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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are We There Yet, Von?

This I have a feeling is going to be a long post, no sure yet, but giving you heads up, I might make this a two part-er, even though y'all have told me, you don't like two parts. I also get comments like that post was too long, so we will see I guess. It will be a surprise for y'all and me!

Now y'all know I'm really not really a fan of the booty call, but when Von calls me, I can't deny that I get a smidge excited. Even though I get a little excited at times, I really don't go and see him much. It feels so exhausting being with him at times, to add the trip across town to get him, then take him back home. We really don't have a phone type of thing going on either. I'm not a real big sitting and talking with you on the phone type of person to begin with, and then to add he gets to be so annoying to talk to on the phone, with his mumbling. However he can sit on the phone and talk to his ladies, for hours at a time, from what I hear. I can't image why though. Whenever I talk to him on the phone, I get the urge to shoot myself....but po-tatoe, pa-totoe I guess.

I get off the subject so easily. Anyway I was at the gym last week, and I'm on some cardio machine, I don't know the proper names of anything except the treadmill and the stepper, and this wasn't either. I was on the cardio machine, when I get a phone call from Von. I was a little hesitant to pick it up, because it was about 11 pm, and I knew he this was going to be a call, where he wanted me to come get him. I hadn't talked to him in a minute, so I decided to see what was going on with him. I could always say no. I pick up, and the first thing he says, like always is "Where you at?"..either that or "What you doing?"...never "How you doing?" or "How was your day?...Are you busy?...Can you talk?" I never give him a straight answer, because of that reason. I always give him a "I'm doing me" response. I'm instantly turned off with his first question and ready to end this conversation. Not in the mood for him tonight. He goes on to tell me that he needs to see me tonight. I tell him I'm busy, right now, and can't do it. He gets quite for a minute. I really didn't expect that, I usually would get a response of him either him trying to convince me otherwise or him excepting my response.

Out of nowhere I get "Yo, who the hell you with?!"
I'm not going to lie this startled me for a second, I nearly fell off my machine. I did not expect that response at all. I'm not going to lie, it made me smile. Was he jealous? He must think that because I'm busy, I must be with another dude. I found this to be very funny, and a different side of him. I played with this a bit. I answered his question, with a why do I have to be with someone, to be busy response. He repeated his question again, but this time it wasn't as angry, but kinda...I don't know just different, I guess. Still refusing to let this go, I just respond, I'm by myself. He tells me, that he thinks I'm lying. The way I said it, I knew he would. I can't hold it anymore, and I start laughing. I tell him where I'm at, the gym. He then responds, "Oh, then you are not busy, come and pick me up!" Niggas without transportation, not always the most ideal screwing partner. I finally give in, the sudden spurt of jealous, kinda turned me on. I tell him, I'll be there when I get there.

I leave the gym, to go home and shower, change, and head over to Von's. I take my time, not going to rush for his benefit. I prepare myself for my Lovah! I trim the bush down, he doesn't request it, but I know he isn't a big fan of hair. I trim and cut my nails last, before I head out. I read once, that trim nails are a sign of a good lover. The context was talking about being a good lover, for a woman, but I find this to be useful, in a man on man situation too. Not going into details, leaving it at that. I drive over, and he is waiting outside his house. He usually has me waiting, like a girl. Always the same response, with the got to be "G'ing" up, whatever. He has on his full hood boy attire, from the do rag, to his two chains, and some gold and black bomber jacket. Not my style, but looks good on him. He is looking real good. A little to good, for a booty call, but I let the thought slide. He gets in, with his cell phone to his ear, talking to someone. I pull off ahead off. We get to an intersection, and he tells me to make a right, instead of my usual left. I go along. He continues to give me directions, in between his conversation, until we are head onto the highway. That is when I have to ask him, "Where are we going?" He tells me to hold on, I tell him no. I demand an answer, it's about 2 in the morning, by the time I get over to his house. I was not in the mood for surprises. He gets off his cell, to tell me, we have to make a real quick trip. I'm thinking to myself, I know he didn't call me over, to drive him to some weed connect. Von is a big pot head, he loves him some weed. I address this to him. He tells me to calm down and that it is nothing about weed. I ask him again, where are we going. He casually responds, "Oh, we going to go see my Baby Mama."

Let me say, my neck snapped so fast, that I think I still have a crick in it from that night. I was was shocked, from the casualness of the way he said it, and what he said. Now don't get it twisted. I'm actually cool, with a guy having kids. I've actually been with a number of dudes, with kids. What made me upset, is the fact that in all the times I have been with Von, he has never mentioned a baby. I mean we have had some long ass conversations, some where I just want to beat my head with a brick type of conversations, and yet not one time has a baby come up. All I can say is, "Since when do you have a baby mama?" In Von fashion, "Uh...I don't know, since she had the baby." It sounded more like a question than an answer. Now you would think I would be upset in the fact he was having me to meet her, but no I have actually met a few of Von's girlfriends. However like this occasion, always an unpleasant surprise. Those I found out later, he never had sex with. This was different, this is one he had sex and a baby reproduced from it. I keep driving down the highway though.

I ask him, "How old is the baby?"
"To be honest...I'm not sure, Young."
"You don't know how old it?"
"I know he is a baby!"
"Well congratulations, you know it's still a baby!...I'm talking about months, years Von"
"I don't know, he's little and he was real little the last time I saw him, like just been born little, yo."
"When was that, Von?"
"Like right before I got locked up."
This means it was around early fall. Either August or early September. I ask him where does this girl live.
"We heading to the 'Burg, Y!"
I'm gettign real mad now. I reply, "That's like 25 miles away."
In a pleading way, he responds, "I need to see them tonight, Young."
Then another thing comes to mind, so I ask him next, "Why do you need to see her tonight, and why you got me, taking you to see her?"
"Because I want to see my son, before I leave town," is what he replies.
So it was a boy, he hadn't said what it was before. Plus more surprises...I have to admit, that's what kept me interested this long, Von keeps it interesting. I reply, "Since when are you leaving town?"
"I told you that already, nigga!"
" think I would remember you telling me, that you leaving town."

He goes on tho tell me he is leaving town to go into this program, for guys with a record, it expunges things from their record or something. He will be getting his GED. It's like a boot camp type deal, except he will be saying in a dorm setting. He was leaving in the following morning. I was having mixed feelings now. I was happy, that he was taking charge of his life in a good way, but I wasn't sure how I was feeling about the baby thing. He knew about this baby last summer.

We have been driving for about 15 or 20 minutes by now, and it finally dawned on me, where we were going. I ask him is he sure, we are going to the "'Burg", because this wasn't the ways to the "'Burg". Now Von gets aggravated that I, am always questioning him, when it comes to directions, but the thing is he is always getting us lost! Not just one time but every time, when we following his directions. One time while we were suppose to go to the mall 15 minutes away, we got lost. Now he got us to a mall, with his back way directions. Not the mall we were suppose to go to, but he got us to a fact a mall in another city. I don't know how he did it, but following his back way directions, we ended up in completely different city, 40 miles away. That was a lovely trip also. I have to question him, for my sanity. I repeat this isn't the way to the "'Burg" Von. He tells me that he made sure he got directions, before we left his house. After about another 5 or 10 minutes. I have to repeat this is not the way to the "'Burg"! He tells me that he talked to the baby mama, and she told them him all he had to do was get on I-64 to the "'Burg".
Von says, "Are we on 64?"
"Then we are going the right way, Young...Trust me!"
"So, she said 64 NORTH?"
Turns slowly to me in my direction, with a frown on his face. Then replies, "North?"
I literally slam on brakes in the middle of the highway. I quickly hits me, that I'm on the highway, and can't do that. Thank God no one was behind me, but it was a gut instinct. I knew better, but I continue to listen to his dumb tail. He repeats, "What do you mean North?" I began to look for an exit to turn around, instantly. I'm ignoring him now. just talking and mumbling to myself. He keeps asking me.
I reply back to him, "What do you mean, what do I mean?...North!...Von, did she say North or South?"
"She didn't say, Yo!"
"Well I guess she figured you knew to take South to the "'Burg"
"My bad, yo... I didn't think it made a difference."
Oh I'm mad now..."You didn't think it made a difference?...Von when you tell some one left or right in directions...Don't that make a difference on how they get, to where they need to go?"
He looks like he is thinking, he replies, "Yeah"
"Then whether we are going North or South, makes a DIFFERENCE!!"

After about another 3 or 4 miles I finally get a exit, where we can turn around. The sign says, that the Burg is now 45 miles or so away. This little mishap on Von's part, let me add, took us 25 miles or so out the way. I tell him, "Great now we are over 45 minutes away from the "'Burg"!
Von replies, "How you figure that?"
I'm not going to lie in a very passive aggressive tone, I say, "Well Von, lets say that each miles equals a minute. If it takes us 45 miles to get there, and each mile equals about a minute, then 45 miles equals about 45 minutes."
"Well thank you professor, for another lesson," he says sarcastically.

We continue to drive in silence. Von breaks the silence, with his riveting revelation. "You know what, Young?... With all theses dark woods and forest surrounding the highway, it's scary out here." I don't even have the patience to respond to that comment.

Something that has been bothering me since Von told me about the baby. A part of me, was holding myself back, from not asking him this question. I don't want to ask him, but I have to. "Von, how do you know it's really your baby?" I don't want to but, I feel like I have to ask.

Okay well I'm tired of writing at this moment,so I guess this will be a two part post. I think I become to detail, when telling my story. I need to learn to change that.SORRY!!!


RealHustla said...

Okay, don't get mad, but I've actually not commented on your posts, as a way of silently protesting your long ass posts!

I will admit, I didn't have a problem reading this long ass post at all, and wish that you would have continued.

I feel bad now that I'm not caught up on Von.

May I ask, do you have girlfriends. I mean, in order to be DL, don't you have to have another side to you besides the gay one. Please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

if you want a blog post to be a short story go right ahead its your blog; do your thing. in fact it would probably be better to write your short stories rather than to have bit part stories here and there because then they would have closure!

good for von that he's trying to give his life some direction; i hope this baby grows him up ALOT! as for you and him - lol - just send me some wedding cake ok! thanks! :-))

PRIMO said...

Damn I Was All Up In It..... Kinda Salty That It Was Cut Short lol. I agree its a good thing hes trying to find some focus but wow a baby outta no where? Id Say get it while the gettin' is good cause now he has a huge priority that he needs to take care of IF its his.....

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the long posts. Or comments. :)

I don't know what to say about Von.

RocaFella07 said...

So, why didnt you turn back around, and take his ass back home?!?! He's has a lot of nerve, to pull that type of shit.


Jersey Brotha said...

I love your long blogs. Keep em coming :)

Ugh...a dude with no ride! I remember those days. I am done with being a dude's chauffeur, especially if they ain't chippin in gas money. Has he heard of a damn bus card?

Do you really wanna know the answer to your "Is it really your baby" question? Be careful what you wish for buddy. You may not like the answer.

And it sounds like that program he's in is called Job Corps. I knew people in that program.