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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Continuing...Three is Definetely Not a Crowd!

Anyway after North Force guy follows Blue. I decide to get back into Blue's truck. All the windows, where still down. On the key chain of the keys Blue just threw me, I can't find which key works. He has every bit of 5 main black handle ignition keys, and what looks like 4 automatic lock alarm button things...don't know what you call them, I have one too. I wonder how many cars does he have. Anyway on the third key, the car starts back up, suddenly all the windows, shoot up. I look around his car again. This space ship, has every musical and visual technology, that you can buy for your car. I think to myself, he must have a little money, even if it is all going into his vehicles. Then I remember that he took that huge wad of cash with him, when he went to go take a crap. I realize that he has been gone for about 10 mins now. That guy never came back either. Oddly enough I get worried, he was drunk, and some strange guy followed him, while watching us the whole time.

Once again even though I just met him, I get nervous that, something maybe wrong. So I get out the car, to go see what's up. On the second lock alarm thing I try, the Big Blue Space Ship, locks up. I walk across the parking lot, to the alley way between apartment building, and the restaurant, to where I saw them go. It's dark, and I feel like a stupid white girl in a horror movie, walking towards see what's going on. I 'm walking slowly, because I don't know where I'm going, and I can barely see. I turn another building corner, and I see movement in the shadows. I don't hear anything, but I can see the shadow, of somebody standing, and somebody on the ground. My first thought is that North Force, is watching Blue crap. However I notice that the person on the ground, is actually on their knees. I quietly move forward, and then can see, from the glow of the moon, that North Force is on his knees giving Blue a blow job. I'm mesmerized by what I'm seeing. I instantly get hard.

I must have moved closer or something, because I stepped on something, that made crunch. I can see Blue's body tense up, and look my way. He seems nervous, when he sees me, and says, "What are you doing?" Nervous myself, that I got caught watching, I simply reply "Nothing." He goes on to question, where his car is, I reply, "Where you left it." He wants me to go back and wait for him he says " I'm in the middle of something"... like I can't see what he is doing. I instead walk towards them, and lean my body on the same wall, his back is on. I look Blue dead in the eyes, and say,"I'm watching the show." I think that's when he realizes that I'm down with the whole thing.

Meanwhile this whole time North Force, hasn't missed a beat, and never stops, what he is doing. He acts as if he never realizes he has been caught, giving a strange guy, a blow job. He is going to town on Blue, like a baby animal, getting milk from it's mother, for the first time. He's making all these slurping and gulping sounds. His head is moving like a bobble head doll. It's funny, yet sexy as hell. Blue is getting into it himself. He starts talking dirty, and throwing in every once in a while, "I can't believe I'm getting my dick sucked by a dude" and " I ain't never got my dick sucked by a dude, before." I'm not sure if he keeps saying this lie, for me or to convince himself of this.

Anyway I'm getting turned on more, by the minute. I take a shot and move a little into the action. I lift Blue's shirts up, and can feel the ripple's on his stomach. It's not a six pack, but he has about 4 up them. I really didn't expect that. I move up to his nipples. They are huge and, erect, and sticking straight out. They look like the over the top nipples, you would see on a gay porn cartoon illustrations. I of course go at them, like a mad man. So while North Force has Blues dick in his month, I got his nipples in mine, until Blue whispers into my ear, you want to suck my dick. That stops me in my tracks. I go back to leaning on the wall. He asks me again. I'm thinking about it, and I look at his dick going in and out of North Force. I want to badly, but I think about going down on him, after another guy has, and I don't do that. I tell him him so. He then replies "If you don't want to suck my dick, maybe you would feel better waiting at the car." He said it, in an ultimatum way. We are staring each other down, and I throw caution to the wind. I want this sexy nigga bad. Without even looking down at North Force; I pull him back, by his collar, off of Blue's dick. I grap Blue by his dick, Which felt huge in my hand, another surprise from a smaller man. I then go down on him, trying my best to put North Force attempt to shame. I'm giving some of my best stuff. I look up at Blue, every once in a while to see his facial expressions, his eyes are closed. He stopped the dirty talk, but i can hear his heavy breathing. Knowing he was enjoying himself, was making me enjoy myself even more; until I hear North Force. He is making all of these moaning and groaning sounds, as he is grabbing his dick. He sounds are irritating the hell out me. I realize that being the watchee, is not as fun as being the watcher. It wouldn't be so bad, if he can learn to be seen and not heard. After about 6 or 7 mins I decide to cut out early. Blue asks me " Where you going?" I tell him that I'm going back to the cars, and will wait for him to finish. When I leave, North Force has moved to stairs of the building. He says that, his knees hurt from all the squatting.

I go back to the cars, but this time I wait in my truck. I sit in wait, in my passenger for them to finish. After about 10 or 15 mins, I'm ready to go. I get into my driver side, and I think to myself, that is one long ass blow job. Then it hits me, he's probably screwing him, now. Curiosity gets me again. I go back to where they are. Slowly move around the corner again. And just as I thought, Blue had North Force body slayed against the steps, as he was moving his ass in and out of him. All I hear is North Force gasping, and Blue groans. I walk back to where Blue was previously leaning against the wall and watch the side view of Blue going in and out of North Force. Blue sees me and mouths quietly to go back to the car. I shack my head no. A min later, he nudges his head in direction of the vehicles. I don't budge. He pace slows, and he seems uncomfortable, however, I am extremely turned on. I move towards them, and tell Blue I want to join. He looks at me nervously. I laugh, and say "No, you are handling this end, let me handle the other end." His face lights up, he shrugs, and says " You will have to ask him, if it's okay." I unbutton my jeans, and move towards walking up the stairs. Blue lifts North Force up, to let me by. I sit on the stairs, and unzip my pants. North Force already hip to what's going on, pulls my pants down. He sticks my dick in his month, and begins to go down on me. Blue begins to go on again, about his disbelief, about screwing a guy. He's talking dirty saying things like 'Take this dick nigga" and "You like me up in this ass don't you." I wonder to myself why does Blue start to talk dirty when I'm around. My eyes never leave Blues face, to me its just the two of us; I feel that North Force is just our sex toy.

The blow job felt good at first, until North Force gets a little ridged with the motions. He seems disoriented, and all over the place. Blue seems to be turn on and revitalized by North Force going down on me. I realize it's becoming hard for North Force, to go down on me, and take Blue too...I guess everybody just can't multi task. I them guild North Force and move his head up and down on me. I push ing his head up and down for about 5 mins, until he gets back into the groove. I can feel Blue's thrust through him. North Force mouth slows, until his mouth is just still, on the head of my dick. Blue instantly stops, and says to North Force, "Who told you to stop?" Blue then take one of his hands off North Force's waist, and pushes North Force head down on me. He is pushing north Force's deep on my dick, up and down. I am watch Blue's face and it is contorting. I feel it, he isn't far from cuming. I want to cum with him. I decide to let go and get even more into the blow job. I hear Blue grunting some more and I want to cum with him, so I let the experience take it's effect, and I climax. I just let go into North Force mouth. He keeps going until I'm finish, and then turns his head and spits my essence out. Blue asks "What happen?" I tell him I came. I ask him "Didn't you too?" He tells me not yet, and I'm disappointed.

North Force face falls, into my lap, and he seems exhausted. His moans and groans become louder and louder. Blue yells for him to be quite, because no matter what we are doing, we don't want to get caught. I grap North Force scully off his head, and stick it in his mouth and muffle him. Blue's thrust get harder, and I know he's trying to cum. I mouth to Blue to cum for me. His thrust gets harder, as I hold North Force head in my lap. I can feel North Force head shake, as he spits out the hat, and gasp "I can't take it anymore. I can take anymore dick!" Blue gets harder with the thrust as North Force lifts up. We all get up and as I'm pulling up my pants and buttoning them up, Blue and North Force are talking. North Force is telling Blue, he is too long winded, and Blue is telling him, he didn't cum yet. We all are getting ourselves together, until Blue says "Hold up, this ain't happening, We finishing this." He pulls North Force back and the seem like that are going to finish. Fully satisfied I leave and tell them I'll be at the car.

A couple minutes after I leave, the follow me. Blue is looking frustrated, while his dick, cover by his boxers are sticking out through the zipper of his jeans. We head to the vehicles, and North Force says "I need a ride." Blue answers for both of us, with a "No!" North Force says "You going to be like that, after what I did for you," and then he looks at me "..and your friend." Blue then pulls out his big wad of cash and peels off a 20 dollar bill and throws it at him. Blue looks at me, and then goes back into his wad, and pulls out a 5, and throws it also at North Force. He says, "All he got was a blow job and I didn't cum, that should be good "Truly shocked and confused now, I just stand there like idiot. He turns around and tells me let's go. Where North Force went then, I don't know.

When we get back to his truck. He asks me, "So are you rolling with me, or what?" I mention to him my car, and that I will follow him to the gas station. He says, " I didn't say are you going to follow me. I said are going to roll with me?" There was that ultimatum in his voice again. I think about it, and I agree. He grabs the keys and jumps into the driver side. I say "Hold up, your drunk, let me drive us." He replies "I'm grown, are you getting in or not." Like a moron, I do. We take off into the night.