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Monday, December 8, 2008

Solange is definetely a Soul Angel

Solange's "Sol-angel and the Hadley St. Dreams" was my "Album of Heavy Rotation" for a number of reasons. I'm sorry I'm glad I finally have a singer who is Black, who is doing big things in the 60and 70's retro music craze. I'm sorry but I don't get what the big hype was about Amy Whinehouse. Here we have a black song bird flowing from her true essence of the Motown sound in her sophomore album. I'm not going to lie , I wasn't the biggest Solonage fan before her first single off this album "I Decided," which is a retro vibe to the 60's girl groups, yet at the same time refreshing. I wasn't the biggest fan, because I didn't like her, but because I really didn't remember her singles from her first album. My other favorites would have to be her opening song "God Given Name," which is a song about how she is solo, and basically not her sister, and that she knows she will never be Beyonce' nor will never be her, so stop comparing. In my opinion this is one Knowles I like. My next would be "T.O.N.Y." This is about a one night stand, I couldn't help but get hooked. I found myself humming this the other week, and it took me a minute to realize what it was. She can very much carry her own on this album. She has great producers, and this was a real effort on her part. She has some great work on here.

My "Ah that's my Jam" of the moment is T-Pain's "Can't believe It" featuring Lil' Wayne. Love this song! This song is really going to make me by the album. I have really not bought a T- Pain album before, but I think I'm going to be broke down, after his new singles. Love the almost children's lullaby vibe beat. He really does have a way of producing songs that just stick to you.

My "Ah that's my Jam II" of the moment is the Jonas Brother's "Burnin Up" I am really feeling these white boys. Now I'm not any little white teenage girl fanatic about them, but this is a great song. I don't know which one it is doing the lead, but lovin' the vocals, I do think they are some cute white boys. They got me burnin'up.

My Throwback of the Moment would definitely have to go one of my favorite girl groups Xscape's "Hummin' Comin' At Cha'" This is one of those albums, that has a decent song on every track. I definitely think I love their low tempo songs the best though, like "Understanding" and "With you". Some could say that it would be easy to mess of the Legendary Clark Sister's classic "Is my living in vain," but they pulled it off wonderfully showing their true gospel roots. I think I love "Just kickin it" the remix better though.

My Inspirational Album of the Moment is 21:03's "Total Attention." Gospel's all around producer and a song writer J. Moss's protege's are back with their sophomore album. I feel that with this album the group is one step forward out of walking out of J. Moss heavy influence, however his presence is still very much felt through this album, but not quite as much as the first album. This album is very much what J.Moss and PAJAM wants for the group, gospel music for the masses. You have a little of everything on this album. They open the album with some old school gospel remake of a classic, "Riverside," which I would have to say is one of my favorites off the album. My next favorite, would be their next track, the first single, the high tempo "You" As the album progresses you feel the gospel for the masses as it becomes more pop-ish with heavy acoustic and more softer delivery than most gospel singer...christian music than gospel, like in the songs "Free" and "Cover Me". However I still love the harmonies boys. I think they can really sing and mesh well.

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Anonymous said...

I love Solange's album. I'll go far as to say it's better than B's new cd.

I try not to like TPain but he gets me everytime. "Can't Believe It" is my jam even thought I don't understand a thing Lil Wayne is saying.

The Jonas Brothers?! For real. I thought all their fans were 13 and 14 girls.