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Monday, March 16, 2009

Chris Brown is No Ike Turner!!

(First let me say don't forget to look down below at EnVOGUE Cover, I'm proud of the Divas!)
Now does anyone think there is a chance Rihanna might be a crazy biotch?..well too?

Well, I think she is too...there I said it.

Okay, before I go any further let me say, that I do not think Chris Brown is Innocent, by no means. I do not condone anyone beating up someone else. I think that domestic abuse is very real and very serious. Whether it be physical, mental, or sexual. In that being said I think Chris Brown did beat Rihanna up. I do believe that. However I don't believe he was the only one at fault for this tragic situation.

I was going to stay out of this debate and discussion, but after a month of hearing this story 24/7, a negro has been broken, and I can't take no more. I got to say my peace on this. I was in the grocery store the other week, and on every magazine in the checkout line, there was at least one picture of Rihanna and/or Chris Brown on the cover of it. All with some crazy headline and caption..."Rihanna's Friends fear she won't leave"..."Friends fear her death"..."Oprah's Dangerous Warning"...etc. and so on. It doesn't end there its on every news outlet at one time or another. I love CNN, that's my news channel of choice. First of all they have more than one black anchor, a few actually and they do a good coverage on things. They have good programing, that I enjoy, like the Black in America series they did last year, and look out for Black in America II, in July I think it is...not sure though. It's on all the news channels Fox and MSNBC, but its on all the time on me beloved CNN. I know Anderson Cooper, with his silver fox self is tired of talking about it. Larry King has gotten so tired of the mess, he took a week vacation and has Joy Behar taking his place to talk about it, and with Robin Givens.

This tragic situation has brought out every D-List celebrity and their momma talking about how they were in an abusive relationship. You know Robin had to take the time, to rehash her domestic abusive relationship, with crazy ass Mike Tyson. I'm going to get back to that mess in a minute. In all of this talking about Chris and Rhianna, there seems to be one common element...Everyone thinks Chris Brown is some Monster, and you know what...I DO NOT.

I do not think Chris Brown is the monster everyone is painting him out to be. I just don't. Let me clear this up... this has nothing to do with me being a fan. I'm not that big of a fan in fact. I think he's talented...I think he has a couple hot songs... I enjoyed his first album, for what it was. However ,I thought his last album had two songs on it that I liked, "Kiss Kiss" and "Take You Down"... I think I have actually listened to the second album, "Forever" all of 5 times maybe. You see that it was never on my "Album of Heavy Rotation" of the month ever. I think like Ne-yo and Keshia Cole his music is getting to commercial and watered down from their first album, but that's another subject. So my opinion has nothing to do with me loving his music. Yes, Chris Brown is from Virginia, and even more here, they are talking about this. He in fact lives from what I hear 25 or so minutes away from me. I think he is getting a poor and biased treatment by everyone. Everybody is using the "allegedly" to save their ass, but everybody is Crucifying him, like he has been found guilty already.

I think that Chris Brown is not the only one with a temper. I think that hot island blooded Rhianna has one too, and it got the best of her that unfaithful night y'all, there I said it again. I think she attacked him first, I ain't afraid to say it. She attacked him first and he beat her ass. That's what I think. Look everybody knows, that people from Barbados, and Trinidad, and Jamaica, and the Caribbean, are hot tempered. Before this incident, I have heard this, they will fight in a minute. They know how to part-tey, but they will fight you in a second. They will party, fight you, then party with you again. I think she went of on him, in her accent too, like Ricky Ricardo. Y'all know how when he got upset, he forget English, and went straight for the Spanish. I bet she was fighting him and speaking in a Barbadian?... tongue.

I knew some people from Trinidad. They had a party in fact a huge one. Rented out a club, for their birthday. They invited a person who they had beat up at another, after she found out, she was cheating with her man. The other woman brought her mother and friends to party at the women who beat her up birthday party, where the birthday girl had her husband at her side. They had put their differences aside to party.

Everybody keeps saying, even if she did, he shouldn't hit her back or to the length he did. I agree, but I think she started it. I find that people keep jumping over the subject that she Might have started this. They keep saying, well she is the female, and he is the male. Alright I get that theory. He's the guy and she's the girl, so he by nature built bigger and stronger than her, so it is unfair for him to fight her. Well, lets say someone didn't take it as far as Chris did...What does a man do, if a woman attacks him, first?

Okay let me tell y'all about this old situation in my family. Now I heard this from one cousin about another cousin. I have this cousin, "R" who was once in a relationship with this girl. They were high school sweethearts, that kept it going in college. I thought they were a good looking couple. I loved her, she thought I was cute and adorable, and well I loved her for loving that. Anyway I was kinda upset when they broke up. Years after they broke up, I was talking to one of my cousin, and for some reason the ex girlfriend of "R" name came up. The cousin went on to tell me, they didn't like the ex to much, especially the way she use to hit on "R". Now I thought this was ridiculous when I heard it. First of all "R" is 6'2 and a former athlete and no punk, and his girl was like 5'5 and very...uh girlie and feminine, so I didn't see this at all. The cousin went on to tell me, that they saw it with their own eyes, the ex attacking "R" and him doing nothing, when ever she would slap him and hit him, when she got upset. He would get mad to but just leave. Now when my mother heard this, she didn't blink an eye. See our family and the ex girlfriends family went back years and knew each other quite well. My mother went on to tell that her family was known for having tempers, she went on to tell all who was rumored to be hot tempered, even the girl's grandmother. In "R" eyes, you never hit a girl no matter what they are doing. He is now married with kids, and he is now teaching his son the same thing. If his sister hits him, just let it go, no matter what never hit her back. I see a problem though, why are girls not taught to hit boys?

Now in my opinion no by should hit, but if someone hits me and they are female, I give them one, but like hell I'm giving them two, before I grab a shoulder and shake them a bit, with a "Heifer is you crazy, you best leave me alone!" I don't believe in hitting, but I believe in shaking...shake some sense back in them! Now some don't agree with either my cousin or me, they would hit back, and in some cases like a dude. Chris Brown might just be that guy.

Now Chris Brown is from Tappahannock, Virginia. When he sings, that he is just a country boy from Tappahannock, he is not lying. This is Kountry with a K. It's a town that is off of a river and has ship yards and whatnot, so there is a lot of sea food with your chitin's going on there. The nearest malls are like 45 mins away. The biggest thing they got is Walmart. Everybody in town knows that when you see the Lamborghini, at Walmart, then Chris is in town visiting, because that's the teen hangout. I know how sad and depressing. I was like "Good Lawd" when I visited. I have been to Tappahannock like once or twice in my life. Once since Chris Brown blew up. My silly tail the whole time I was there would ask, "Do you know Chris Brown?" Sho'nuff everybody had some sort of relations to him... "He's my son's mother second cousin"..."He's my daughter's friends ex boyfriends play god brother"...some crazy like that every "The boy is silly, goofy, crazy, and down right immature"...that's the description of him from most. Now if y'all are ever in Tappahannock, go to the Pizza Hut, there isn't but one in that town, so you can't miss it. The girl on the register is Chris Brown's best friend ex-girlfriend. She says he was always silly and goofy, and always trying to show some girl his dance moves and sing, which they never wanted to hear. He use to copy her homework all the time. I just don't believe this is the boy...whose mother he watched get beat and hated it...being a monster.

Now Robin Givens is taking this opportunity, to talk once again about her abusive relationship with Mike Tyson and connection with that and Chris Brown and Robin Rihanna Fenty, coincidence I think not. Does anyone think Robin Givens was innocent in that mess she calls a marriage? I don't think so. We all knew she married that fool, for his money. She was not marring him for no love or for a lifetime. I think she use to push him. I can see it now, her saying stuff under her breathe like you, "Dumb Son a Bitch"..."Stupid Jack Ass," after he said something that was probably truly stupid..."You no dick stroking, can't lay it down in the bedroom Bastard!" Now am I alone on thinking that Mike looks like he can't lay it down in the Bedroom or what. I mean I'm sure he can eat some punany, but he can't stroke it. y'all know it. Now we know he probably wasn't swift enough to have a come back for those things, so he did what he knew best, which was fighting. That's all he knew how to do. I think she pushed his buttons, because she knew paid day was coming, from that stupid tattoo faced fool. Perfect evidence to get a nice settlement for what less than a year of marriage. I think it something like 10 million, but I could be wrong. Now in the Chris Brown and Rhianna situation, I don't think she pushed it on purpose, but I think she started it.

CNN is also having Nicole Brown Simpson sister, talking about the similarities of Chris Brown and OJ Simpson. I'm like are you serious. Are they really comparing Chris Brown to OJ Simpson. I just don't see it. Just like I don't see him as an Ike Turner. When I look at Chris Brown I just don't see it, it might be there, but I don't feel it. I can see it in DMX perhaps...uh Busta Rhymes maybe...y'all think Akon could be. I'm just not feeling that. A psychologist, said that he Does think we have a case of domestic abuse, but a case of overly aggression. I agree. I don't think this has been an on going abusive relationship. I think this is passion, anger, and alcohol gone to far.

Now no matter how much you can't stand something, maybe it's still in you...I don't know. Maybe no matter how much he hated his step father for abusing his mother, it might still be in him. I truly can't say, but he just doesn't strike me as one, or I don't see it happening again!

Here's YB&DL's Theory.
I think that Chris and Rihanna, had both been drinking. Chris Brown might be 19 but he is hot and in the industry, and who is telling him "No, you are underage"...nobody. They are riding back to the hotel, when Chris gets tyhe three page text. Now I'm sure Chris get booty, tail, pussy, whatever you want to call it thrown at him all the time. Now I come from a coochie family....everyone in my family calls it coochie. I personally call it Punany. I like that, my cousin thinks it sounds dirty. Some says it means "Sweet Pussy" and some say it means "Rotten Pussy" either way I like the sound. I worked with a girl who use to call her "Miss Kitty" or her "Kitty"...she was 27. She called it "Cat" for women over 40. She would say to others stuff like,"You going home to get your "Cat" stroked?...I kid you not. She use to scare me though, she had a plastic penis on her key chain, she would flick her tongue at me, and pur like she was freakin Eartha Kit or something. I swore I use to think she had a Mountain Lion or Jaguar in her panties instead of a Kitty. Anyway back to what I was saying...whatever you call it he has it thrown at him, and probably a couple of "Dogs" too. However there was something different about this text.

Now they say it was sent to him by his manager, Tina Davis. I very much believe that could be true. I believe this is the women who turned him out, may be even the one who took his V-card. I bet that it was her phone that he was sending those naked picture of himself, that got leaked a couple years ago. It makes sense now. Now I'm sure some of you are thinking why would he be still messing with a 40 year old woman, when he has a 21 year old hot thing like Rihanna. Well I am seeing a 21 year person myself, who is hot as hell. I have been with men in there 40s, they are experiences, and can run circles around the 21 year older. Tina Davis is what you call, Seasoned. She is 40, in a women's sexual prime. Chris is 19, unfortunately they say it's a man's prime, I dispute that. She is 40 and probably knows how to please and get pleased. She has been his manager for a while, I'm sure they have a real intimate relation, they Rhianna can't stand.

So they are in the car and she goes off on him. Attacks him, wants to see the text, while he is driving. Now someone mentioned how in like December or January on the "Bold and the Beautiful"... I know what you are thinking. Anyway the character Rick is fighting with a girl who is in the passenger seat. She wants him to pull over, and he doesn't. So she grabs the wheel. They are fighting, and they loose control. I think Rihanna was fighting for him to stop too. I think that's when Chris's punches started. Rumors are that he is taking steroids. Not sure if that's true or not. He is looking mighty beefier lately. I don't understand why he would be taking steroids, it's not like he is running yards or hitting home runs for a living, he is singing and dancing. If he is taking steroids, it could be and explanation for having a short temper. Doesn't make it right, but could be a cause. Anyway They stopped the car, and that's when she grabbed the keys, and throws them out the car. That's when he pulls her out the car, and the attack increased. She probably fought back, but he got the best of her. He looks for the keys and can't find them. He beats her some more. The rest is Entertainment history.

Now I don't like P. Diddy, can't stand the negro. We he talks he makes me cringe. I think his music is tired, and I truly miss the days when he was hot Puffy of one of the hottest I wish he would give it all a rest and stick to the clothes. I love me Sean John though, in all honesty, a good 80% of my closet is Sean John. I don't care what anyone says I love it from the high end line to the everyday wear. Anyway everyone has been on his back, for supposedly getting Chris and Rihanna back together and working it out. Diddy was on Ellen DeGeneres, talking about it, and as much as she tries to keep a light and sweet demeanour, she was coming down on him. He said something that made so much sense. Nobody was in that car, but Chris Brown and Rhianna and don't nobody knows what went on but them two.

Like everybody else this is my theory, I don't know what went on. God forgive me if she was completely innocent. I just feel that she is hiding something as well, about that night. I just am tired of the unfair treatment he is getting before his day in court. I feel he needs help and support as well.

That's why until his court date I will keep the comment signature of YB&DL Has Got Chris Brown's Back.


THARULA said...

Honestly i'm tired of hearing about this. so many people and other celebs have gon through something similar or the same but no one seemed to think that matter that much. Hey, a ass kickin is a asss kickin no matter who you r so therefore the world shouldn't stop because RiRi got spanked up a little, let her press charges and move the hell on and so should the media but thats my opinion.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Wow this was a long ass post man lol.

I was raised by a single mother with a different spin on hitting females. My mom always told me "Never hit a female BUT don't let her whop your ass either!" I remember in 7th grade this chick was hitting on me on the bus n shit. Ok all was kool until she hit me in my face and I wiped under my eye n saw a lil blood. I hopped over that damn seat n tore into her ass something good until peeps pulled me off of her. I don't play dem games yo. To this day I still have lil scar under my eye from her ring.

I don't know what happened with them but I hope they both keep in cool.


Anonymous said...

You are all over with this post. lol

This story has been beaten into the ground. I'm tired of it. I don't believe Chris is the monster they are making him out to be either. I think he just snapped that night. There's hasn't been this much outrage concerning other male celebrities who beat their women. James Brown comes to mind. And what the hell does OJ have to do with this? I can't believe Nicole's sister is talking. They knew OJ was beating on Nicole but they still took OJ's money.

My aunt would said if you big enough to hit a man, you big enough to get hit back. I keep my hands to myself. I agree no one should hit anyone.

I don't know if Rihanna so called started it. But that still didn't give Chris the right to beat her. He should have walked away. I know it's easier said than done.

Q said...

Nicole Brown's sister better sit down somewhere before...Oh, never mind, O.J. is locked up. Also, you are right, Chris Brown is not a monster. He can "Take Me Down" anyday...

Anonymous said...

dont care for either of their music. fact is he beat her up. fact is if she chooses to go back with him its her decision and she doesnt owe anyone an explanation. honestly why are their personal lives our concern; we shouldnt care. you dont know chris brown so he could be worse than ike anyways none of us were there!

do not talk about what you do not know, it shows your ignorance on the matter. because it is clear you dont know ppl from those islands. ppl whose parents are from the islands are or 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants even though they think they are they are not from the islands they are americans. because that is the culture they grew up in.

all the islands in the caribbean are different, different cultures, different accents, different ppl and different societies. and we all speak english so she couldnt start speaking like a ricky ricardo.

stop putting ppl with alot of money on pedestals, they are not any better than me or you. they are not worth your adoration nor celebration. when an entertainer has cured cancer or aids then i would celebrate them.

caribbean ppl reading this would be insulted and as a bajan i can tell you we are not hot tempered and we dont start fights.

advice get yourself a passport and get your ass on a plane and explore the islands yourself dont buy into the nonsense you see perpetuated in your very BIASED media. cause you dont know anything about the islands nor their ppl.

'the higher the monkey climb, the more he show he tail' i can see all up yours.

flightofthescorpion said...

I wouldn't go so far as to say I have Chris' back. But I don't have Rihanna's either. I think that they are the classic case of two Hollywood stars who are trying to navigate life and the industry, but really have no idea what they're doing because they weren't that smart to begin with. And being in the business just compounds issues each one has that were already there and the fat that neither one have very good judgement. Chris and Rihanna have self-esteem issues that they now have the money to work on. You have to ALWAYS be working towards a better self. Even when you're the most sought after personalities in the world. The problem is that many celebrities believe that with money and fame comes peace of mind. But, it's just the opposite. They'll realize it when their albums stop selling, their concert seats become empty and they can't pay someone to take their picture...

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Anynomous I said from the get go this is my opinion and my theory, if you don't like it that's fine.

If you think I sound ignorant, then I guess thats your opinion and theory on me.

I'm man enough to take, like I was man enough to dish it out. My mom always said don't dish out nothing you can eat yourself.

Obviously I have struct a nerve with you...I find it hilarious, that it's always some anonymous person, who decide to rip you a new one. I have a feeling though that this is a fellow blogger or a reader, that I have talked to before. If you want to hide, that's on you.

Now you say I'm showing all my tail, well I haven't been trying to hide it. Look all up in there, baby...and while you are looking up there, you will see that your boy loves a good ole debate.

Sorry if you feel dispected, becasue you are from the Carribean, I really didn't mean to disrespect anyone. Now about the different cultures, I understand that...they are different. What I was trying to say is that, in my experience with people from Trinidad, Jamaica, even Artigua...they seem to be a lot fiery and very passionate people, where it comes to fighting or parting, and those that I know will let you know in a minute that they are. This theory of mine is not perpetuated by the media, but by my personal experiences and people I have met personally.

Please tell me who I was putting on a pedestal...lmao... I thought I broke both of them down. I said I wasn't that big of a fan, but I do respect that we come from the same state. I certainly don't think he is better than anyone, becasue he has money. Or that that should give him a break, because of that.

I have know people with money and people without, and they both have problems, as the point to this post.

Thank You

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Tharula- I see your point

Blaque- Don't hit a girl, but don't let her whoop your ass huh? LOL...still got the scare? I would tell them though that I got it in a bar fight though

South- that was my point, they are making him out to be the next heis this monster, and I personally don't think he is the only guilty party...probably 70%, but not 100%!

Q-Thank YOU Q, I think he's cute...but that's not the bases of my opinion.

FOS- I would go as far as to say they are not smart, I think they are young and perhaps the self esteem issues, you maybe on to something...I have heard in interviews and read how Chris is self coinscience about his height, being to tall or something... and young girls even extremely pretty girls have self esteem issues.

Anonymous said...

i actually wasnt trying to be anonymous but the comment would post for some reason; i actually had to retype it 3 times and it posted under anonymous i dont know why. and i would sit and debate you if you wish im not scared. anyways we are entitled to our opinions yes even if they are contrary. anyways the 1st comment was more comprehensive but you know what happens when you try to reinvent the wheel. anyways as i had said in my earlier comment which didnt post.
if you were not raised in the islands your behaviour is not genuine its a mixture of your parents and what you perceive others who share your ancestry do but that dont make you from the islands. i am tired of ppl who were born in the usa whose parents are from the islands talkign about they are from the islands. you are not you are apart of the culture you are immersed in which is the one you grow up in. if they ever go to the island they will realise how different they are.
anyways the pedestal comment was just a general comment kinda thing with regards to 'ppl who have too much money in general''. and yes ppl from the caribbean are full of passion - i dont think thats a bad thing and yes we quarrel and cuss and carry on very easily but rarely will we start a fight. we will finish them if you start them but we dont start them we is ''keep noise''. i just think its hilarious when you meet ppl who say they are jamaican and have never even been to the island or even know the parished. tsk tsk.

i dont feel disrespected because in truth what you said is normal for americans to say about ppl from the caribbean you lump us all together and think we are one. but you all dont really know the truth lol. and you know what most caribbean ppl are very honest, blunt and can be vry tactless at times sometimes that is perceived negatively but i think we rather prefer ppl like that rather than all the fraudulent behaviour where ppl smile in your face and slander your name behind your back.

anyways he could be a monster you dont know. she could be the biggest idiot on earth and she did go to cawmere and lawd knows that skool produces plenty idiots. but DL i think they are more important things to focus on than this nonsense. i am just not a fan of seeing ''ppl who have alot of money'' being highlighted in the news like they the only ppl who have these problems.

fuzzy said...

Okay... damn... this was wayyyy toooo long! lmao!

My theory on the whole bit is that if she started it she deserved what she got. Women need to understand that men have tempers. In the fit of a rage, there are a good many men that don't know how to control this temper! I was told that if a woman is man enough to hit a man, then she is man enough to get hit! That is all I have to say!

PRIMO said...

I Know Im Late But I Agree With You. And I hate how The World Is Now Making 2 Young, BLACK, Successful entertainers the Face of Domestic Violence. Like Its the first time its ever happened, Theyre blowing it up on this epic scale. I feel as if they are trying to assassinate Chris character because he is a young, talented, handsome black male. Its just getting out of hand and I think if they were white it wouldn't be this big....

PRIMO said...

Oh Yeah & it Doesn't help that most black people are jumping right along helping to Assassinate him....

Anonymous said...

primo are you serious; you live in america a culture that highlights the life of ppl that have lots of money. furthermore she went to the police to report the incident and charges have been filed; its not like its something thats being hidden. how is this a surprise.. americans making everything into an event! how is this surprising. nothing will change until ppl stop putting ppl who have lots of money on pedestals.

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Sinful soul what exactly is your problem, with people with money?

I mean I can understand you not liking people putting someone on a pedestal, because they had money and things, but it seems like there is more to that, when it comes to you!

It seems like you hate those who have. Correct me if I'm wrong.That's the real idea I get from you. You act like America is the only country that shows or hats the people with money and fame in the spotlight. I think there maybe other countries worse than America, when it comes to that, like the U.K.

I really get the picture you resent them.

If anything I don't think anybody is putting Chris Brown or Rihanna on a pedestal at the moment. Just like PRIMO said, they are trying to make these two young, BLACK entertainers the face of Domestic Abuse, which I personally don't think they are.

Anonymous said...

I don’t have a problem with ppl with money. I wish I had lots but what I dislike is how ppl place them above others and it’s nothing more than that it’s just kinda a pet peeve if you know what I mean. Im not saying america is the only place like that but it is the biggest and most prominent country that does. I really wish that when someone who has money falls down it not be news.
Have you ever been to the UK – you know my stance on making comments that you haven’t been. I think you would be surprised at how other countries largely ignore their ppl with lots of money. If this rhianna chris brown thing happened in the uk or even here in BIM it would’ve been on the news the first night and then that’s it. But goodness only in america as I say y’all have a talent for turning everything into an event! thats why y’all do the best marketing stuff.
I wish we just leave the ppl with lots of money lives to themselves!

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Like hell, if in the UK the Chris Brown and Rihanna thing would be a one night thing!

It is well know that the UK, is big own celebrity news and tabloid gossip. Was it one time thing with th UK talking about Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, ond its well known they followed and published everything about David Beckham and Posh. I mean it was in Europe, where the paparazzi was on Princess Diana's ass, when her car crashed in the tunnel.

I wish people would leave people with money personal lives alone too... but I'm still going to stand a ground in something I believe.

Anonymous said...

you are comparing reputable news to tabloids they are different things. i mean thats like expecting the BBC to cover the same stories as the tabloids and the paparazzi. this is what i mean if its in a tabloid or some lil gossip rag fine ok but not on supposedly reputable news. anyways i not on your case for supporting chris cause he from ur state... that wasnt my thing at all.
anyways we perpetuating this thing so lets drop this... when's the last time you saw the garbage truck?

ToddyEnglish said...

Okay, I will offer the unpopular opinion. As a former Chris Brown fan I think he is a punkass, pathetic, weak, piece of shit...Bottom line.
It would have been onething if he had maybe just smacked or pushed her on the ground. However, this nigga used excessive force and nearly cleared the woman.
There was no need or any excuse. Chris Brown is a very big man (he's like 6'2 and 180...I know because I've seen him in concert. He is BIG), and Rihanna is a small woman...EMPHASIS on FEMALE.
Brown could have easily controlled the situation by hemming her up and yellin in her face or something...
Instead he continually beats her while telling her he is going to kill her when they get home.
I hope his punkass goes to jail. Rihanna is the victim in this, not him.

Sorry for ranting but Rihanna is my girl.
Thankfully the general public is not apathetic in regards to violence against women.
No excuse for what he did...NONE at all.

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