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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cheers, To New Addictions....

Well it has been officially a week, since my first blog, and I am officially an addict. I have found myself, lost. going from page to page, reading blogs, and getting in grossed by others. Now don't get me wrong it's not hard for me to get addicted to things. I think it's in my blood. Both on my paternal alcoholic side, and my maternal spiritual, religious, some formally addicts turned pastors and ministers side. Thank God, I don't drink or do any recreational drugs, add that to my crazy secret sex life, and I would be a walking disaster. Like most of my addictions, it will come to a crashing slow down in the near future. I 'm like a kid with a new toy at times. It reminds me of what this guy, that I made out with once said. He don't do 20-something year olders, because they are flighty....then got down with me anyway, talk about flighty. He was claiming to be 40, when he was every bit 43 and older. I never thought of myself as a flighty person. In fact, since I was 3 years old, I've been told, that I was mature for my age, with an old soul. However, maybe I am, because there are real times, that I don't know who I am or where I'm going. Just floating around.

Well anyway, this has been one crazy week. It all started, with three men. I never mentioned to you guys, about one of them. I didn't forget him, although I did forget his name. It was a brief encounter, so I can't be to blame. He offered to give me his number, my cell phone was dead, so I gave him mine. I haven't heard from him sense, but I have had a few calls from an unknown area code number. They don't leave a message, which is like a dead ringer, that it might be a DL guy, no DL guy leaves a message, they might think I will call and leave one. When I call it back, it goes to an computer operated voice mail message. I called information, and they told me, that the unknown area code, was a Brooklyn number. Just because the number is out of the state doesn't mean anything. So I'm thinking, it's him. He has a nice car, Land Rover, he is alright looking, can't remember exactly. I get a Church gay boy vibe from him. Even though, I also picked up a married vibe, just seems like the type. I didn't get a chance to check for a ring, that must be a woman thing to check. Now I know we shouldn't assume, but at first impression, I get he is a church boy, who is a bisexual, possible married to a woman, who looks like she would be out of his league, but loves him foolishly even though he is suspect.

Then there is L.A., who I know I can't get involved with. As I posted before, he is just walking drama. Even though he is the one who taught me, in 2006, to never get involved with an out person, unless I wanted to be even more stressed out and have someone always endangering my secrets and life. He some how remains in stress and drama. I know continuing to hang with him, will lead into, nothing but trouble. I think he sees me as a young, piggy bank. There's something about the way he talked about the type of guys he likes. "Guys from the suburbs, from good families, and not wrapped up, in that ghetto mentality." That maybe very true, but I also got from that, "and someone I can get dollars from." Don't get me wrong, I think he has a good person inside, and i think he can be that great person he was. He is a married, formal, government official..I think, occasional crack head..I know, who has one crazy ass boyfriend, who I think just needs a helping hand, to be the person he once was. I just don't have the energy, for that right now. I'm so tired of finding the guys who are down, from where ever they were. I want the guy at the top, who is still at the top, or on there way upto the top of the least maintaining at a medium level.

Then there is Blue, the guy I had my first threesome with, from my previous posts. I think he is sexy as hell, he has a little money, so he can hold his own, and doesn't need any of mine. He has a tricked out vehicle, that I am a sucker for. He is DL, so we are cool on that part. However he is a `uberDL guy. I will explain that later, but he is without a doubt, the type of DL guy, that makes all the rest of us look bad. Gives us all black men, the bad image. He has too many personal demons going on, that I can tell, from jump street. I just want to know, him though. I want to get inside his head, and sorry mostly I want to get inside him. I believe he is a top, and not even a versatile top, but all I can think about is him on his back, with his eyes locked with mine, and his legs up, and me exploring him.... Knowing what I know about him so far, he probably has more of an idea, of me bent over a chair, and him pounding me, like a hammer. Which won't happen, well not by him, at least.

Here I am, right where I left off, still looking for whatever it is I'm looking for. I just want someone who is on the same wavelength I'm on. I think I'm addicted to new beginnings. Maybe next week will look up, and a new beginning with someone.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I don't Want Your that a flower pot?

Tonight I became the other man. I don't know how it happen, but I did. I know for a fact that, I have been the other man or nigga, at times before. Some guys I have messed with, have been with girlfriends, other guys, and regretfully some with wives. However this is the first time I have been confronted, by the person the guy is in a relationship with.

Ironically, today I caught an episode, of Judge Hatchett. I do the Judge show sometimes, but I'm not like some that love them to death. I only watch the black judges, call me a racist, if you like, but they are the only ones in my opinion, that are worth my time. Anyway I usually only like watching Judge Hatchett, when she has somebody on there, looking for a DNA test. I especially love it, when the girl says, she is positive, that she hasn't slept with anyone else, and the baby turns out not to be the man she claims. I love it, when Judge Hatchett, nails into the girls. She's cool if the girl, admits, she's not sure, but she hates it, when the say they are positive, and it turns out they are lying. Anyway, back to my main point. On this particular episode, it was dealing with two gay black men, Renaldo and Reggie. Renaldo, was suing his former lover, Reggie, for $250; for breaking his window, with a flower plot. Even though Renaldo was married, still was married; he and Reggie had been, on again.... for like 6 years. So for the half an hour show, they were going over major event in their tumultuous relationship, that led to the final breakup, over the first guy helping out this homeless man, who Reggie was sure Renaldo, was sleeping with, and the flower plot through the window. By then end Judge Hatchett, truly seemed like she was exhausted, just hearing this whole mess.

During this whole thing, I couldn't help but think about this guy, I just got reconnected with, named L.A. I met L.A., in the fall of 2006, at a convience store. I gave him a lift, on a really rainy and stormy night. What I would eventually find out, is that him, and his then roommate, had a huge argument. Supposedly, even though he paid more of the bills and rent, his roommate kicked him out, because only his name was on the lease. Unfortunately, being the good samaritan, I drove him, to various friends house, where nobody was home. On the ride across town to his parents home, I found out that he was another DL gu, and that his roommate was actually his boyfriend. He told me about his crazy roller coaster relationship, and how his boyfriend was out, and always held the threat of telling L.A.'s family and friends, that he was gay also. Anyway call it revenge, or the mood of the rainy night, and the fact that all he was able to get out the house, was a pair of jeans and a white undershirt, that was clinging to ever morsel of his wet body, but we messed around. We stopped off somewhere, before I dropped him off to his parents house, and he went down on me, even though he was supposedly didn't usually go down on guys, but I've heard that before. He was suppose to call me the next day to update me on what happen, but that was the last I heard of him.

That is until this past Saturday morning, I was at a stop light, and this guy who is walking to the bus stop. I look out the window, and he is motioning the universe signal, for time. I look at the clock, and roll down the window, to tell him the time. Right before I roll it all the way up, he's like...."Hey I thought that was you!" I got to tell you I didn't remember him at first. At first I was freaking out, because I was hoping it wasn't a formal guy, I use to mess around with, that I couldn't remember. That is a huge fear of mine, because I don't want to think about how whoreish I have been at times. Anyway cut to me taking him home, where he was all night I don't have a clue. He was currently living, with a new boyfriend, who he says he hasn't had sex with in a long time, because he doesn't like him like that anymore, but his circumstance prevent him from living somewhere else. He caught me up to date. Since the last time I saw him, he had broken up with that old boyfriend and got back with wife, who I didn't know he had. The ex took revenge, by calling L.A.'s wife, family, parents, friends, that he was gay. L.A. went through depression, and refuge in Flav a.k.a. crack. He caught buying some, and got locked up. Which made him loose his job of 5 years and which led to him being on probation, for the next 4... I think. He is currently living with another jealous Queen.

We had a long good talk....He still does Flav..ever now and then, which he was NOT doing when I met him, whenever things get tough and he can't handle it. He had just left from a friends house and smoking it. I kind of preached to him, and asked him to promise me to go to church Sunday, for Easter. He comes from a religious family and the church also. He didn't go.

We talked again on Monday nigh, and he asked me to pick him up, on Tuesday morning, and take him to his Parole officer. He told me to me him in front of his apartment, that he shares with this new guy,I did. I waited for an half an hour, until I called this number, he called me from. His new guy "J" picked up, sounding like a huge queen. He was all..."Who is this?..... Where do you know L.A. from?....I know all his friends, and I don't know you....How long have you know him?...Where did he meet you at?" I quickly get aggravated and tell him upfront that I don't know what's going on between them two, but nothing is going on between us, and I don't even get down like that. I end the conversation, after he tells me, he's not there. Thank God I called him with a block on my phone, or he would have been calling me back, blowing up my phone. On my way back home, L.A. calls and tells me, that he was over his Drug Sponsor's house from Narcotics Anonymous. He tells me that"J" called him bitching about who was I.

Anyway, me and his sponsor, who I never really get to meet, end up paying for this cleanser, that wipes out his system of traces of drugs. Why I helped pay beats me. I guess I just didn't want to see him locked up, for dirty pee. While we were in the store's parking lot, of the store that hadn't open yet, to get the cleanser; waiting for his sponsor and "J" who was suppose to be coming by on his lunch and L.A. are talking about the types of people he gets messed up with and about his marriage. As he was telling me about his sponsor wanting to bottom for him, half of Narcotics Anonymous, who he state has about 75% gay black men, "J" because they aren't having sex anymore, and his wife. I tell him that he don't have to worry about me. I meant it, when I told him, that I didn't want to get with him. To much drama, that I couldn't be dragged into. I think that it turned him on, that I didn't. I ask him why do they be sweating him like this. He then pulls my hand over into his lap and his semi hard dick, which he has outline by one hand through his jeans. He then pulls it out in the middle of the day , in the parking lot of this store. It was decent and nice size like I remember, but not drama worth. I tell him, put it away, I don't want it. I've seen dick, it doesn't impress me. After that I left him there waiting for his sponsor. He tested clean, and wasn't locked up.

Tonight, I get a call from him, and he wants to meet up, around 9, he claims that all he wants to do is talk and hangout, so I'm cool with that. He calls me at 9 and tells me that, he is at a gas station getting gas, and that he will meet me at his place. I pull up, and he calls, and tells me to pull up near the pool, because he sees me. I pull up and don't see him...until he gets out of the passenger side of this, Mustang. He comes over to my window, and informs me that "J" wants to meet me. Not happy at all that I have been ambushed with this surprise, I say "No". I had just thrown on some jeans, and t-shirt, and a leather jacket...I didn't feel, I looked like confrontation presentable. If I was going to be confronted I wanted to look, on point and GQ up. However, now I realize that wasn't the greatest move, it made it look even more like I was screwing with L.A. So then "J" comes waltzing over tapping on my window. A decent looking chocolate brother either in hi late 30s or 40s, with one too many gold teeth, for someone, who supposedly works for the government. I roll it down, and he is like" I just wanted you to know I'm "J" and that I'm L.A.'s lover.....since you are supposedly his friend"(he said it like that too)..."that you should know who I was, and I should know exactly who you are."

I tell Miss"J" that I don't want his nigga, and that we are just friends. How I don't know what's going on with them two, but to leave me out of it. As L.A. gets into my car, "J" wants to talk to him for one more min. Me and L.A. go off, and he tells me that "J" was rattled and intimidated my me. How I was looking, because I was looking all good and nonchalant, because of my car, and probably my age. L.A. is around "J"' s age mid 30s.

While we were out around town, and a couple colleges, Miss "J" calls me, and leaves a message. Going on about how I can have L.A. he don't want him no more, and that L.A. went by this the wrong way. What "J" didn't know is what me and L.A. were doing when he called.

All I know is that don't want a flower pot through my window.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Look at me I have Not one but two babies...Can I have that role?

I was in 7-11 today and I saw both of these cover side by side on main display, at the counter. These are both of the current covers of People and Jet magazine. They both recent mother's of Twins. People with J. Lo, and Jet, with Garcelle from the Jamie Foxx show, Fancy!

I really got to know who cares what these people's baby's look like. Especially for 6 million dollars, because apparently that's what J.Lo got for first pics of her rugrats. And of course Jet gave,"Fancy" a record breaking 6 dollars and a half a pack of diapers for pics of her babies.

I'm getting sick to death of the media, swooning over pics of actress babies, like everybody cares that much. Especially from women who haven't done much lately.
J. Lo who hasn't had a hit movie nor a hit album, let alone a hit song, since her disastrous break from Ben. This might just be news worthy, if this was circa the time between marriage number two, of Chris Judd and her engagement to Ben, when she was hottt... hott... hot!

Now take Fancy... I mean Garcelle, she hasn't done a damn thing since the Jamie Foxx show, besides list fashion dos and don'ts, on the Style network. I mean I've seen Braxton do more, than she has.

This all leads me to the question, are these women having babies to resurrect their career?
I mean it seems to be the only thing puts these ladies name back on our tongue, is to pop out some babies. I will be ready for when the baby trend is out!

Continuing...Three is Definetely Not a Crowd!

Anyway after North Force guy follows Blue. I decide to get back into Blue's truck. All the windows, where still down. On the key chain of the keys Blue just threw me, I can't find which key works. He has every bit of 5 main black handle ignition keys, and what looks like 4 automatic lock alarm button things...don't know what you call them, I have one too. I wonder how many cars does he have. Anyway on the third key, the car starts back up, suddenly all the windows, shoot up. I look around his car again. This space ship, has every musical and visual technology, that you can buy for your car. I think to myself, he must have a little money, even if it is all going into his vehicles. Then I remember that he took that huge wad of cash with him, when he went to go take a crap. I realize that he has been gone for about 10 mins now. That guy never came back either. Oddly enough I get worried, he was drunk, and some strange guy followed him, while watching us the whole time.

Once again even though I just met him, I get nervous that, something maybe wrong. So I get out the car, to go see what's up. On the second lock alarm thing I try, the Big Blue Space Ship, locks up. I walk across the parking lot, to the alley way between apartment building, and the restaurant, to where I saw them go. It's dark, and I feel like a stupid white girl in a horror movie, walking towards see what's going on. I 'm walking slowly, because I don't know where I'm going, and I can barely see. I turn another building corner, and I see movement in the shadows. I don't hear anything, but I can see the shadow, of somebody standing, and somebody on the ground. My first thought is that North Force, is watching Blue crap. However I notice that the person on the ground, is actually on their knees. I quietly move forward, and then can see, from the glow of the moon, that North Force is on his knees giving Blue a blow job. I'm mesmerized by what I'm seeing. I instantly get hard.

I must have moved closer or something, because I stepped on something, that made crunch. I can see Blue's body tense up, and look my way. He seems nervous, when he sees me, and says, "What are you doing?" Nervous myself, that I got caught watching, I simply reply "Nothing." He goes on to question, where his car is, I reply, "Where you left it." He wants me to go back and wait for him he says " I'm in the middle of something"... like I can't see what he is doing. I instead walk towards them, and lean my body on the same wall, his back is on. I look Blue dead in the eyes, and say,"I'm watching the show." I think that's when he realizes that I'm down with the whole thing.

Meanwhile this whole time North Force, hasn't missed a beat, and never stops, what he is doing. He acts as if he never realizes he has been caught, giving a strange guy, a blow job. He is going to town on Blue, like a baby animal, getting milk from it's mother, for the first time. He's making all these slurping and gulping sounds. His head is moving like a bobble head doll. It's funny, yet sexy as hell. Blue is getting into it himself. He starts talking dirty, and throwing in every once in a while, "I can't believe I'm getting my dick sucked by a dude" and " I ain't never got my dick sucked by a dude, before." I'm not sure if he keeps saying this lie, for me or to convince himself of this.

Anyway I'm getting turned on more, by the minute. I take a shot and move a little into the action. I lift Blue's shirts up, and can feel the ripple's on his stomach. It's not a six pack, but he has about 4 up them. I really didn't expect that. I move up to his nipples. They are huge and, erect, and sticking straight out. They look like the over the top nipples, you would see on a gay porn cartoon illustrations. I of course go at them, like a mad man. So while North Force has Blues dick in his month, I got his nipples in mine, until Blue whispers into my ear, you want to suck my dick. That stops me in my tracks. I go back to leaning on the wall. He asks me again. I'm thinking about it, and I look at his dick going in and out of North Force. I want to badly, but I think about going down on him, after another guy has, and I don't do that. I tell him him so. He then replies "If you don't want to suck my dick, maybe you would feel better waiting at the car." He said it, in an ultimatum way. We are staring each other down, and I throw caution to the wind. I want this sexy nigga bad. Without even looking down at North Force; I pull him back, by his collar, off of Blue's dick. I grap Blue by his dick, Which felt huge in my hand, another surprise from a smaller man. I then go down on him, trying my best to put North Force attempt to shame. I'm giving some of my best stuff. I look up at Blue, every once in a while to see his facial expressions, his eyes are closed. He stopped the dirty talk, but i can hear his heavy breathing. Knowing he was enjoying himself, was making me enjoy myself even more; until I hear North Force. He is making all of these moaning and groaning sounds, as he is grabbing his dick. He sounds are irritating the hell out me. I realize that being the watchee, is not as fun as being the watcher. It wouldn't be so bad, if he can learn to be seen and not heard. After about 6 or 7 mins I decide to cut out early. Blue asks me " Where you going?" I tell him that I'm going back to the cars, and will wait for him to finish. When I leave, North Force has moved to stairs of the building. He says that, his knees hurt from all the squatting.

I go back to the cars, but this time I wait in my truck. I sit in wait, in my passenger for them to finish. After about 10 or 15 mins, I'm ready to go. I get into my driver side, and I think to myself, that is one long ass blow job. Then it hits me, he's probably screwing him, now. Curiosity gets me again. I go back to where they are. Slowly move around the corner again. And just as I thought, Blue had North Force body slayed against the steps, as he was moving his ass in and out of him. All I hear is North Force gasping, and Blue groans. I walk back to where Blue was previously leaning against the wall and watch the side view of Blue going in and out of North Force. Blue sees me and mouths quietly to go back to the car. I shack my head no. A min later, he nudges his head in direction of the vehicles. I don't budge. He pace slows, and he seems uncomfortable, however, I am extremely turned on. I move towards them, and tell Blue I want to join. He looks at me nervously. I laugh, and say "No, you are handling this end, let me handle the other end." His face lights up, he shrugs, and says " You will have to ask him, if it's okay." I unbutton my jeans, and move towards walking up the stairs. Blue lifts North Force up, to let me by. I sit on the stairs, and unzip my pants. North Force already hip to what's going on, pulls my pants down. He sticks my dick in his month, and begins to go down on me. Blue begins to go on again, about his disbelief, about screwing a guy. He's talking dirty saying things like 'Take this dick nigga" and "You like me up in this ass don't you." I wonder to myself why does Blue start to talk dirty when I'm around. My eyes never leave Blues face, to me its just the two of us; I feel that North Force is just our sex toy.

The blow job felt good at first, until North Force gets a little ridged with the motions. He seems disoriented, and all over the place. Blue seems to be turn on and revitalized by North Force going down on me. I realize it's becoming hard for North Force, to go down on me, and take Blue too...I guess everybody just can't multi task. I them guild North Force and move his head up and down on me. I push ing his head up and down for about 5 mins, until he gets back into the groove. I can feel Blue's thrust through him. North Force mouth slows, until his mouth is just still, on the head of my dick. Blue instantly stops, and says to North Force, "Who told you to stop?" Blue then take one of his hands off North Force's waist, and pushes North Force head down on me. He is pushing north Force's deep on my dick, up and down. I am watch Blue's face and it is contorting. I feel it, he isn't far from cuming. I want to cum with him. I decide to let go and get even more into the blow job. I hear Blue grunting some more and I want to cum with him, so I let the experience take it's effect, and I climax. I just let go into North Force mouth. He keeps going until I'm finish, and then turns his head and spits my essence out. Blue asks "What happen?" I tell him I came. I ask him "Didn't you too?" He tells me not yet, and I'm disappointed.

North Force face falls, into my lap, and he seems exhausted. His moans and groans become louder and louder. Blue yells for him to be quite, because no matter what we are doing, we don't want to get caught. I grap North Force scully off his head, and stick it in his mouth and muffle him. Blue's thrust get harder, and I know he's trying to cum. I mouth to Blue to cum for me. His thrust gets harder, as I hold North Force head in my lap. I can feel North Force head shake, as he spits out the hat, and gasp "I can't take it anymore. I can take anymore dick!" Blue gets harder with the thrust as North Force lifts up. We all get up and as I'm pulling up my pants and buttoning them up, Blue and North Force are talking. North Force is telling Blue, he is too long winded, and Blue is telling him, he didn't cum yet. We all are getting ourselves together, until Blue says "Hold up, this ain't happening, We finishing this." He pulls North Force back and the seem like that are going to finish. Fully satisfied I leave and tell them I'll be at the car.

A couple minutes after I leave, the follow me. Blue is looking frustrated, while his dick, cover by his boxers are sticking out through the zipper of his jeans. We head to the vehicles, and North Force says "I need a ride." Blue answers for both of us, with a "No!" North Force says "You going to be like that, after what I did for you," and then he looks at me "..and your friend." Blue then pulls out his big wad of cash and peels off a 20 dollar bill and throws it at him. Blue looks at me, and then goes back into his wad, and pulls out a 5, and throws it also at North Force. He says, "All he got was a blow job and I didn't cum, that should be good "Truly shocked and confused now, I just stand there like idiot. He turns around and tells me let's go. Where North Force went then, I don't know.

When we get back to his truck. He asks me, "So are you rolling with me, or what?" I mention to him my car, and that I will follow him to the gas station. He says, " I didn't say are you going to follow me. I said are going to roll with me?" There was that ultimatum in his voice again. I think about it, and I agree. He grabs the keys and jumps into the driver side. I say "Hold up, your drunk, let me drive us." He replies "I'm grown, are you getting in or not." Like a moron, I do. We take off into the night.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Three is Definetely not a Crowd! Pt. 1

This past Friday, I celebrated my anniversary, of the first time I got down with a man, by having my very first threesome, with two men! It was not planned at all. To be quite honest, I was always afraid to have a threesome. I was always fearful, that I might end up the meat in a threesome sandwich, and I did not want that to happen. Here's how the the events went down! Staring of course with the lead up to sex.

Well I went out, like I had planned. Not to really go anywhere, in particular, but just for a Anyway, I went to this area, that on Friday night, is crazy. It's near this college, and has a bunch of restaurant, and clubs. Well there is this gay club in that area too. Now I don't do gay clubs, now it's not like I have anything against them, I just feel that I really don't want to be seen there. Never know who you will run into. However I know for a fact that other DL guys hang around the area, because there are a lot of restaurants, and another hot "straight" club, around the corner. Anyway I was just driving around. The main streets was packed, because people where leaving clubs going home, back to the dorms, and after club eating joints. So I got onto the side street, which are one way streets, but right off of the main streets and easier to move and cruise through. There are more business, luxury condos, and restaurants on the side streets too, but less traffic.

I was driving down this one-way street, when at a stop light I see this big blue SUV, at the light, stopped at the light going in the wrong direction. I see the license plates that say "Blue B" and I get a smile on my face, I know who is driving crazy, it's "Blue". I have never really talked to "Blue", but that's what I call him in my mind, because of the plates. It wasn't shocking to see him heading down a one-way street, going the wrong way. I have seen him around the city, at night driving a little crazy at times. The last time I saw him, he was pulled over by the police. At that time, he was taking the walk the straight line test. I have only had an interaction with him once. He pulled up next to me blasting he stereo. I had my windows down, and he asked, "What you doing, Nigga?" Sounding drunk as hell. Then he got out of his truck and peed on his wheels in the middle of the street. I left when the light turned green. Other than that no real interaction, except seeing him at stop lights or while driving, where we just give each other the, What's up brotha head nod. However, I know that he is another DL guy. I can't explain it, but sometimes a DL guy just knows another DL guy.

So when the light turns green I pull up beside him. His car didn't even move, so I pulled up beside his truck. As usual, all the windows are down, and the system is blasting hard, although I get an usual site. He is sitting at the wheel but his head and body is laying in the passenger seat. I yell at him, "Are you okay?" I get no response. I know something is wrong. I quickly swerve behind his car, and get out. I run back to his car, to get closer to see what is going on. I start to nudge him through the open window. I'm constantly yelling, "Yo Blue, wake up!" Why I was calling him, only a name I made up, I don't know. I still got no response. I instantly think he is hurt. I unlock his car door through the window, and open his door. Right then a car turns the corner, at the light and pulls up beside his car, and behind me. The black guy at the wheel starts yelling in an African accent, about us going the wrong way. Meanwhile, I checking for blood from a stab or gun shot wound, or something. I unbuckle his seat belt, and I pull him up in the seat, when I see his eyes flutter for a second. I know then, he is not dead. I smell the alcohol, and know then that he has passed out, at the wheel of his a stop light...just a block from one of the many police station, in my city...and think what an idiot.

I then go on a mad mission to wake him up and get him and his car out the street, before the police get him again. I'm shaking him and gently tapping him on the face to get him to wake up. During this whole time, the idiot in the other car, is still behind me talking about tell him he is going the wrong way down the street. Like he can't see I'm trying to wake him up, out of his alcohol induced, cat nap. I'm getting frustrated, I got Blue's stereo blasting, the man behind me yelling, I'm trying to wake Blue up with no success, and I'm trying to move before the police comes. So frustrated, I just slap the shit out of Blue's face. His eyes fly open for a second, as to say "HELLO!", then they close right back.
I just keep telling to him to wake up, until Blue says out of no where, "Shut the Hell up!" His eyes still closed. I'm pissed off now. I snap back, "Hey, I'm trying to help you out!" He says, "Not you." He turns his head to the man behind me, and then opens his eyes, "I'm talking to you. Man, your voice is killing me!" I start to laugh gently, because I wasn't even sure Blue knew what was going on, let alone who was saying what. The man behind me starts going off again, with his strong accent. Blue starts to yell back at him, "You can leave, he's taking care of me." A little surprised, at his comment. He goes on to say, "He got the whole situation under control, let him take care of me, and you get out of here." I think to myself... I got this under control? Is he talking about me?I'm glad he thinks so....

They still going back at each other. I don't remember what the man with the accent was saying, because i was stuck on what Blue was saying. He was still yelling, "He got me... He got this... We don't need you...Let him take care of me."
Until I decide, I have to hurry up, and do something before the police comes. Now I know people are going to wonder, why I even care what happens to some guy I hardly know. If you asked me then, I probably couldn't give you an answer. However, I think it has to do with the whole DL thing. I feel an odd bond, that we got to stick together. I take on the position Blue has ordained me, and I continue to handle the situation. I stop the arguing, by telling the guy in the other car, that he can go, I can take this from here. He begrudgingly leaves. I tell Blue to get over, while I'm trying to push him over into the passenger seat. He is like hold up a minute don't push me. I couldn't see that he is putting the stuff in the passenger seat, in the back. He jumps in the passenger seat. He yells, "Damn, I'm out of gas." I look up at the monitor, at the celing, and the screen say's "0 miles to empty." I tell him we will go to the gas station, after I get both of our cars out the street. I get no response. He has went back to sleep, in the passenger seat. The music is still blasting. The inside of his truck looks like a space ship. There is so many panel screens, lights, and buttons and gadgets. I couldn't believe it. His Suburban look to be a couple years older than my 2004 Toyota SUV, however his truck was greatly more loaded. I drive off to find a parking space. I find one on the side of the street, near this restaurant.

I run back to my car that is still in the street. I notice while I am getting back to my car that there is a man watching me. He is standing in front of the restaurant that has closed for the night. I think he has been watching the whole event, from the beginning. I get my car and quickly circle the block and park near his car, on the street. When I get out of my truck, and walk back to his, I notice he is out of the car. I notice what he really looks like for the first time. He is about 5'7, the color of wet sand, intricate braids, that go well with his sexy ass face. I really couldn't get a feel, for his body, because of all the shirts, and brown Akedemic hoodie jacket, he was wearing and baggy saggin jeans. I really never paid much attention to his looks before now. He is rummaging through the driver side door. I see he pulls out a stack of fast food napkins. I ask him what's going on. He tells me "Man, do I have to go take a crap!" It instantly hits me, he means right now. I tell him, well you can use the bathroom, at the gas station. Trying to discourage him from taking one outside, on the street somewhere. I know he would. He snaps, and says "I'm a grown ass man. I don't need nobody to take me to the bathroom!" He walks off, then turns back around, and gets out the seat of the car, what looks like a wallet, with a huge, thick stack of cash in it. He walks back off. meanwhile the guy standing at that restaurant is walking over to me. Blue turns around, and asks me"Do I got the keys?" I tell him "No, I left them in the car." He pats himself down and finds them in his pocket, and throws them at me. He says "I will be right back."
Suddenly caught up in the moment, of how both of us are acting as if we are friends, who have know each other for years...Me helping his drunk tail and him giving me keys to his Pimped out SUV, like he know me like that... I don't even notice the guy who was watching the recent events, standing near me. I really don't even remember what he looked like, except that he was really dark skin. He was wearing all black, even a black scully on his head, except for this white North Force down jacket, with black writing on the jacket. He asks me, "Do you have a smoke? I tell him, "No." He then asks, "Does he have one?" Referring to Blue. Already annoyed by this man's two questions, I snap "I don't know." He then leaves in direction to Blue. I watch him jog, to catch up with Blue. When he does I can't hear what he is saying except the word cigarette. Blue then turns his head, and says something. what I don't know. Then continues to walk on, in search of a crapping location. North Force guy stands still there, for a second, as to what seems, to think about what Blue has just said, and he goes on to follow Blue into the darkness, of the night.

Sorry if my threesome story seems long, but that's me Part 2 is next.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My many first times

This is my very first blog, I was actually inspired by another blogger. I don't know why, but I'm nervous. I guess because I will be expressing my inter post thoughts and opinions. My first blog is actually on the anniversary of the night that I first got down with a guy. Now to be completely honest, I'm not sure if it is actually the date to be exact, but it was the Friday before Easter, which is Good Friday. That's what I use as a benchmark, and that was four Easters ago. What they say is true, I guess. You never forget your first time, whether you are a man or woman, or got down with a man or a woman; you never forget. I feel that tonight, on the night I break my cherry, as a blogger; it is appropriate to tell the story of my first time, with a man. I wrote about this one time before, for this other site, but here it goes again.

Lead up to Sex:
I had just turned 18 earlier that year, but I was still in high school. I don't remember why, but I was downtown one Friday night with some friends I think. In my city we have several colleges, but one major college is located downtown, so it had something to do with that. Anyway I was on my way home, I think it was around 1:30 A.M. or so. I was at this long stop light, waiting to turn left on to this like busy and main street downtown. As I was waiting I noticed this man walking. He had this sort of stroll to him, and was sort of dressed up. He was heading in the same direction I would be heading when I turned. When my light turned green, and I was driving through, he put up his thumb. To this day I don't know what made me stop, but I did, and he asked me could he get a ride. I had never picked up a hitchhiker or anything like this before. As we drove off he told me about how he just left the club, and how his friends he came with left him. He said they would have only done this, if they had picked up some women. He told me his name was Roscoe, and he looked about mid 40's to early 50's. He was light skinned, and looked like one of those people that would be called Red growing up. I could smell his after-shave, that at reminded me of this after-shave my dad wore in the late 80's, I believed was called Aquavelvet. He had this silky looking multi colored dress shirt, some dress pants, leather shoes to match the pants, which I think was green. He also had on this hat, that looked like something you would see in a Stacey Adams Ad. He thought he was clean, you could tell. We talked as I drove on there's a lot of stop lights, on this street. I noticed that he was acting a little weird, in my book. He kept rubbing his upper thigh, while having his legs stretched wide open. During this whole time he just kept looking at me. Now this was starting to make me nervous, so I asked him was everything okay. He said yeah, but that he felt a little stuffy. It was in the spring at night, I didn't think it was hot but I offered to let the windows down. He said that was okay, he would work it out himself. I didn't think any more of it until I noticed he had unzipped his pants, and was digging into them.

The Sex Part:
I asked him what was he doing, and he told me he was working out his stuffiness. I was like in your pants! He then pulls out his dick, which was kinda large. I'm shocked as hell right about this moment. I just kept saying what are you doing at this moment. He replied that his dick was feeling a little suffocated and stuffy. That should have been clues right there. He asked if I minded, I said I guess not, but that there a lot of street lights and business lights, everything still on. He said he didn't mind. I had seen other men's penis in the gym and whatnot, but never have I been this close to another grown man's penis, since I was an adult. Especially one that looked a bit semi-hard, wasn't sure at the moment. I kept looking ahead like it was nothing. It was like the pink Elephant in the room. Every once in a while I might glance over, but tried not to look like I was looking at it. Well, Roscoe is still looking at me, more like staring at me. Out of nowhere he asks me do I want to touch it. Now here's the thing, its not like I was totally absent of liking men before this. I like girls in my school, but had a few mini crushes on some guys in my school too. I was to scared to respond or say anything to Roscoe. My leg was bouncing up and down. He reached over, and took my right hand and placed it on his dick. I then start to rub it up and down. Right about now, I'm swerving in and out of lanes, because I'm trying to drive and see what I'm doing. He told me maybe I should pull over, and where to do it. I pulled over into this empty parking lot beside a hotel. He asked if I had any weed or coke and i said no.. he mentioned that his daughter's friends, who were about my age always had a little weed or coke on them. He then asked me did I want to suck it. I truly couldn't believe what I was hearing or doing. I once again said nothing, I just looked at the sky while I decide what I should do. I turn back to him, and he had already unbutton his pants and lifted himself up as he pulled down his pants and green silk boxers. I had never actually seen someone where silk boxers before. I said what the hell and I went down on him. Didn't know what I was really doing. I guess me throwing myself into the job, made up for the inexperience and lack of skill. He told me every once in a while, not so hard, I can't remember if I might was using to much teeth or what, it was a true surreal moment. I do remember him having sensitive balls, or shall I say ball, because I only remember feeling one. During the deed I remember hearing a lot of people, because another club at the hotel had close, and people going back to their cars. Eventually he came in my mouth which for some reason again, I didn't expect. I thought it was the nasty thing. Now if I knew what I know now, I would have told him not to. He asked me is there anything he could do for me. I honestly didn't know what he was talking about, so I jut said no. Once again if I had known what I know now, I would have told him yeah get down and work on me. Suck my dick, but I didn't know how to tell him that. He button up his shirt and pulled his pants back up, and I drove him home. He gave me his number and told me to call him, and if his daughters picks up don't worry, just ask for him. I went home and took a shower, because I felt like my Mom would know that I had sucked a dick or something. Ironically, I still feel that if I don't, take a shower, then people can tell that I have been with a man or something. When I woke up the next morning, for min I thought that maybe it had all been a dream, but when I looked through my pockets and saw the number I knew it wasn't. I even spelled that after-shave, like a week later. I never called him though, was to scared, didn't know what I was suppose to say to him or anything. I didn't mess with another man for a while after that. It wasn't with a friend or with someone I loved or anything, and may not have been special but it was my first. I guess they all can't be that way.

Well that's it in a nutshell, maybe tonight at the same time, I might run into good ole Roscoe. I think I would like to show him some of the things I have learned!