I was really curious how they were going to use it. She really didn't have a pop or a contemporary R&B voice but more off a soul voice. She has a big voice, they could have made her sound old, but she didn't come off like that. Her first single "Spotlight" had very much a Whitney from the 80's kind of pop thing going on, I liked it, but it was by no means my favorite. My favorite song on the album, hands down would be her duet with Fantasia, "I'm his only woman". The one thing that makes me laugh about this song is the line Jennifer keeps saying if this was 10 years ago... I ready to whup your ass" How old is she suppose to be in this song. Obviously that's not your man if you been with him 10 years and he hasn't married your butt yet. I think I was kinda rooting for Fantasia in this song, don't know if I was suppose to be rooting for anyone. anyway I although I've heard from several people that they think the song is stupid I like "Pocketbook", the only high tempo song on the album I really loved. Most of her songs were mid tempo and ballad, the ballad of course is where she shines. Of course I loved her rendition of "And I'm telling you I'm not going", from Dreamgirls. This album had some highs and lows, over all I liked it, but I guess I expected more highs really, than what I got.

The WINNER of Course!

So in My Debut battle of the Divas, Jazmine Sullivan's "Fearless" is my winner. The latest protege, of super female producer Missy Elliot, Jazmine Sullivan,Fearless had the rotation the most out of the three albums.I thought from her first single "Need u bad", that this album was going to be a very highly reggae and dance hall inspired album, in fact I thought that was the kind of artist she was. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. She wrote and co wrote most all of this album and it has me more curious about her. I guess from songs like "Call me guilty", which is about domestic abuse, and her killing him before he kills her. I pretty much love most of this album. From her high tempo like "Live a lie" to her mid tempo like "Bust your windows" to her ballad like, "In love with another man". I love this song. This is truly a eclectic album, she has reggae influences, 70 soul influences on some songs, and 60's inspired beats on some songs like "Switch". I can truly see where people are coming from when they say she is the new Lauryn Hill. I loved this album. That's why she is the winner. I guess I just feel a connection with most of the songs.

My "Ah that's my Jam" for the month is "Chasing Pavements". I guess I love the meaning or the message of this song. Should you give up on a relationship with someone you love or keep on trying even if it will lead nowhere. This white girl can sing.

My "Ah that's my Jam II" is Usher's, "Trading Places". I'm not a huge Usher fan by no means, but I love this song. I haven't loved an usher song like this since "Nice and Slow". I guess I love the sexier songs from him.

My Throwback album, is "Candyrain" by Soul for Real.This is one of my favorite boy group albums from the 90s. Heavy D did a great job on the production of this album. Yes this may have been a little bubble gum like the first single "Candyrain", but it also had some classics good remakes like Patti Labelle's, "If Only you knew". My favorite song on this album, would have to be the very long slow jam, "I don't know", i really had to make myself let it go to the next song, because I will really replay this song over and over again. I really think I like this album more towards the middle and end. I like the seduction vibe I get during those parts. However I still love the classics like "Every little thing I do". Why don't we have groups like this anymore?

Okay I'm going to me completely real, my Inpiration album of the moment Hezekiah Walker's Souled Out, is by no way my favorite of his albums. Not a classic in the making like his last one, but its the best I'm hearing right now, that is new. He has some hits like "O Give Thanks", which is a good one. I really was moved by God "Favored Me part II", I really like that one. "All of my help" is classic Hezikiah, maybe to classic it sounds down right like he old classic "Jesus is my Help", from the "Live in London" album. "Souled Out" is a great foot stomper over all it's adecent album, but some songs didn't hit me like "Moving Forward", I think he was trying to hit a new audience. This album was decent enough to be my Inspiration of the moment.