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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Look at me I have Not one but two babies...Can I have that role?

I was in 7-11 today and I saw both of these cover side by side on main display, at the counter. These are both of the current covers of People and Jet magazine. They both recent mother's of Twins. People with J. Lo, and Jet, with Garcelle from the Jamie Foxx show, Fancy!

I really got to know who cares what these people's baby's look like. Especially for 6 million dollars, because apparently that's what J.Lo got for first pics of her rugrats. And of course Jet gave,"Fancy" a record breaking 6 dollars and a half a pack of diapers for pics of her babies.

I'm getting sick to death of the media, swooning over pics of actress babies, like everybody cares that much. Especially from women who haven't done much lately.
J. Lo who hasn't had a hit movie nor a hit album, let alone a hit song, since her disastrous break from Ben. This might just be news worthy, if this was circa the time between marriage number two, of Chris Judd and her engagement to Ben, when she was hottt... hott... hot!

Now take Fancy... I mean Garcelle, she hasn't done a damn thing since the Jamie Foxx show, besides list fashion dos and don'ts, on the Style network. I mean I've seen Braxton do more, than she has.

This all leads me to the question, are these women having babies to resurrect their career?
I mean it seems to be the only thing puts these ladies name back on our tongue, is to pop out some babies. I will be ready for when the baby trend is out!


Chet said...

I agree I have had it with the tabloids and the periodicals bringing these new mothers up every chance they can, now don't get me wrong the birth of a child is a beautiful thing, but the tabloids and talk shows continue to mention it over and over again, yes you are probably right this is a way to keep the actresses in the mainstream and the possiblity of bringing their careers back to light.

ThisMightBeMe said...

It has seemed as if something has been in the wate as of late. Every celebrity with a fully operational reproductive system seems to be giving birth.