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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Me, Myself, and Laziness!...and some music stuff too!

"Where are you?"

Well Diva and everybody else who reads, comments, and read but don't comment on my blog, I'm here, but I have simply been lazy...I guess!
That's the only explanation I got. Lately I've been going through this thing, where I don't feel like doing anything. All I feel like doing is sleeping. The only thing I can pull myself to do is work, and go to gym..amazing I am doing that, but I am, and shop. This year, I really haven't felt like doing that, but I have lately. All I want to do, when I get home is sleep. Not just that needed sleep, but that overly I just want to be in my bed, even if I'm not sleep, but in my bed behavior. Now the first thing I know people would think is that I'm depressed. Now that may be so, but I'm not sure. Now grated there are things in my life, I'm not happy about in my life. Things going on in my family, all of which I still haven't gotten around to fully telling you, things with me and the direction of my life, just overall stresses.I really can't say there is anything I'm all that happy about, but I wouldn't say I feel depress, just sleepy. All I want to do is lay in my bed in sleep. So that leads me back to my first theory...laziness!

My fellow blogger Realhustla wrote last month I think about how she need to pray about the spirit of laziness in her adolescent son. Well maybe I need to pray about it for me. I have to make myself do anything. I don't want to do anything. I haven't really read, let alone my book of the moment. Let me correct that I have cracked open that book and several for that matter. I mean I read the first three chapters, but that's not saying much, I thinking off my head, that its probably a 30 or so chapter book, so I got some to go. I haven't even gotten into the plot, but based off what I read so far, I think it's going to be on the more sexual tip, for even Eric Jerome Dickey's. I started reading the first few chapters of a book called "Give me an O", I started reading a book called, "People Whisperer"...self help book, and I read like almost the first whole page of this book edited... or co-written...or executive written, by Blair Underwood, called "Casanegro." Ironically I've been buying a bunch of books lately, haven't read any of them, but I've been buying them, along with many other things.

Now I really haven't blogged lately or even commenting on other peoples blogs, like I usually do. However that doesn't mean I haven't been reading them, just didn't feel like writing anything on them. There has been some days, that I have went back to a blog post, and said to myself, I know I wrote a comment, but I don't see it. Then it hits me, I thought the comment out, but I didn't feel like writing it, so I didn't, but I think I did.

Now I haven't been posting like I should, not because I don't have anything to talk or write about, because I always have something on my mind, just haven't been enough willpower to sit down and write it. I have been starting post, but I haven't been finishing them. Like I haven't even wrote about the theme of the month, which I believe was birthdays, but in my defense Lady Nay hasn't written hers yet either, and she sets the least I don't think so, I got to check out her blog to see if she's written hers I haven't even felt like going any getting me some hot love'n. A real quick F.Y.I., after my hoe separation experience I became abstinent, then fell off, and do to me and my rut like behavior, these past couple of weeks, inadvertently became abstinent again, not on purpose like the first time though. I will post to explain all of it later.

I guess I will just have to make myself post, more, I'm going to try and be better this week, or next week at the latest I later than the week after next!


Darius T. Williams said...

Yup - blogging can be a real drag. But you have to find that right inspiration that makes you have to do it. Um, I was wondering where had you gone too. I could usually always count on a comment from you - a real comment, lol.

Well, welcome back bruh.

Anonymous said...

I knew I wasn't the only one that like your comments.

I posted for the first time in a week yesterday. Just wasn't feeling like blogging. It be like that sometimes.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

That's because your 'comments' are 'post' YB&DL. I love it tho. Don't feel bad about not posting tho. If it makes you feel any better, I've blogged more this year thus far than all of last year so you already got me beat! :-)


RealHustla said...

We'd love to see you back, but do what you gotta do. Blogging is not an obligation. I believe it's supposed to help relieve your stress.

Chet said...

YBDL we will not give you the hook or the ovation however; we have become accustomed to your comments and reading your blog; we all get lazy and I am only woke right now because I promised a co-worker I would work late and finish up some things then have a drink with him en route home.

I love the collection of books you have archived on a shelf unread, no it takes time to get around to reading certain novels, but time must be made, right now keep buying them and be sure to order E. Lynn Harris's new book coming soon to

Pleased to hear that you are working out, that is usually the first thing I give up when I am in lazy mode. we always feel like shopping no doubt about that mister.

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

Keep resting Bro. Everyone in the World is in such a RUSH to be Up and Out-of-the-House, as soon as the Sun rises, or Showered and Back Out, as soon as the Sun Sets.

ENJOY Lazy, Summer Days, and even Cooler Summer Nights; Naked and Comfy in the Sanction of your BED.

Im On My Way into Mine, NOW.

Opinionated Diva said...

I've definitely been wondering what's been going on with you. I don't like all this sleepiness business at all...that is more than just laziness. I really hope you are in better spirits by the time you read this though. *hugs*

I read Casanegra...the beginning was pretty decent. The sex scenes were VERY descriptive and interesting...had me raising an eyebrow like OH KAY KAY KAY!!! I don't know how much input Blaire actually had on the book, but it definitely made me look at his little short self differently.

I haven't ready E.Dickey in years...his stuff just started to look just like the million other urban writers...there was nothing to make it stand out. AT ALL! Let me know if you liked his latest though.


RocaFella07 said...

OMG! I know just what your talking about...I've been going thru the same damn thing!!

I've been breaking myself out of it though.

Its not caused by depression, but its more like sometimes i just feel like staying in bed. What makes it worse is that I might have something plainned that day, and, because i didnt feel like getting out of bed, it'll be too late to do what i wanted...But, I'd get up and shower for work (LOL).

One time, I wasted a whole sunday just being in & out of sleep.



fuzzy said...

you got that hezekiah walker jumpoff on the left hand side! I love it!

I get on friends alot for not posting. I always felt like what is the purpose of having a blog if you don't post? lol You can post whenever you want. Just keep us informed on what's going on...