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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fight of the Century!

Created by one one my favorite female bloggers, the wonderful Lady Nay, the theme for this month is your Most Rememberable Fight...Or If You Were in a Fight...Something about fighting.

I would definitely be classified, as a lover not a fighter. I have my temper point, but I never really express it in fists or punches. To be honest I'm not even sure, if I am a lover than a fighter. I think you would classify me more as a fight spectator/commentator. I was that guy, who some how, had front row seats to whatever fight was going on at the time. In elementary school, I was fortunate enough to have, two of the most anger issued boys in my class Brittle and Colin. The one thing about these boys, is they really didn't like each other. So every other week, they were going at each other, physically. I was always there on the side line, with a gleam in my eye. As they got older Colin I believe took his anger, and directed it towards sports. Brittle had a little to much of an anger issue, and with countless run-ins with his family and younger brother, and teachers, and classmates, was taken out of school for a while, and I believe put in therapy for his anger issues. When he came back, he was a new kid. It's weird seeing a a 12 year older practicing his anger exercises. He would be rocking as if he was loosing his mind, not to be able to just knock someone out, counting to relieve his tension. He eventually became as teachers called him, their sweetheart, because therapy eventually made him a lot more passive.

As I moved up towards high school I became more of my element, and became the true Fight Commentator. I had to have first and up close sight of the fight at hand. If I saw a fight brewing. I would push and shove to be up front. I don't know why, but middle school, seemed to be the fight time. High school I barely saw fights, in my four years, but middle school, was fight central. They always seemed to fall in my lap. I remember this one time. I was at my locker, after lunch. Which was right beside this one white girl's locker named Desiree. I don't remember what Desiree said at lunch to this black girl named Kiki...I think her name was. Anyway Desiree was one of those white girls, who thought she was black or something. She said something wrong out the side of her month and Kiki, went at her. All I felt was the wind as she attaked her, turned around as she was whuppin' Desiree's tail. However, Desiree got one good swing in, and it was all over for her. When she got that punch in, Kiki's friend Charlene, who was watching like the rest of us, was like "All Hell No! I got your back Kiki" Now Kiki didn't need no help she was doing a bang up job as it was. However both girls tagged teamed on her. The teachers came out their classrooms, to see the commotion and stop the fight. By the time they got to them Kiki had Desiree's by her hair. As the teachers pulled the girls apart, they neglected to pry Desiree's hair from Kiki's hand, so as they pulled the girls apart, Desiree was being dragged across the floor by her hair. Afterwards, there was blond hair scattered all over the hall floor. When Desiree came back to school 7 days later, she wore her hair in a ponytail, for quite some time...LOL I have no idea where any of those girls are now. My guess about Desiree is that she has a biracial baby with a convict, and is a stripper...For real I bet money on it, that's what she's up to. Now that I think about it most of the fights in middle school were between girls vs. girls. I wonder why...

I of course was first on the story, in my following periods, the bus, and the next day the people the blow by blow of what happened. I animated punches and faces, and actual comments from all involved parties. I was a true natural Howard Cosell (not sure if spelled right). If you wanted the real deal, and accurate, yet lively recap of any fight I was your man.

However, that bitch Irony and Karma did strike me once in the eighth grade. I did get involve in one altercation. It was during 1st period, actually right before 1st period. I was in Algebra I class, and sitting in a kid's desk, named Brian, talking to my friend "Jaws". Anyway as the class was coming in from their lockers, bus, and wherever, Brian came over to his desk, as was like "Get out, my desk!" Now me and Brian, really never had any beef or problems, so this to me took me back, so I went to my old safety, joking. I made some joke, and whatnot. I don't remember what I said exactly, but Brian was in no joking mood, and pushed my head, and repeated "Get Out!" I got up and my "friend" Jaws, asked me was I just going to let him do that. I pushed him back. Jaws, with his big mouth said mockingly to Brian "Ouch, Brian!"

POW! one quick undercut to my nose. Brian had swung, and didn't miss. I was shocked. I was like did I really just get hit in the nose. I truly didn't see that coming. I was a little dazed. I meaninglessly tried to punch him back. He did a quick duck and move maneuver, and then did a double something again right to center of my face. As I was trying to compose myself, and stop staggering around, my teacher realized what was happening, and yelled at both of us, which I had never heard her do, before. The whole moment seemed surreal. Before I knew it she had grabbed both of our hands, and took us straight to the Principal's office, which was right across the hall from that particular classroom. I was sitting in the Front office still thinking to myself, Did I just get hit in the nose multiple times, and that blood running from my nose. How the in hell did this happen? Next thing I know I'm leaving the office with Brian, and a sheet of paper informing my parents that I was suspended for two days, for fighting. Why I got suspended, and I was the one who got beat up, still amazes me. But at that time they suspended both parties regardless. While you get beat up, you should think of another alternative to letting yourself get beat.

I was so embarrassed by the whole thing, especially about getting beat. I just wanted to go home after that. Some how I made it through that day. Since it was in the classroom, and only a little over half the class had arrived, it didn't get around that much. Jaws met up with me at lunch, and was like, "Man he got you... What made you fight him?" and I was fool are you serious, you instigated the whole thing. I was more pissed at him than anyone. It was the day before thanksgiving break, so my suspension, didn't start until the following Monday. I waited till like Sunday night to tell mom, no need in ruining a perfectly cool break, with bad news. She was cool though, I had never been in trouble before, so she was alright.

When I got back a few people questioned me, because they really didn't know. I took this as my advantage to spin my truth to the story. I told people that it was pretty even , and that the teacher stopped it, before anyone could win. I kept that story , for the rest of the year. One guy who came to me, and knew the truth, was one of Brian's good friend at the time, Tony. Tony came to me, as was like he thought it was wrong for what Brian did. I was stunned, because it was his friend and he wasn't even there. He went to say that Brian knew I was in disadvantage of him. Pissed by his assumption, yet truth. He continued to tell me that Brian had been taking boxing classes, for a while, and trained all the time. I couldn't believe it, that's why he had all the moves. Needless to say me and Brian didn't have much to say for the rest of the year. I don't know what happened to him, except that he failed 8th grade that year, and didn't continue to High school, with the rest of us. I know it's wrong, but I felt vindicated!


WhozHe said...

I am definetly a lover. The closest I ever came to a fight was in the 9th grade. I was leaning over a friends desk talking when one of the finest as well as toughest guys in shcool came over and hunched my butt. All the kids in the class started laughing, so unfortunately I had to pretend I didn't like it (when you know I did) and I swung and hit him in the jaw. He was shocked but didn't hit me back, he gave me my props for sticking up for myself and moved on. What''s really sad is that I was never hunched in school again.

Naijadude said...

Too much of a gentleman to get into a fight, but I could remember the dude that thought he could prey on me, and I retaliated, and everyone were shocked!

Ladynay said...

See I hate that, you get hit and both parties get suspended! You are lucky that news of the real deal didn't spread across school esp. since you was known to diss out what happened with other folks! LOL

j_shanlin said...

lol, i can say that I'm pretty much the same way. I talk a good game, but when it comes to the "nitty gritty, meet me outside in the playground at 3 o clock, i'm gonna punch your lights out" type stuff, i cant really produce results lol. And lol @ that comment you left me! I cannot sleep for the life of me! Where have you been and where are you from? I soooo was reading your interests and I was like, "he's just like me!" hit me up on yim (j__shanlin)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley my best fights have been with abusive lovers. But that's another story.

Love your blog.

The Pew View said...

Now Baby, back in my day I was a fighter. Not so much today. I got a bad case of arthritis, can't run like I use to run, and I'm a little slower at hitting back. Plus when you get my age your bones don't heal as fast. Besides, my bible tells me to stand still and let the Lawd fight my battle. That is of course until a mothafucka won't leave me alone. Then, I pulls out my piece and I let peace be still.

Oh, How I loves Jesus!

With Love,
Mrs. Mabel

fuzzy said...

I'm a lover not a fighter! lol but don't cross me too many times! I can be a terror!

The only physical fight i have in was one where i punched this caucasian boy square in the face after school on the bus stop. the police just happened to be right there and i got to get the only hit in! He called me a bumb ass mother fucking nigger. I disagreed and said see me! lol thats how we settle it, with my fist in his face!!

YoungBlack&DL said...

Well it seems that all of you think you are basically a lovers with some exceptions. Now lets be real, no one wants to say they are fighter, but lets be real people, when the tough gets gritty, we all have that instinct to fight, whether we win phyiscally or not we all have it in us to do so...some more than others.

Whozhe I don't know what hunhing is, but it definetely had some home erotic vibes from it, who knows that could have been a futur S&M partner.

Naija- Like I said when that instict kicks in to defend, I bet that gentleman just went right out the window.

Nay how could it get around the school, without the young black Howard Cosell to spread the fight.

Jared- "Where have you been?" LOL...I don't know, right here I guess. I from the mean suburbian streets of Virginia. I'll hit you up

Curio, thanks fo the love, sorry for your troubles.

Ah sorry Mrs. Mabel about the arthritis...Oh How I love Jesus too. He loves gun toting saints too.

Fuzzy, so politically correct...he was a caucasian boy you say. I will say this, if a white boy called me bumb ass anything, let alone nogger. Caucasian is the last thing to come out my mouth.

FlyyGurl said...

You know what? I am a fighter, but have never gotten to fight! I've always had so much mouth that people don't even try me! That worries me know how they say the loudest ones are the ones who get their ass kicked. Lol. It's probably for the best though....I'd have to take myself out of the game if anybody ever managed to snatch my weave out...lmao.

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