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Monday, March 24, 2008

Three is Definetely not a Crowd! Pt. 1

This past Friday, I celebrated my anniversary, of the first time I got down with a man, by having my very first threesome, with two men! It was not planned at all. To be quite honest, I was always afraid to have a threesome. I was always fearful, that I might end up the meat in a threesome sandwich, and I did not want that to happen. Here's how the the events went down! Staring of course with the lead up to sex.

Well I went out, like I had planned. Not to really go anywhere, in particular, but just for a Anyway, I went to this area, that on Friday night, is crazy. It's near this college, and has a bunch of restaurant, and clubs. Well there is this gay club in that area too. Now I don't do gay clubs, now it's not like I have anything against them, I just feel that I really don't want to be seen there. Never know who you will run into. However I know for a fact that other DL guys hang around the area, because there are a lot of restaurants, and another hot "straight" club, around the corner. Anyway I was just driving around. The main streets was packed, because people where leaving clubs going home, back to the dorms, and after club eating joints. So I got onto the side street, which are one way streets, but right off of the main streets and easier to move and cruise through. There are more business, luxury condos, and restaurants on the side streets too, but less traffic.

I was driving down this one-way street, when at a stop light I see this big blue SUV, at the light, stopped at the light going in the wrong direction. I see the license plates that say "Blue B" and I get a smile on my face, I know who is driving crazy, it's "Blue". I have never really talked to "Blue", but that's what I call him in my mind, because of the plates. It wasn't shocking to see him heading down a one-way street, going the wrong way. I have seen him around the city, at night driving a little crazy at times. The last time I saw him, he was pulled over by the police. At that time, he was taking the walk the straight line test. I have only had an interaction with him once. He pulled up next to me blasting he stereo. I had my windows down, and he asked, "What you doing, Nigga?" Sounding drunk as hell. Then he got out of his truck and peed on his wheels in the middle of the street. I left when the light turned green. Other than that no real interaction, except seeing him at stop lights or while driving, where we just give each other the, What's up brotha head nod. However, I know that he is another DL guy. I can't explain it, but sometimes a DL guy just knows another DL guy.

So when the light turns green I pull up beside him. His car didn't even move, so I pulled up beside his truck. As usual, all the windows are down, and the system is blasting hard, although I get an usual site. He is sitting at the wheel but his head and body is laying in the passenger seat. I yell at him, "Are you okay?" I get no response. I know something is wrong. I quickly swerve behind his car, and get out. I run back to his car, to get closer to see what is going on. I start to nudge him through the open window. I'm constantly yelling, "Yo Blue, wake up!" Why I was calling him, only a name I made up, I don't know. I still got no response. I instantly think he is hurt. I unlock his car door through the window, and open his door. Right then a car turns the corner, at the light and pulls up beside his car, and behind me. The black guy at the wheel starts yelling in an African accent, about us going the wrong way. Meanwhile, I checking for blood from a stab or gun shot wound, or something. I unbuckle his seat belt, and I pull him up in the seat, when I see his eyes flutter for a second. I know then, he is not dead. I smell the alcohol, and know then that he has passed out, at the wheel of his a stop light...just a block from one of the many police station, in my city...and think what an idiot.

I then go on a mad mission to wake him up and get him and his car out the street, before the police get him again. I'm shaking him and gently tapping him on the face to get him to wake up. During this whole time, the idiot in the other car, is still behind me talking about tell him he is going the wrong way down the street. Like he can't see I'm trying to wake him up, out of his alcohol induced, cat nap. I'm getting frustrated, I got Blue's stereo blasting, the man behind me yelling, I'm trying to wake Blue up with no success, and I'm trying to move before the police comes. So frustrated, I just slap the shit out of Blue's face. His eyes fly open for a second, as to say "HELLO!", then they close right back.
I just keep telling to him to wake up, until Blue says out of no where, "Shut the Hell up!" His eyes still closed. I'm pissed off now. I snap back, "Hey, I'm trying to help you out!" He says, "Not you." He turns his head to the man behind me, and then opens his eyes, "I'm talking to you. Man, your voice is killing me!" I start to laugh gently, because I wasn't even sure Blue knew what was going on, let alone who was saying what. The man behind me starts going off again, with his strong accent. Blue starts to yell back at him, "You can leave, he's taking care of me." A little surprised, at his comment. He goes on to say, "He got the whole situation under control, let him take care of me, and you get out of here." I think to myself... I got this under control? Is he talking about me?I'm glad he thinks so....

They still going back at each other. I don't remember what the man with the accent was saying, because i was stuck on what Blue was saying. He was still yelling, "He got me... He got this... We don't need you...Let him take care of me."
Until I decide, I have to hurry up, and do something before the police comes. Now I know people are going to wonder, why I even care what happens to some guy I hardly know. If you asked me then, I probably couldn't give you an answer. However, I think it has to do with the whole DL thing. I feel an odd bond, that we got to stick together. I take on the position Blue has ordained me, and I continue to handle the situation. I stop the arguing, by telling the guy in the other car, that he can go, I can take this from here. He begrudgingly leaves. I tell Blue to get over, while I'm trying to push him over into the passenger seat. He is like hold up a minute don't push me. I couldn't see that he is putting the stuff in the passenger seat, in the back. He jumps in the passenger seat. He yells, "Damn, I'm out of gas." I look up at the monitor, at the celing, and the screen say's "0 miles to empty." I tell him we will go to the gas station, after I get both of our cars out the street. I get no response. He has went back to sleep, in the passenger seat. The music is still blasting. The inside of his truck looks like a space ship. There is so many panel screens, lights, and buttons and gadgets. I couldn't believe it. His Suburban look to be a couple years older than my 2004 Toyota SUV, however his truck was greatly more loaded. I drive off to find a parking space. I find one on the side of the street, near this restaurant.

I run back to my car that is still in the street. I notice while I am getting back to my car that there is a man watching me. He is standing in front of the restaurant that has closed for the night. I think he has been watching the whole event, from the beginning. I get my car and quickly circle the block and park near his car, on the street. When I get out of my truck, and walk back to his, I notice he is out of the car. I notice what he really looks like for the first time. He is about 5'7, the color of wet sand, intricate braids, that go well with his sexy ass face. I really couldn't get a feel, for his body, because of all the shirts, and brown Akedemic hoodie jacket, he was wearing and baggy saggin jeans. I really never paid much attention to his looks before now. He is rummaging through the driver side door. I see he pulls out a stack of fast food napkins. I ask him what's going on. He tells me "Man, do I have to go take a crap!" It instantly hits me, he means right now. I tell him, well you can use the bathroom, at the gas station. Trying to discourage him from taking one outside, on the street somewhere. I know he would. He snaps, and says "I'm a grown ass man. I don't need nobody to take me to the bathroom!" He walks off, then turns back around, and gets out the seat of the car, what looks like a wallet, with a huge, thick stack of cash in it. He walks back off. meanwhile the guy standing at that restaurant is walking over to me. Blue turns around, and asks me"Do I got the keys?" I tell him "No, I left them in the car." He pats himself down and finds them in his pocket, and throws them at me. He says "I will be right back."
Suddenly caught up in the moment, of how both of us are acting as if we are friends, who have know each other for years...Me helping his drunk tail and him giving me keys to his Pimped out SUV, like he know me like that... I don't even notice the guy who was watching the recent events, standing near me. I really don't even remember what he looked like, except that he was really dark skin. He was wearing all black, even a black scully on his head, except for this white North Force down jacket, with black writing on the jacket. He asks me, "Do you have a smoke? I tell him, "No." He then asks, "Does he have one?" Referring to Blue. Already annoyed by this man's two questions, I snap "I don't know." He then leaves in direction to Blue. I watch him jog, to catch up with Blue. When he does I can't hear what he is saying except the word cigarette. Blue then turns his head, and says something. what I don't know. Then continues to walk on, in search of a crapping location. North Force guy stands still there, for a second, as to what seems, to think about what Blue has just said, and he goes on to follow Blue into the darkness, of the night.

Sorry if my threesome story seems long, but that's me Part 2 is next.

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