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Monday, June 30, 2008

Six Degrees of Hoe Seperation Part II

Sorry It took me so long to finish this, but I just didn't feel like writing anyomore for a minute. Anyway. I told you guys, this wasn't a pretty story, so don't judge!

So there he was sitting next to me, with just his wife beater on, and those combination of lime and mint green. I really wish I could narrow it down, which one it was just a shade brighter than mint, but not quite as bright as lime, but I guess it really doesn't matter. He took off those huge gaudy gold presription glasses. That gold tooth still making a big Vegas appearance, however. I give him a weak half smile, back. For a few minutes, it was some real crickets going on between us. I'm not sure if he thought so, but I felt it. Just awkward silence, except for that soft oldies music flowing through the place. At that moment, I wished he had a real sofa, instead of that love seat. He we are, I barely know this man, and I'm uncontrollably right under him. I know we are about to get down, but I just need a little breathing room, I had all the billion and a half plants in his place producing the oxygen, I just need the space. That's when Robby picks up the repote to the T.V. It's already on BET or TvOne, not really sure, but "Babyboy" is on. He gets all excited. He tells me how much he loves this movie. I was kinda surprise because of his age, that he loved this movie. I was significantly younger, than him, and I hated that movie. I don't say anything, because it was his place, and to be honest at that moment I really didn't care. I was just thinking, how can I get out of here. I just was feeling the moment, and I really wasn't feeling him. He was nice and all, smelled nice enough too, old school smell but nice. I just didn't want to be there anymore. I just didn't know how to say I've changed my mind, "I gots to go!" To bad Ms. Emily Post doesn't have a book on Sex Etiquette. I would love at that moment to read a chapter in titled...How to tell your soon to be sex partner you've sorta changed your mind about sex and want to leave. I just didn't want to be mean. I chopped it up, to I've come this far, might as well follow through. My thoughts were interrupted with Robby saying, "So let me see that dick and balls!" My sweat talking Prince Charming...he really knew how to set a real mood.

I gave it a What the hell, I'm here now attitude, and unzipped my pants. He went digging inside, to find, I guess what he was looking for. For the next few minutes, we both are looking at the television, like two dummies, as he has his hands down my pants. Now trust and believe I wasn't exactly looking for romance, but even though I'm a guy I needed something more than this. This was one un-sexy moment. I decided, that if I'm going to stay, I need to make the best of this moment and take control of this, and get what I need. I take his hands out of my pants, and just go ahead and take them off. I follow suit and take his pants off of him, he then takes them from me, and meets the pleats and folds them. That tickled me, for a second. I got on top of him, and took control. The foreplay, was actually not that bad, I was surprisingly happy. In the midst of that, we lost the remaining of our clothes. For early Fifties, he unexpectedly didn't have a bad body. Well it was firm at least. After a while the smell of his aftershave, was beginning to suffocate me though. I believe it was aftershave and not cologne, because it smelled a bit more alcoholish, than cologne smells. Things were done to me, things were reciprocated. When he does this flip-a-roo and puts me on my back on this love seat. Yes, we still were on that love seat, different angles and whatnot, but still there. So he has me on my back, kissing my neck, which I liked, until he starts to dry hump my leg. It was bad at first, until he climbs higher, where his head is higher than mine, and my face is buried underneath him, in his chest. There we were, me literally suffocating, and him humping my left side of my body like a damn English terrier.

This only went on for a few minutes, until I pushed him off of me. A little control given, and this is what he does with it. For a minute we are both sitting there looking at the ceiling, probably thinking two completely different things. I decide to take control back , and I lean back on top of him, and that's when he tells me he needs a second. He says he just needs to catch his breath. We sit there for a couple minutes, when I noticed, he wasn't hard anymore. I reach over and feel him, and I feel him. I ask him, "Did you climax already?" He gives me a strong "No!" I then ask, "Then how come you have came?" Now grant it, it wasn't much, but it was definitely essence of a climax. He replies "That it was precum." I inform him, that that was a lot for precum, especially since his soldier was down and out, from the battlefield. I go on to tell him, I really don't care if he came early, I really don't need it. Let's just finish me off, so I can go. He once again tells me again, to just give him a second to regroup, and re-energize.

So I sit there, with my hand proping up my head, as I go back to watching "Babyboy." Its at that point where Jodi just realize that his girlfriend stole her car back from him. As I'm sitting there watching this annoying movie, I go back to thinking about myself. Here I am butt ass naked, sitting on a love seat, in a strangers place, still unsatisfied about things. Still not getting that feel good booster, that I was trying to receive the couple nights prior. Wondering, how in the world, did I get here, naked and annoyed. I was snapped out of my thoughts, by a loud, yet familiar sound. I turn around and Robby is sawing lumber, that Paul Bunyan himself, would be envious of. I just couldn't believe this Negro is dead asleep and snoring. That's when I officially knew it was time to leave; 30 minutes to late but, definitely time to go. I began to pick up my clothes and get dressed. I put everything thing on, except my shirt, that is under him. I awake him, as I push him off of my shirt. He asks me, what's going on. I tell him, that I'm leaving. He doesn't object or anything, just says, Yeah it's real late, I have to get up early in the morning, it's probably best, that I leave." I don't know why that didn't shock me, his terrier ass got his satisfaction, and I was no longer needed there.

He throws on his draws, and tells me he will walk me out. I tell him no need, I'm a big boy, I know how to see myself out. With that I left. As I made that walk of shame to the elevators, to the front door of the building to the parking lot, I just shake my head and ask myself, "Well was it worth it?" As I make my way to my car I pass by his, and see all the leopard skin covers, that he has put all over the seats and interior of his Lexus. Thats when it hits me, tacky sex behavior, from a tacky man. I should have figured out from the get go.

I wish that was the end of the night, but I would be lying if, I said it was. However, that was not the worst of it all.I told you guys from the beginning, that I hit in my opinion rock bottom.I may be falling, but I hadn't hit rock bottom yet.

After leaving Robby, I made another bad decision. Even though I just left one guy, I still wondered what if about another. I should have taken my but home after that last waste of time, but I didn't. I went back to the after hours place where I met Robby at, to find that light skin brotha. By now that place was shutting down for the night. I don't know why I went back,I just knew that ole boy had left already. When I pulled up, there were several groups of people all over the parking lot talking. I got out my car, and shocked to see standing near the entrance, that light skin brotha from earlier that night talking to a couple of people. Even though we made that DL eye connection, and head nod a couple times, I wasn't exactly sure if he was just a friendly jester straight guy, or if he really got down. He noticed me looking at him. I did the head nod thing once again at him. He didn't respond, instead he gave me this almost sinister amusement look, as he headed my way. When he made it over to me, he opened with what's up. Trying to feel each other out, during the what's up?...What you up to?...Nothing, just chillin back and forth portion of the night. he then tells me about how he is suppose to meet up with a few of his friends, could I give him a ride. Of course I obliged.

As we ride, in my car, we start to talk about earlier that night. He mentions, how he saw me earlier staring at him. I respond, that nobody was staring at him. It's cool, I mentioned how I was going to say hey to him earlier until he disappeared. He tells me, that it, was me that disappeared, not him. He asked me, where did I go. Knowing that I pulled back up in the parking lot, and that I had obviously left .I just tell him, that I had some business to take care of. His next respond knocks me for a second. He says, "So that's what you call leaving to go have sex with someone...taking care of business?" Stunned by his respond. I play Bill Clinton, and act like I don't have a clue what he is talking about. I say, who says I went and had any kind of sex with someone. He response is, "Well what did you and Robby do?" He once again comes back with more shocking revelations. I however keep with the, what are you talking about attitude. He says "Robby....who has a black Lexus, with gold trim." Now I'm just confused here. How did he know about what kind of car Robby drove?...and most importantly how did he know I left with him? I don't respond though. I just sat quietly and drove, as I take it all in. He goes on to say I saw you two. I get real defensive know. I ask him, "What do you mean you saw us?" He starts to do a mischievous laugh, and reveals that he saw me and Robby talking outside. Then me later giving him my number, as he typed it into his cell phone. Then us leaving at the same time, me following him down the street, in the same direction.

I was in pure disbelief that I was unaware, that someone was intensely watching me. At that moment I know the jig is up, so I admit, that what he is saying is true. Curiously I ask him, how does he know Robby. He informs that, it was him that Robby was trying to hit on 10 minutes before he met me. He then starts to go on and on, about how he would never get with Robby, because he has done some real shady things, to a friend of his. I tried to get him to spill what kind od shady things did he do, but never got to that. He then adds that Robby is just a big old girl, and who would want to get with his old girl ass. I think about Robby's place, and itgets me torn, how he is right about Robby. He then continues to say, besides he was hitting on multiple men that night straight and otherwise, before he approached him, but no one was foolish enough to fall for it, especially the way he was dressed, he asks me, did I see those pants he was wearing.I didn't respond. Just silence, until he realized what he said. That's when he continued, with"Well except you." The cloud of shame began to rain on my head. Have just left the place of a man, that was hitting on everything with a dick that night, but nobody got with because his reputation, and here I was trying to get with another person, back to back. He then asks me that question I was hoping he wouldn't. "If you left with Old girl Robby and obviously did something, why am I back there, and now riding with him?"

Not sure how to answer this,I think for a minute about this question. Painful as it was to hear, him ask the same question I had for myself, but probably under different reason. He wanted to know for curiosity reasons, I had this question for myself, because I just didn't understand my own behavior. I respond the best way I know how, I tell him, that I guess I just didn't get what I needed. He then informs that the real reason, is I'm just a freak, and Robby didn't know how to get me off like he could. I looked at him. This guy who was just about a couple years older than me, looking street fab at his best, I knew that he was probably right. I knew that he could get me off great. I then made the first right decision of the night. I tell him, that I better go home. Shame about tacky Robby, and the fact that he knew about the whole thing. That I was about to get with him, knowing, that he knew I had just got with someone else, even if I didn't climax, made me feel horrible. I mean I could still smell Robby's aftershave on my skin, and here I was about to get with another dude. After hearing what I had to say, he grabbed my thigh, and said "To bad, this feels so thick I can just imagine how thick that ass is under those jeans." Not that he would even get anywhere near that region, if we did get down. I just smiled, and continue to drive.

We when pull up near where he was suppose to meet his friends, we say our goodbyes, and he says maybe next time. I respond maybe. When he opens the door, I for the first time notice his friends standing outside this building. I am horrified, at what I see. I ask him, is that his friends he says yeah. There is only four friends, but out of his four friends. I have gotten with two of them, in the past year. One of the once but like back in January, and the other a few times last year. They give me a head nod, and wave at me, at the same time. Then look at each other confusingly, then at light skin, as he shuts my door. In the next minute all that is exchanged is confused yet knowing looks. Before anything else is asked or mentioned. I tell Light skin I have to go, and I take off. Knowing that I was going to be the big topic after I left. I just felt like I could just crawl under a rock somewhere a die. Not that I was going to be talked about, but that my hoeish behavior has really came back to hit me in the face.

All the way home I just kept thinking about the whole night, and it just made me so sad, asI thought about myself. Then I kept thinking about, who else haveI gotten with, who knows someone else that I know, or thatI have gotten with. I just knew that that night was a whole new low fro me, and I knew soemthing had to be done about it....


Opinionated Diva said...

There's soooooooo much to comment on. Tacky old azz Robbie is the worst...dry humping?

Definitely your best decision for the night...was to go home.

Things happen for a reason...and it is no mistake that dude was STILL at the club...gets you to take him to his find out he KNOWS all about your little soiree...and you realize you know two of his friends a little TOO WELL.

I'm glad you have reached a point where you know something has got to change and hoping that you are up for the task of doing whatever is necessary to make those changes.

Corey Keith said...

There is so much to comment on... this is going to take me a minute.. will be back on in a minute...

Darius T. Williams said...

Damn - I'm with everyone else - this is a lot to comment on. LOL - I'm still trippin on you and Robby though - and watching Babyboy. Now, that's just hilarious.


PS - and u knew it was aftershave -lol? Who even wears after shave?

RealHustla said...

I'm not laughing at all. I have two baby daddies and all our kids are friendly. I keep making stories up to my girlfriends and family members about why I keep giving the kids birthday parties at school with only their classmates. When I ever do get back in a serious relationship he'll probably be at the parties too. I do NOT want them exchanging looks with one another.

I wasn't never trying to be a ho but by default turned into one I guess. It hurts to the core.

ThisMightBeMe said...

we've all been in predicaments. I literally LOL because this scenario really brought back some distant and not so distant memories for me. It happens, shit that is....

Anonymous said...

Where do I start? lol

This part cracked me up: "For the next few minutes, we both are looking at the television, like two dummies, as he has his hands down my pants."

I have so been there...back in the day.

I've had a couple of nights while I was actually doing it thinking 'why am I here'. You live and learn. You are taking the first step but realizing this is not what you want.

Corey Keith said...

This has to be one of my favorite blog posts of the year! Great job. I felt every moment of this experience…

“I joke about my hoeish tendencies but I think now it's official, it's more than just some tendencies.” What a great start and an introspective realization…

“but more so, he's a creepy old perve, kinda vibe. For example, as I'm following him home, he calls me from his cell, to talk dirty, over the phone. Now I'm not a dirty talk kind of person to begin with, but the way he was saying things...was just not sexy. Things like, "I can't wait to rub your balls all over my face, and make you shiver." I was shivering all right, from nauseousness.”
LOL… the ball talk is definatley a fetish… Love it.

“Beside the two Queen Ann chairs, to go with the white leather love seat, that has crotchet pillows thrown all over it. I think he could had room for a real sofa, if there wasn't so much crap in that room.”
This reeks of old pervert… Love it.

”He has this stupid grin on his face, and that gold tooth shining, at me.”

My thoughts were interrupted with Robby saying, "So let me see that dick and balls!" My sweat talking Prince Charming...he really knew how to set a real mood.

“I gave it a What the hell, I'm here now attitude, and unzipped my pants. He went digging inside, to find, I guess what he was looking for. For the next few minutes, we both are looking at the television, like two dummies, as he has his hands down my pants.”

You better take control, Janet.. Miss Jackson if you want me to rub my balls all over you face…

And then he dry humps you to completion… more laughs.. but then the tragedy that it wasn’t over… that the hoeish past would come back to bite… what a great post. I love this blog! You are amazing! And don’t change a thing. You are growing and learning and most importantly, living. You can spend your youth in celibacy or in celebration… baby, celebrate.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

All I can say is WOW son! I mean I've actually never dealt with anyone more than 5 years older than me so the thought of dealing with someone 50 would be like Ewww... But like other peeps have said ya live and ya learn. I think everyone at some point has done their fair share of ho'n yo and have been caught in some compromising positions. Yours definitely is wild tho lol. I can't even top this. Glad you finally went home tho! LoL


Nario said...

Brave soul bear it all and walk away from it...I don't think anyone is perfect, but when you realize you are not on the right path.....stop. But then again live life with no regrests because living itself is the ultimate gift...or something like that.

fuzzy said...

This happened to a certain degree on this past sunday with a friend of mine. He asks what I thought about someone and I said well lets say some private information which leaves him quite astonished.

Turn me up a lil said...

wow after reading all that my mouth is wide open especially at the last event with all the friends...that is messed yea maybe you should investigate who people know before you hook up because it is definitely a small world

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the dry humping.... that's too damn funny.