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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Man Down!!!

It's been a trying week..well 2 weeks actually. It's truly one thing or another. I really was on a mindset to be a better blogger for real. This time it's not my fault. I know I was suppose to write the conclusion to what happen that night with me a Von, but well my monitor on my computer blew out on me, my television, and lastly my baby, my SUV... that had me like Florida Evans...Damn...Damn...DAMN!

First let me talk about my computer. It's actually not that old, less than two years. I don't think that's old enough for my monitor to be going out on me. It has been in the shop for a week and a half I got it out Saturday, and after a $100 dollars and a monologue about how hard Gateway products are to work still has yet to come on. You know your boy sometimes has a temper, so after a good tongue lashing on their voicemail Saturday, since they had close by the time I got it home. Going to talk down to me about having a Gateway, then not even have fix it, you know I was pissed. I was still without my source to stay in touch with the blog world. Yes, I have made a few comments on some peoples blog. I just feel comfortable blogging at home. So my plan was to take it back to the shop on Monday, but as most of you know, the east coast was hit hard, with the snow, even southern east. It would have been fine with me, if I had my Computer. I'm really on that what did people do, without their electronic devices. I mean their are times I truly don't touch my computer, but now that I'm without it I miss it. It's hard and tedious to read blogs from my phone. Its at this time I wish I had bought the things I wanted. I wish I had got a blackberry when I got my new phone...I wish I had bought the new laptop this Christmas, like I wanted. Listen to other people. "Why Young do you need a laptop, you have three desktops, just a waste of money." My mother even offer to by me one for Christmas. I turned her down for other presents. Bad move there. One computer was old as the hills like dog years old, I donated that last summer to a church thrift shop, the other one is kinda old too, but still works well, its just that when I bought my newer computer a year and half ago, I sorta put my old one out to pasture. I couldn't even hook my old monitor to my new computer. Anyway like I was saying I was planning on taking it back to the shop on Monday, but we had the big snow storm on Sunday, and I went to the shop on Monday they had a sign up..."Closed due to the storm of the century"...Wimps. How are you an electronics shop with 6 vans and suvs, because they do a lot of home entertainment installing, and scared of a little snow. I made it to your shop, Monday morning. You made it out to put up that stupid sign, they could have stayed open. I think we have been a little pampered for a few years, and forgot what a really good snow is. Yes 8 and half inches is a nice amount, but I have seen worse. A few days of closed does not equal snow storm of the century. Several years ago when I was in middle school I think, we were closed for a week and a half, that is a truly snow storm, when the news always refer to it ever hour and ever broadcast time as more updates on the "Blizzard '98 or whatever that my friend is a snow storm. We have been spoiled. I took it back today and they had the nerve to ask me why was I upset... really, you don't get it? I just left them, and they still don't know, and don't know when I will get it back. They got until Thursday and your boy is leaving the old one their and getting a new one.

Before that my television went out. Actually the same symptoms my computer had. This Jamaican electronics guy came out and fixed it for $250. To heavy to be carry to some shop.Apparently whatever was wrong happens a lot to LCDs. None of this even remotely compares to what happen to my baby, my car.

It's funny the day I took my monitor to the shop, was the day my baby just...well had a stroke...I guess you could say. I was leaving the electronics repair shop, and bam, my car was having convulsions like movements. Like it wanted to go without the transmission. I quickly took it to a shop, that I go to often, which was 10 mins a way. I'm a good customer, my mom is too. They checked it out right away. Then told me, absolutely don't drive it anymore. What was going on was it was going in and out of 4 wheel drive by itself. They told me to have it towed to the dealer. Newer cars with computer systems are best to be dealt with by the dealer. I was so confused as to why and how this started still no lights was coming on, nothing telling me that something was wrong. I hate going to the dealer, but I had it towed their. Long story short, the system that controls the 4 wheel drive went bad, and had to be replaced, $3,000 dollars people. Apparently happens due to driving it constantly in 4wheel drive mode. I have never had it in 4 wheel drive mode since I had it for 2 years. We just got our first good snow in years this past Sunday. It's a 2004, so they suggested the first owner must have. I thought that was a stupid ass answer. I was like so it took two years for the repercussions of a former owner driving it in the wrong mode to show up now. I wanted another reason. So that hit my savings hard people. I was real depress when I paid them, They had it fixed in two days.

I kept thinking why is all of this happening all at once. Thinking to myself why me. I quickly put in a old Hezekiah Walker Cd, and quickly I knew, I needed to stop with this why my thinking. So many people have it a lot worse than I do. Some people lives are falling apart around them, foreclosure, jobs lost, etc. God doesn't put anything on us, we can not bare. He may deliver you from burdens, but that doesn't mean their won't be any. It may get worse, this may only be a test. I just kept thinking. I should feel blessed that I had it to fix these things. Anyway I have rambled on enough about things. This is officially my first post not from my computer. From my schools library. It's weird. I'm usually in my draws or some lounging wear, when writing. It's strange being fulling clothed and writing. However, y'all will not get a conclusion about Von until I have my computer back...Sorry! Peace...I'm out!


Trent Jackson said...

It's always refreshing to know that you're not the only one going through something.

As the season of restoration begins for me, I'm just looking back on the last 6 months of my life and how I lost my MIND, JOB AND CAR!!! (LOL)

Everything is a preparation...and thank you for reminding me to continue to be mindful of my own blessings.

Thank you for sharing...

Anonymous said...

I didn't need to know you usually post lounging around in your draws. LOL

When it rains, it pours! Hang in there. It can only get better.

Name's YandB Mr. DL if you NASTY said...

That's whatI kept told myself, I have nothing to be sad about, yeah it has been some unexpected expenses, but just be grateful I had it to pay. Someone out their has it a lot worse, than I do. Everybody today seems to be hit.

The hard part is to not loose your mind...I hope uh you found it or find it soon!

Excuse me for being truthful...that is what I do. And I don't post all the time in my draws... just some of the time. The other time is in louging wear, thats what it's called, not quite pajamas, but not funking old sweat pants. It's not like a brotha said he post naked. I'm a gentleman, you get draws with me... black ones.

Yeah its pouring but not hurrican season yet!

Anonymous said...

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Steez said...

Deezaamn brotha. you got a gremlin in your house or somethin? Well here'l to nothing else going wrong, AND the stuff you got fixed staying fixed.

Nario said...

damn man you went through some things I see.

Anonymous said...

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