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Friday, March 28, 2008

I don't Want Your that a flower pot?

Tonight I became the other man. I don't know how it happen, but I did. I know for a fact that, I have been the other man or nigga, at times before. Some guys I have messed with, have been with girlfriends, other guys, and regretfully some with wives. However this is the first time I have been confronted, by the person the guy is in a relationship with.

Ironically, today I caught an episode, of Judge Hatchett. I do the Judge show sometimes, but I'm not like some that love them to death. I only watch the black judges, call me a racist, if you like, but they are the only ones in my opinion, that are worth my time. Anyway I usually only like watching Judge Hatchett, when she has somebody on there, looking for a DNA test. I especially love it, when the girl says, she is positive, that she hasn't slept with anyone else, and the baby turns out not to be the man she claims. I love it, when Judge Hatchett, nails into the girls. She's cool if the girl, admits, she's not sure, but she hates it, when the say they are positive, and it turns out they are lying. Anyway, back to my main point. On this particular episode, it was dealing with two gay black men, Renaldo and Reggie. Renaldo, was suing his former lover, Reggie, for $250; for breaking his window, with a flower plot. Even though Renaldo was married, still was married; he and Reggie had been, on again.... for like 6 years. So for the half an hour show, they were going over major event in their tumultuous relationship, that led to the final breakup, over the first guy helping out this homeless man, who Reggie was sure Renaldo, was sleeping with, and the flower plot through the window. By then end Judge Hatchett, truly seemed like she was exhausted, just hearing this whole mess.

During this whole thing, I couldn't help but think about this guy, I just got reconnected with, named L.A. I met L.A., in the fall of 2006, at a convience store. I gave him a lift, on a really rainy and stormy night. What I would eventually find out, is that him, and his then roommate, had a huge argument. Supposedly, even though he paid more of the bills and rent, his roommate kicked him out, because only his name was on the lease. Unfortunately, being the good samaritan, I drove him, to various friends house, where nobody was home. On the ride across town to his parents home, I found out that he was another DL gu, and that his roommate was actually his boyfriend. He told me about his crazy roller coaster relationship, and how his boyfriend was out, and always held the threat of telling L.A.'s family and friends, that he was gay also. Anyway call it revenge, or the mood of the rainy night, and the fact that all he was able to get out the house, was a pair of jeans and a white undershirt, that was clinging to ever morsel of his wet body, but we messed around. We stopped off somewhere, before I dropped him off to his parents house, and he went down on me, even though he was supposedly didn't usually go down on guys, but I've heard that before. He was suppose to call me the next day to update me on what happen, but that was the last I heard of him.

That is until this past Saturday morning, I was at a stop light, and this guy who is walking to the bus stop. I look out the window, and he is motioning the universe signal, for time. I look at the clock, and roll down the window, to tell him the time. Right before I roll it all the way up, he's like...."Hey I thought that was you!" I got to tell you I didn't remember him at first. At first I was freaking out, because I was hoping it wasn't a formal guy, I use to mess around with, that I couldn't remember. That is a huge fear of mine, because I don't want to think about how whoreish I have been at times. Anyway cut to me taking him home, where he was all night I don't have a clue. He was currently living, with a new boyfriend, who he says he hasn't had sex with in a long time, because he doesn't like him like that anymore, but his circumstance prevent him from living somewhere else. He caught me up to date. Since the last time I saw him, he had broken up with that old boyfriend and got back with wife, who I didn't know he had. The ex took revenge, by calling L.A.'s wife, family, parents, friends, that he was gay. L.A. went through depression, and refuge in Flav a.k.a. crack. He caught buying some, and got locked up. Which made him loose his job of 5 years and which led to him being on probation, for the next 4... I think. He is currently living with another jealous Queen.

We had a long good talk....He still does Flav..ever now and then, which he was NOT doing when I met him, whenever things get tough and he can't handle it. He had just left from a friends house and smoking it. I kind of preached to him, and asked him to promise me to go to church Sunday, for Easter. He comes from a religious family and the church also. He didn't go.

We talked again on Monday nigh, and he asked me to pick him up, on Tuesday morning, and take him to his Parole officer. He told me to me him in front of his apartment, that he shares with this new guy,I did. I waited for an half an hour, until I called this number, he called me from. His new guy "J" picked up, sounding like a huge queen. He was all..."Who is this?..... Where do you know L.A. from?....I know all his friends, and I don't know you....How long have you know him?...Where did he meet you at?" I quickly get aggravated and tell him upfront that I don't know what's going on between them two, but nothing is going on between us, and I don't even get down like that. I end the conversation, after he tells me, he's not there. Thank God I called him with a block on my phone, or he would have been calling me back, blowing up my phone. On my way back home, L.A. calls and tells me, that he was over his Drug Sponsor's house from Narcotics Anonymous. He tells me that"J" called him bitching about who was I.

Anyway, me and his sponsor, who I never really get to meet, end up paying for this cleanser, that wipes out his system of traces of drugs. Why I helped pay beats me. I guess I just didn't want to see him locked up, for dirty pee. While we were in the store's parking lot, of the store that hadn't open yet, to get the cleanser; waiting for his sponsor and "J" who was suppose to be coming by on his lunch and L.A. are talking about the types of people he gets messed up with and about his marriage. As he was telling me about his sponsor wanting to bottom for him, half of Narcotics Anonymous, who he state has about 75% gay black men, "J" because they aren't having sex anymore, and his wife. I tell him that he don't have to worry about me. I meant it, when I told him, that I didn't want to get with him. To much drama, that I couldn't be dragged into. I think that it turned him on, that I didn't. I ask him why do they be sweating him like this. He then pulls my hand over into his lap and his semi hard dick, which he has outline by one hand through his jeans. He then pulls it out in the middle of the day , in the parking lot of this store. It was decent and nice size like I remember, but not drama worth. I tell him, put it away, I don't want it. I've seen dick, it doesn't impress me. After that I left him there waiting for his sponsor. He tested clean, and wasn't locked up.

Tonight, I get a call from him, and he wants to meet up, around 9, he claims that all he wants to do is talk and hangout, so I'm cool with that. He calls me at 9 and tells me that, he is at a gas station getting gas, and that he will meet me at his place. I pull up, and he calls, and tells me to pull up near the pool, because he sees me. I pull up and don't see him...until he gets out of the passenger side of this, Mustang. He comes over to my window, and informs me that "J" wants to meet me. Not happy at all that I have been ambushed with this surprise, I say "No". I had just thrown on some jeans, and t-shirt, and a leather jacket...I didn't feel, I looked like confrontation presentable. If I was going to be confronted I wanted to look, on point and GQ up. However, now I realize that wasn't the greatest move, it made it look even more like I was screwing with L.A. So then "J" comes waltzing over tapping on my window. A decent looking chocolate brother either in hi late 30s or 40s, with one too many gold teeth, for someone, who supposedly works for the government. I roll it down, and he is like" I just wanted you to know I'm "J" and that I'm L.A.'s lover.....since you are supposedly his friend"(he said it like that too)..."that you should know who I was, and I should know exactly who you are."

I tell Miss"J" that I don't want his nigga, and that we are just friends. How I don't know what's going on with them two, but to leave me out of it. As L.A. gets into my car, "J" wants to talk to him for one more min. Me and L.A. go off, and he tells me that "J" was rattled and intimidated my me. How I was looking, because I was looking all good and nonchalant, because of my car, and probably my age. L.A. is around "J"' s age mid 30s.

While we were out around town, and a couple colleges, Miss "J" calls me, and leaves a message. Going on about how I can have L.A. he don't want him no more, and that L.A. went by this the wrong way. What "J" didn't know is what me and L.A. were doing when he called.

All I know is that don't want a flower pot through my window.


WhozHe said...

I'm gald you shared that cause that whole episode must have been a wild experience for you. L.A. seems like a drama, I don't know if he's worth the future time and investment. I can't wait to hear however what you decide to do with him.

Anonymous said...

I had an "L.A." with a lot of drama too. This guy was engaged to his childhood gf, who lived in another city. Me and him messed around for 2 years before I knew about her. And when I did, I ended it.

That Dude Right There said...

So are there any updates on this situation?

Randall Guilford said...

I'm Randall...not Renaldo. My lover was Reggie. I wonder who you are?

Randall Guilford said...

...Considering I'm 6 years late.