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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Early Edition of Pictorial Editorial Wednesday- My love for Hosea Chanchez

Okay, this is the first post for me of the new year, and I had this post all ready that, I wrote over a week ago on a road trip...However I didn't publish it. I really don't know why actually..hmmm It was about giving and receiving blah blah blah. I might publish it later this week. It was kinda deep and perhaps a little boring. It was more of what I had in mind for my first post of the year, but things change this will have to do. I need a little happiness that brings me to this man. Hosea Chanchez. Alright, let me say I love this whole look. I love the coat, the scarf, love it all. He is looking good here. Isn't he a good looking man. Damn!
Alright, so if you haven't heard tonight is the new season premiere of "The Game." after a two year hiatus. I was definitely one of those people who was very upset when "The Game" got canceled on the CW, however BET has saved it. Bravo BET you did something good. So the cast of "The Game" has been making their rounds to promote the new season. Me watching Wendy Williams last night pushed me make this post.
So Hosea is like totally in my top three celebrity guys I would totally do. I mean if I was in a relationship, regardless of gender, he would have to be in the top three freebies of sure you can do them, with no penalties for cheating. If I had the chance, my girl would have to be like, "Sure baby you can do Hosea Chanchez, have fun...bring me home his draws!...oh and don't forget to get some laundry detergent!" Speaking of draws, I feel like Hosea aka Malik Wright, is in his draws the most of the three guys on the show. I mean Pooch Hall has a lot of shirtless moments, or moments where he is sagging and no shirt, but Hosea to me has a quite a few moments, where he is just in his small boxer briefs. There been a few scenes with Robin Givens and around his loft apartment, and then there was the time at a hotel, when he was creeping with the thick, full figured sport's news reporter. Always black boxer briefs, but nonetheless he's the more adventurous of the three guys. I don't think I ever see Colby shirtless or pants less. Maybe but not ringing a bell in my mind Mr. Bell.
Here's his nice boy next door look.
And here's his bad boy dangerous look. I bet he practices in the mirror. Naughty...Nice... Smoldering...I just won the lottery look...Smile with your eyes like Tyra says...I give face, face, face...

Anyway everyone has been on the Pooch Hall jock. Yeah, yeah Derwin is cute, he has nice abs and whatnot, but for me it has been all about Malik. I like the face and body type. I like that he is a little think. I just find him sexy.
I love his Malik character, even at his worse, therefore I fell in love with me some Hosea. With his "Girl-Melody" self. I love this dirty smile that he does, where his face is pointed down, and his eyes are up, like "I have dirty thoughts running through my mind, and I like it." I love that smile. I mean I use to be on the Coby Bell train back in the day, thanks to reruns of Third Watch, but I have truly moved on. It's all about Hosea now. This has nothing to do with the nude pictures either. If you haven't heard, last week nude pictures of Hosea Chanchez surfaced on the Internet. His nudey pics got nothing to due with my love for him. If you haven't seen them, here's the link to see Malik's goods! ...and his bootay. Here's the thing I actually think he had something to do with the leek. Yeah I said, he was all behind that. Conspiracy theorist my ass Hosea. Talking about he always feels like someone is following him, and it turns out to be true the one time he doesn't close his hotel drapes. What hotel were you staying in?...Holiday Inn Express? What floor were you on when someone took pictures of you with your drapes open, did they climb up the building to take pictures? I'm sorry baby, but I'm not sure you are that big of a celebrity, for the paparazzi to be following you. Then on Wendy Williams, when she questioned the whole situation, there was talk about who doesn't take nude pictures of themselves in the bathroom. What's the deal there dude? I think it all goes back to the whole in his draws the most on the show. I think there is a little exhibitionist in him. He knows he got a little something and wants the world to know it. He is like the dude at the gym, who loves to walk around the locker room more than usual, without a towel, just swinging and jingling. What get me is he made a few comments on his twitter about how upset he was, but every interview I see and hear, he is just giggling and jocking around about the whole situation..."Oh you saw the pictures, girl...aaahh!" Laughing like Eddie Murphy in any 80s movie. Then it happens right before the new season...hmph
But let's move on, shall we. Let's talk about my sexual fantasy. We meet at the gym, in Virginia or the DMV area. He'e all hot and sweaty after his cardio...No wait, I don't feel sexy at the gym. Where am I meeting him at? At that hotel that he just walking around naked at, I don't know. I meet him and we have sex. I don't know, I'm not good at this whole fantasy thing. We would go back to his place, and he can take his scarf and tie me up...hmm no I don't know about being tied up. I like to stay in control, I got trust issues. I think I will tie him up. You know what I can let myself go for one night, we can ake turns tying each other up...yeah that sounds good, regards, he would have a scarf handing. I mean let's face it, the boy loves scarves.

Let's face it the brotha loves him some scarves...Hmph I leaving it alone, regardless he will have one on handy for sexual bondage. I will give him a tai chi massage, because I here he like a nice tai or tai chi massage...and I will love him long time, with happy endings. Then we can uh watch Nip Tuck reruns and "Shawshank Redemption," as we apply Ultra Sheen to each other's scalp, because we use the same blue kind too. I mean sometimes I use the yellow or the green, depending on my mood, but mostly I use the blue kind too. I can make his widow's peak nice, sharp and pointy. I think its sexy. Also, I got the same hat in the last picture! I mean I actually love all of his off screen hat collection. I mean we're like soul Don't get me wrong I don't love everything. I'm not a tweeter fan, but I have had a chance to read his tweets over the year. He sometimes comes off a little too overly inspirational. Sometimes it feels a little forced, and not completely genuine. I could be wrong, but that's my feelings.I find it interesting that the celebrity guys I find attractive have bull dogs. I've featured him and his dog on this site before. Figure out who else I'm talking about.
Well, I'm going to close this post on his new look.
I know he looks like he is wearing a little makeup in this picture, but it was promo pictures for the new season. I still think he looks phineeee! Him and his faux hawk could get it!!!! I am seriously thinking that he might take my number one spot on my top three. Wouldn't like to know who my number one is...or was?
Call me Hosea.


sunshinestar110 said...

yeeeeessssssss..I LOVE HOSEA!!! He is my wall paper right now on my computer right now!....I love him for all the same reasons that you do. Pooch Hall ass was just a given he has the cute boy charm..I love the bad boy side of Malik...*sigh*....In my mind he is what my husband is minus the womanizer and hoe part of him! other than that he would be perfect

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

You bet not be on twitter and I don't know about it!!!

I was joking for "Malik" during the first season of The Game. After following him on twitter, he's nothing like Malik. I at least thought he had a little bit of Malik in him. He's almost corny!

Q said...

I read this closer to the time you posted, but am visiting again in hopes of a new post. Since you haven't, I'll tell you to stay away from my man, or they'll be hell to pay!!!!!!! lol. Good post!

J. Antoinne said...

Definitely agree with you. He definitely has lots of sex appeal, and personally, he looks a LOT better in his draws. lol. The mohawk HAS to go, though...TODAY.

Addy said...

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