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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Call of the Booty

Okay, I don't have much experience when it comes to booty calls. For one reason or another it just didn't happen much...well they never followed through is what I should say. Most of the time when guys do the late night call, I either have my phone off, which is a big characteristic of me... don't feel like doing squat, they call me on a night I don't feel like getting dressed and do the things you do on the call of the booty... or I am sleep. I sleep hard, and I'm not the wake up from sleep to answer the phone type of person. When I'm out, I'm out. My mother says she hates to see the day I have a child, poor thing will be crying all night long, especially if I marry someone like me....hmmm...moving right along. Like I was saying, it usually never follows through. When I do wake up, even if I do want to hook up with the person, I generally won't call them back, because I figured they have moved on, from the moment, and so shall I. I think I have probably missed several potential booty calls, especially since DL men don't leave messages. It is some how a unspoken rule, you don't leave messages. You never know who listens to their voicemail, and who may use their phone. As for me, I don't do booty calls really. I don't know... it makes me feel weird and well vulnerable-ish. I guess I would rather go out and find new booty, than to call up old booty.

Now I have told you guys...I think... that this has been a slow winter. I mean, I'm not really meeting any new potentials. Going back into the fall actually. I didn't say it already, I'll say it again, it's like all the guys are in hibernation for the winter. It's been a slow season. I have all been with like two guys this winter, and they are the same ones from last year. I mean I did have a rendezvous with a flight attendant, that I met online, who had a layover, back in early February. I don't get what the hype is with men and flight attendants, in our culture. Besides the fact they go back to whatever state it is they came from after the sex, I don't know what's so special. Other than that one time, it has been just Von and Pickle. I haven't mentioned Pickle yet, but he is just some kat I met last November. We hooked up, that was it for last year, sometime in late January, I dropped by his place... still wasn't an actual call. It's been on since then. Let me say the name Pickle has no correlation with the anatomy, it really is a variation of his name that he goes by. Just wanted to throw that out.

Anyway for some reason, I have been better about receiving calls. I some how have been awake, and having my phone on, when receiving them. Now Von and Pickle, couldn't be more different. Von is 21, light skin, red bone, who lives with his grandparents, has no job and generally no money, ex jail house resident and rides the bus. Pickle is a 39 year old...teacher I think it is... dark brown/chocolate skin frat brotha, who owns his house, and has a car...Mustang. They only have two similarities. One that they are both tall...towering over me...when standing, that is. The second that they have this unbelievable power to call/text me, at the same time. Not for a booty call either, just a how you doing call, and lets meet up type of deals. I really don't see either on a Regular bases. They're weeks I don't see either one of them, and I'm cool with that. Some how though they will call or text me at the same time. I really realized it one day when I was at the gym, hadn't heard from either of them in a minute, but somehow they both managed to text me during my workout.

It really hasn't been a problem, until last Friday. I went to the gym Friday night. I'm not going to lie I don't mind spending my workout on a Friday night, the gym is less crowded. I enjoy that. Don't enjoy all the couples though. Friday seems to be date night for the couples at the gym. Anyway I got home around 10:30-ish that night. I layed around and watched a rerun of Baldwin Hills, I think it was. I usually take a shower immediately after I get home from the gym, but I chilled for a minute and channeled surfed. That's when I got a text from Pickle. Asking me, "Cum over, I want to see you." I got to be honest, that is such a turn off. I hate the way he spells come, cum like that. I find it really not cute or sexy. I called him back, and I agreed that I would call him back in 30 minutes. The workout had left me feeling a little energetic and well, in the mood. I went to go take a shower and head over. When I got out, my phone was making the beeping sounds, that I had missed some calls. I thought to myself, I told Pickle I was going to call him back in 30, why can't he follow instructions. However, it wasn't Pickle is was Von. I called him back. All he said was,"Yo Young, I'm in that Creepin mood." That's Von, for I want to hook up tonight. I instantly looked at the clock on the nightstand...11:30. I remind him Von it's almost midnight, isn't that cutting it close to your curfew. Yes!...Von has a curfew. Here's the deal...even though Von is 21 and been in and out of jail a few times since he was 14, he has to be in the house by midnight. Here is how it works. He can stay out past midnight if he wants, but he can't get in, until morning. His grandfather locks up the house like a fort at midnight. He tells me, "Let me worry about that, you coming?" I try to buy myself more time and tell him let me call him back in 30. Who shall I go see?

I get dressed anyway, while trying to figure out, which booty call to respond to. I had never been in that delima. At first I'm think this is a sexy feeling, having two dudes both wanting me at the same time, wanting me to come over and have a good time. I kept thinking who do I want to see more. Pickle is good at what he does, but then he doesn't do the things Von does. Von does things Pickle doesn't do, but isn't as passionate and isn't as on point as Pickle. For a moment I think why not see both of them tonight. Then I think that's kind of grimy. I debate, well I would be the only one who knows how slutty it is, so what's the harm. Then I think to myself, that's one person too many. I get in my car, still unsure who it is I want to see. As I drive I can't help but think this wouldn't be a problem, if either one of them had bothered to call me earlier in the evening. Then I think well it is Friday, why didn't either one of the call and set and make a plan for a hookup. Call me before 8 to make a hookup time. It's like neither one of them, thought I had anything better to do than to wait for them to call. I started to get a little irritated. I then decide, that I will meet up with both, just not hook up with both. Who will be what...undetermined as of yet.

I go to Pickle first, because he lives closer to me. I call him, and ask him, why did he wait until after 11:00 to call me, like I had nothing better to do, but to come over and satisfy an urge for him. He gets all defense, "Look if you don't want to see me, fine...I'm not going to sweat it...I just thought it had been a minute since I saw you. Don't think I'm just sitting here either." This makes me laugh. I tell him to hangup and open the door, I'm in his driveway. He answers the door in nothing but a t-shirt, his draws and a Corona in his hand, not for my benefit either, I'm sure he has been like that since he got home from work. That's the other difference between Pickle and Von. Von has a stomach you can eat off of, Pickle although he is not fat, he's a lean man, but he looks like he is in his second trimester. I think it is due to the Coronas. I don't think there has been a time, I have been to his house that he didn't have a Corona open, and a new open by the time I left. He puts them down, let me tell you.

As soon as I get inside, I make an early escape plan. I tell him I'm suppose to meet up with some friends later on, and can't stay to long for too long. He is on his laptop in the living room, no television on, no lights...just the glow of the monitor and music from his computer. He goes back to doing what he was doing when I got there, downloading music. We talk for a little while. Then he goes back to the laptop, clicking a way. For a while, he is so into the downloading and clicking of the mouse, that he acts like I'm not there. He quizzes me on some music..."Ever heard this"..."Know them?"..."and what about this artist" a lot of them I did know, or the song at least. Then he started on the Jamaican and Dance hall music...that I didn't know. He started talking about his 3,000 plus songs he had downloaded, and the program he uses. A hour later and he is still talking about it and downloading. I kept looking at the clock and thinking, OMG, did he invite me over just to watch him download music. I don't want to be like are we going to do anything already or what. I just sit there quietly. It's official Von is the one I'm hooking up with tonight. I told him in the car I would call him, when I get to his house.

I start with the I better be going soon talk, because I 'is read-ay to go'. I was at this point bored out of my mind. He acts like he doesn't hear me, and starts talking about the downloading program again. How he doesn't download movies or porn, because it could have viruses in them. I ask has he ever at least tried the porn, and he replies no. I then take his computer and use the program he has and try to download porn. Now I'm not a porn person, I'm really not. I rarely watch it, not since my high school years. Well it was suddenly like my high school years, because all the porn it brought up, I had downloaded at one time or another, in high school. He couldn't believe it. I had seen like 11 of the 15 he started to download. I told him how I don't watch porn now, but I do watch Xtube online, sometimes. He had never heard of it. I brought the site up. Finally this was starting to get interesting. I was so busy getting into the website and looking around... I hadn't even noticed him nibbling on my neck and feeling on me. I kept slapping his hands away. I'm not really a touchy feely type of person. I mean not in the ways he was touching. I guess he got frustrated with me getting all into the site, because he takes the laptop out my lap and sits it on the coffee table. He then pulls me on top of him. I kept thinking, I can't do this I have already made up my mine, its Von tonight. Pickle took to long. I keep pulling away, he then flips me on my back. He makes where I can stop pulling away from him. I give in then. 45 minutes later or so, it was a wrap.

I get redressed and leave. Here's the thing. Technically I'm not sure if it would really be grimy if I still went and swooped up Von. Here's the thing, Me and Pickle...yes it is intense, hot and heavy...but...its...uh not really any kind of sex. It's a lot of foreplay, grinding, and touching, caressing, and all of what that entails, while naked, but its not...well nevermind. I get in my car and I call Von. For some reason I feel so guilty for leaving him hanging for so long. it's now like 2:30-ish. He sounds so groggy on the phone, when he answers. The guilty comes when he starts to apologies for falling asleep. He thinks I'm outside of his house. I tell him, that something came up, and that I will catch him some other time. He says, "What about tomorrow night?" I like the thought of that, a plan. I tell him it's on.

I don't think Booty Calls are really my bag. For some reason, I don't like the thought behind it, because it feels like there was no thought. I don't know I guess
I wasn't missing out on much all of this time.


Anonymous said...

The thought behind a booty call is just getting some!

Lola Gets said...

Thats the reason I dont like booty calls either. They dont give you time to plan! Now swingers, on the other hand, do give you time to get ready. Folks like to be all washed n clean n shaved n shit, and if you schedule a play date with someone, you can do that! Booty calls, give you no time at all.

As for the word "cum" I hate it too. HATE IT! I think its blechy.


fuzzy said...

Okay, I'm gonna sound real whorish, lol and maybe a lil skankish! I love booty calls. Not as much as I did in yesteryear but they are still cool. I like to know a person before i give it up. Once i know you like that and how you gonna lay it down then its on for a good min!

on to the multiple guys... I have done 3 guys in a night. You have to know what you are doing, who you are dealing with and timeline them. The first guy I knew was more like Von. the oral and the foreplay! Really really nice! the second had to be a bottom. I had to know i was gonna be the top. I would handle my handle and nobody would be the wiser. and lastly would be the top! Its sooo hard to hide when you just been fucked. You are loose/looser than what you would normally be! You may wanna schedule a nice washoff between 1 and 2 and a shower between 2 and 3!

How tall are you to be towered over?

Thaddeus L. Works. said...
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Thaddeus L. Works. said...

Booty call, Jump off. Peace Pipe, Crack Pipe....samethang...Booty calls are good. Hell, they are great. If you wish, I can show you. I can take that next flight out. Do the call and be back in Atlanta before the nutt dries on your chest. LOL.

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

South- No really I thought it was about having long walks on the Have you made the call for just getting some, lady?

Lola- Swinging huh...what exactly are you into?
Now I don't know about you, but just becasue it's a booty call, doesn't mean I can't get my wash and and trim on before I head out.
Since Pickle always does the carrying of the hot wash cloth after every session, I technically could have been all cleaned up for Von later. I think "cum" is blechy too.

Fuzzy- Well I know them, so is that better then. I know what they do...well sorta. I think you and Thadeus, would have fun

Thadeus- I don't think I'm ready for you. Someone who is as uh experienced, and as uh talented as you, I think I need more experience. I need to work my way up to you. I bet a cool G, that you have either used "cum over" in a text or have received that text, a minumum of 5 times, in your life.

Anonymous said...

I sure have!!!! Matter of fact, I might need to make a call right rat now!

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

This post his hilarious boy! LMAO! Hmmmmm I haven't had a booty call in ages...


RocaFella07 said...

"...especially since DL men don't leave messages. It is some how a unspoken rule, you don't leave messages. You never know who listens to their voicemail, and who may use their phone."

WOW! That was really educational...I never would've figured.

I think i have a "Von". He's 23, sexy as fuck, always looking for a job and going on interviews, always living in somebody else's house, and cant keep his phone on to save his life....He also strips. He calls me randomly, and only run into each other by pure chance (every few months).


That Dude Right There said...

You got me wishing I had a f*ck-buddy to just call up when I want to.