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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pictorial Editorial Wednesday- Tiger Woods

I think I'm going to start a new series called Pictorial Editorial Wednesday. I'm not sure on the name right now, but we will see. It's a play on some people having a Semi or Wordless Wednesday. Since everyone knows me doing anything wordless or semi-wordless is out. I think this title might be more appropriate for me down the road.

Anyway my first Pictorial Editorial is on Tiger Woods. Even though he is keeping quite. He seems to be all over the news. I think the media loves a private and some what good boy's bones to fall out of the closet.. He has recently had two mistress pop up. I'm not surprised, however. Now one mistress is keeping quite The other however, is blabbing and releasing text messages and voicemails. Tiger Tiger need to take a Down Low class for heterosexuals. Never leave a voicemail. Unless you are cheating with someone who has just as much to loose.

This is him semis nude in a Gillette commercial. What do you think he would be working with. I mean in my mind it's not like he swinging huge things, but it would just right to get the job done...for the ladies of course!

I know on the left i n the purple shit he looks a bit Jon Gosselin, but hey we all have our days of looking...hmm different. It was really hard to find more sexier pics of him, but I say just image him shirtless on his Yacht "Privacy".
Could you just eat that face up.

Anyway Tiger I know you like the white girls but babyboy, I would know how to keep us private and stay private! If you like I will dye my hair blonde, learn Dutch, and change my name to Sven...hmmm or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

You silly for that last paragraph!

Update: the first woman is now admitting she lied about not having an affair with Tiger. She's now saying she did. Guess she read how much money the other girl was getting to spill beans. Now a third woman is coming forth.

My World said...

Tiger's not ma fav person right now but those pics are HOT!!!

That Dude Right There said...

Did you really mean "purple shit"? I died when I read that.

yet another black guy said...

Stop - you killing me!!!

Chet said...

I didn't care yesterday nor will I care tomorrow. He brought this shyte on himself.