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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

.... and now for my Music of the Moment usually for my music of the moment,I just to talk about or explain my music choices on the left side of the screen, but this month I have a lot to get off my chest about music right now.

First and foremost, I want to give out my love, prayers, and condolences to the Wright family. Rev.Timothy Wright, a very influential gospel music artist, was involved in a car accident, Saturday. In the accident, his wife, co- pastor Betty Wright and grandson, DJ was killed, when their car was struck by a drunk driver. They were on their way back home to Long Island, NY, from Pennsylvania; when a drunk driver, going the wrong way down the interstate hit them. Rev. Wright is still in critical condition.

I pray that he makes it through, and that he will be completely healed.I also hope that he will be strong, and when he does recover physically from this, he will be able to recover emotionally and spiritually from this tragedy. I believe just like his son David Wright said, all when can do is trust in God. That we may not understand this now, but everything works for the greater good, in God. It was just their time. Maybe Rev. Wright's testimony, will help or stop another person, from drinking and causing another tragedy like this, and seek out God. I didn't know it, but Rev.Wright, has put out 19 albums in 20 years. His last one being simple called "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."

If you want to read more about it, you can find it here, Gospel-industry-in-prayer-for-rev-timothy-wright/.

My little inside information. I have some family acquainted with the Wright family, and they say that he is out of critical condition, and is awake and conscience, but can't talk. He keeps mouthing though, "Where is Betty?" They haven't told him, that she is dead yet. However I got this information Thursday, so they may have told him by now. I have spoken anymore recently to that family member since Thursday, so haven't gotten any newer information. As far as I knew they hadn't had any of the funerals yet, but they may have by now went ahead and buried Betty, the Grandson , and her father. That's the other information that I have. When Betty's father found out about the accident, he apparently went into cardiac attack and died. Maybe that has something to do, with them not telling Rev. Wright what happen to his wife and grandson. Fear, that he may give up or have further medical complications, after hearing the terrible news. That's my little inside info.

So I have made this point before, but I'm going to say it again. I have been so bored with the music industry lately. It use to be, that right before the summer and all through the summer, artist, would be bangin' their newest, hottest songs, to have that years Summer jams.However this summer, for me, has not been the case. I've just been bored with everything I hear on the radio. I have been rockin' my Cd's more than ever. The new Cd's I do get, are actually old albums. The other day I bought a couple albums from the earlier 90s.
Some of the upcoming albums I am looking forward to are Lloyd's "Lesson's In Love" album, Neyo's "The Year of the Gentleman," event though I don't like the first single "Closer," gospel group 21:03's Total Attention.

My album of Heavy Rotation right now actually isn't a new album. It actually was released earlier this year.
It's Raheem Devaughn's "Love Behind the Melody." It was my runner up to my last Album of Heavy rotation, Ashanti's "The Declaration," but I have been listening to it even more since last month, and I love it. I have been sleeping on Raheen for some time now, and I guess I have to catch up. It was his latest single"Customer," I think, that really got me listening to his album I already owned. I had listened to it a bit, when I first got it, but I didn't take the real time to appreciate it or enjoy it, but the lack of anything real good out right now, has me aware and my ears wide open.

My "Ah....That's My Jam" of the moment is a surprise for me, but Solange's "I Decided." I think I got a Knowles that I finally can get with on the solo tip. Let's face it I'm not really a Beyonce' fan.I love this song and I really love the video. I really never took Solange serious as a singer. I just thought she was trying to sing, because her bigger sister was a famous singer, but this single really has me thinking she is more than Beyonce's younger sister. It has a 60's vibe to it. Maybe her niche is the more neo soul area, not sure, but I can't wait for the album to fully examine where she is going musically.

I've started a trend of my second "Ah... That's my Jam," is for it to be a gospel song. I really haven't purposely meant for it to be gospel, but that's how it's been. This month is Hezekiah Walker's "Grateful" feat. David Hollister. I guess because I hear this song all the time on gospel stations, plus my church sings it too. I guess it's just in my spirit. Even through the hard times, you have much to be grateful about!

For the first time, my Throwback of Heavy rotation, is a gospel album. I guess in dedication to Rev. Timothy Wright,I have been rocking the first Cd, not necessarily album, but Cd I owned of his, "Come Thou Almighty King," TO be honest before pulling this particular Cd out,I didn't remember much of the album. I remember when I first saw the album cover, from back in 94 or 95 though. I have a tendency to be rocking the R&B throwbacks, but not so much the gospel ones..well certain artist I do. This is a great album though.I hear that he had like 500 people in this choir for this album, going to have to double check that info though, but I think it's true.

I think because I listen to a lot of gospel as well as R&B and other types of music I have decided to add an Inspirational Music of the Moment section.I know it may seem inappropriate since I talk about sex quite a bit on my blog, but this is all that makes up me... so I guess I'm just an inappropriate and awkward person. I'm really feeling this album right now.I decided to pick up the album, "The Transformation," by James Fortune & Fiya, after hearing a lot the single "I Trust You." Although I like the album and several songs,I do sense a very Kirk Franklin influence on the lo tempo songs, more than I did on Fortune's last album.I still
am feeling the album and rocking it with my R&B.


Darius T. Williams said...

Yea, I'm just getting into James Fortune. That "my name is victory" song is kinda hot though.

Anonymous said...

Raheem is sleep on by ALOT of people. I love this album. But I think his first cd is better than the new one.

I'm currently bumping Ashanti, Trey Songz, and Estelle.

I'm looking forward to Neyo's and TI new cds.