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Saturday, March 22, 2008

My many first times

This is my very first blog, I was actually inspired by another blogger. I don't know why, but I'm nervous. I guess because I will be expressing my inter post thoughts and opinions. My first blog is actually on the anniversary of the night that I first got down with a guy. Now to be completely honest, I'm not sure if it is actually the date to be exact, but it was the Friday before Easter, which is Good Friday. That's what I use as a benchmark, and that was four Easters ago. What they say is true, I guess. You never forget your first time, whether you are a man or woman, or got down with a man or a woman; you never forget. I feel that tonight, on the night I break my cherry, as a blogger; it is appropriate to tell the story of my first time, with a man. I wrote about this one time before, for this other site, but here it goes again.

Lead up to Sex:
I had just turned 18 earlier that year, but I was still in high school. I don't remember why, but I was downtown one Friday night with some friends I think. In my city we have several colleges, but one major college is located downtown, so it had something to do with that. Anyway I was on my way home, I think it was around 1:30 A.M. or so. I was at this long stop light, waiting to turn left on to this like busy and main street downtown. As I was waiting I noticed this man walking. He had this sort of stroll to him, and was sort of dressed up. He was heading in the same direction I would be heading when I turned. When my light turned green, and I was driving through, he put up his thumb. To this day I don't know what made me stop, but I did, and he asked me could he get a ride. I had never picked up a hitchhiker or anything like this before. As we drove off he told me about how he just left the club, and how his friends he came with left him. He said they would have only done this, if they had picked up some women. He told me his name was Roscoe, and he looked about mid 40's to early 50's. He was light skinned, and looked like one of those people that would be called Red growing up. I could smell his after-shave, that at reminded me of this after-shave my dad wore in the late 80's, I believed was called Aquavelvet. He had this silky looking multi colored dress shirt, some dress pants, leather shoes to match the pants, which I think was green. He also had on this hat, that looked like something you would see in a Stacey Adams Ad. He thought he was clean, you could tell. We talked as I drove on there's a lot of stop lights, on this street. I noticed that he was acting a little weird, in my book. He kept rubbing his upper thigh, while having his legs stretched wide open. During this whole time he just kept looking at me. Now this was starting to make me nervous, so I asked him was everything okay. He said yeah, but that he felt a little stuffy. It was in the spring at night, I didn't think it was hot but I offered to let the windows down. He said that was okay, he would work it out himself. I didn't think any more of it until I noticed he had unzipped his pants, and was digging into them.

The Sex Part:
I asked him what was he doing, and he told me he was working out his stuffiness. I was like in your pants! He then pulls out his dick, which was kinda large. I'm shocked as hell right about this moment. I just kept saying what are you doing at this moment. He replied that his dick was feeling a little suffocated and stuffy. That should have been clues right there. He asked if I minded, I said I guess not, but that there a lot of street lights and business lights, everything still on. He said he didn't mind. I had seen other men's penis in the gym and whatnot, but never have I been this close to another grown man's penis, since I was an adult. Especially one that looked a bit semi-hard, wasn't sure at the moment. I kept looking ahead like it was nothing. It was like the pink Elephant in the room. Every once in a while I might glance over, but tried not to look like I was looking at it. Well, Roscoe is still looking at me, more like staring at me. Out of nowhere he asks me do I want to touch it. Now here's the thing, its not like I was totally absent of liking men before this. I like girls in my school, but had a few mini crushes on some guys in my school too. I was to scared to respond or say anything to Roscoe. My leg was bouncing up and down. He reached over, and took my right hand and placed it on his dick. I then start to rub it up and down. Right about now, I'm swerving in and out of lanes, because I'm trying to drive and see what I'm doing. He told me maybe I should pull over, and where to do it. I pulled over into this empty parking lot beside a hotel. He asked if I had any weed or coke and i said no.. he mentioned that his daughter's friends, who were about my age always had a little weed or coke on them. He then asked me did I want to suck it. I truly couldn't believe what I was hearing or doing. I once again said nothing, I just looked at the sky while I decide what I should do. I turn back to him, and he had already unbutton his pants and lifted himself up as he pulled down his pants and green silk boxers. I had never actually seen someone where silk boxers before. I said what the hell and I went down on him. Didn't know what I was really doing. I guess me throwing myself into the job, made up for the inexperience and lack of skill. He told me every once in a while, not so hard, I can't remember if I might was using to much teeth or what, it was a true surreal moment. I do remember him having sensitive balls, or shall I say ball, because I only remember feeling one. During the deed I remember hearing a lot of people, because another club at the hotel had close, and people going back to their cars. Eventually he came in my mouth which for some reason again, I didn't expect. I thought it was the nasty thing. Now if I knew what I know now, I would have told him not to. He asked me is there anything he could do for me. I honestly didn't know what he was talking about, so I jut said no. Once again if I had known what I know now, I would have told him yeah get down and work on me. Suck my dick, but I didn't know how to tell him that. He button up his shirt and pulled his pants back up, and I drove him home. He gave me his number and told me to call him, and if his daughters picks up don't worry, just ask for him. I went home and took a shower, because I felt like my Mom would know that I had sucked a dick or something. Ironically, I still feel that if I don't, take a shower, then people can tell that I have been with a man or something. When I woke up the next morning, for min I thought that maybe it had all been a dream, but when I looked through my pockets and saw the number I knew it wasn't. I even spelled that after-shave, like a week later. I never called him though, was to scared, didn't know what I was suppose to say to him or anything. I didn't mess with another man for a while after that. It wasn't with a friend or with someone I loved or anything, and may not have been special but it was my first. I guess they all can't be that way.

Well that's it in a nutshell, maybe tonight at the same time, I might run into good ole Roscoe. I think I would like to show him some of the things I have learned!


Cherish said...

wow i just found ur blog and i had to come to the beginning and get some history. this is truly a great read.

Anonymous said...

just found you blog; history's hot yo!!

Enigma Jones said...

Hey, I just fond your blog from seeing a comment you left on Tales of a Groupie. So far...WOW. I can't wait to read to rest.