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Monday, June 9, 2008

Resurrected by Ashanti?

Lately I have really been in the mood for the melodies of the ladies. Although I have been and still been rocking Eryka's latest album, that's really been it for me. I wasn't feeling Mariah's new album... it was definitely not another Emancipation of MIMI, and that's been it this year, as far as the women go. Basically only the men have really been representing, and even then it's mostly been Neo-Soul. I really don't like Usher, so that's it for the R&B, right now...Lyfe Jennings and Raheem Davaughn's albums, has been aiight. I was originally going to make one of them my Album of the Moment, that is until Tuesday. Tuesday was the release of Ashanti's new album, "The Declaration." I ran out first thing Tuesday, and have been rocking this joint, ever since. To be honest I really never owned an Ashanti album, I heard them a couple of times, and I liked a couple of her single's but never enough to buy her album. The whole I really never thought she was that great of an artist thing, is was used to stop me. However, this album has put me in a whole new light of her. What new producers outside of Irv Gotti, and age to a voice can do, for a girl. Sadly but true...I love this album. Her voice sounds better than every, even her baby's sound better. She says it's her most personable album yet. I don't see how that is, because to me she's not talking about anything all that personal, but I still feelin it. My joints are "So over you", "In these streets", "Body on me" feat. Nelly and Akon.

Just like the album of the moment, my Jam of the moment is a little surprising, but I love "Lookin Boy remix" by Hot Stylz feat. R. Kelly. Every time I hear this song, I find something new, and hilarious about this song. Like the other day it hit me, what the line 'No Chris No!... Raz B lookin boy!" meant. Well the fact that Raz B said he was molested as a child, and his former manager Chris Stokes, is rumored to be gay, and loves the boy acts...which I guess led to that line. Then there's the "Ricky!!!...Morris Chestnut looking boy"...which is talking about Boyz 'n the Hood, when Morris Chestnut character gets shot. I really love the remix featuring R. Kelly when he is talking about the looking girls..."Shaba Racks looking girl" I know I would love the original version to this song too, which is "Lookin Ass Nigga, but I don't think I would buy their album though, just love the song.

My other Jam of the Moment is still "Let Go", but temporarily has been replaced with "Not About Us" by Noel Jones presents the City of Refuge Sactuary Choir. I absolutely love this song. It gets me going every time I hear it. I love seeing them perform it live, hearing it Everything. So right now, "Let Go" will have to be replaced by "Not About Us." ...Because it's not us... is about Je-Sus.

I was in a little Jilly Scott mood lately, that's why she's my Throwback of the Moment. Not exactly real throwback age, but still an older album. I like to listen to this album at night, or when I'm in the bath tub or something. I think this is one of my favorites from Ms. Scott. I have to tell you I'm usually right about artist, but I was wrong, in this instance. I figured that when this album came out, she would be a one album wonder. I didn't see her still being here, like 4 albums later, and in acting roles.


Darius T. Williams said...

I've been without internet for a few weeks. I think I'm good on friday or something like that. I've got some major downloading to do. I'm.still rocking john legend, india arie, mary j, ledisi, and marvin sapp...ohh and some songs from the new kirk franklin. Well it aint that new amymore but u get the point.

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

Ive heard a LOT of POSITIVE feedback in relations to Ashanti's Album, and Im thinking that I TRULY Need to purchase it this weekend. In contrast, I have NEVER been a HardCore Ashanti fan, and ONLY have burned Copies of her Projects. However, now that I have read your review, and have been engulfed by Positive BUZZ...Im gonna Check for her. Its just too BAD that the album ONLY moved 86,000 Units in its forst week of Sales.