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Monday, March 16, 2009

In other Music news...EnVogue is back!!!

This is the cover of this week Jet Magazine with EnVogue on the cover. They look amazing for 40 something women. It looks like they have been drinking some of the Stacey Dash water for real. Whoever said black don't crack, Ain't never LIED! All of them look great, even Maxine. I saw her a couple years ago in a magazine and she looked rough as hell. She had blond braids, and her stomach looked so bloated, like she was 5 months pregnant, but she looks great on the cover. She always did rock the short do, but it compliments her short stature, and big boobs. Look at them up high and ready to knock you out, like the old days. Who who guess that Cindy has had 4 kids and one of them is 16 or 17. Now they all could be thanking this do to retouching and spanx, but I don't care, they still look good and the Funky Divas are back!

Now Let me let you guys on a little secret EnVogue, was the start of yours truly Cd collection today. Yep, "The Funky Divas" album was my first CD. Now even though my father was the R&B guy and my mom was the Gospel person and only bought gospel,I remember her being the one who I asked to buy it, and she bought it for me. I think we were in Kmart to be exact. I had to be about 7 or 8 I think. Anyway I thought the "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" video was the sexiest and naughtiest thing I had ever seen, at the time. So thank them for the collection I had today.

This is them on Jet like in '91 I believe, sorry the cover is gainy, the best one I could find online. In my opinion they look better now than then. Look at them with the oversized hats and big men's jackets from the early 90s. They truly haven't aged a bit.

In the Jet article, Dawn admits that she was the cause for the breakup when she left,'97. She stays how she has a stigma in the industry as being difficult and a bitch, but that she wears that stigma proudly, because there is no way she is going to let people get over her anymore. We she left the group it was because the record was treating them unfairly, they had sold 8 million albums for them and they were getting paid peanuts, and barely making it by back then. She left at the height of their biggest hit, "Don't Let Go(Love)." The other girls were afraid to fight, they weren't a unite back then, but they are now!

I just hope Dawn makes it work now, this is her last shot. She messed it up with Lucy Pearl. This is her last shot, because the solo thing just isn't going to happen. Does anyone remember her solo effort and her song "Jealousy" I bet you don't. We need a hot girl group now. We don't have any at all. I mean Danity Kane is gone, and I didn't like them no way, when they were around. Cherish...yeah right. We need EnVogue, all of them can sing too. They look just as good as anyone in Danity Kane if not better. WELCOME BACK DIVAS!!!

This is them in the early 90s.

This is them Today!
They have recreated their picture from the early 90s, still flawless.


Anonymous said...

Love me some EnVogue. I'm glad they are back. And yes they are beautiful. Cindy has always been my favorite.

K.C. said...

I am loving En Vogue! I saw this cover the other day when I got home and literally screamed! I am there for the concert, no matter which city ... they look so amazing ... yes, the Funky Divas are truly back and ready to teach em how it's really done!

Oh yeah, "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" was the first song I figured out I was not so straight; moms kept saying, "change HIM to HER" but I wasn't having that!

ToddyEnglish said...

This is absolutely fab! I love those girls!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they're back. I can't wait to memorize some of their songs. However, I like the old picture better. Those man hands in the black and white scare me.