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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unexpected Things In Unexpected Packages!

Okay first of all let me say, I must really be getting out of my box lately, because I keep writing about things I usually leave for other bloggers, but I feel compelled too write about these things lately.

Well this morning after reading Southern Gal's post and yesterday, Butterfly Hustla's post. Now Butterfly was talking about falling and having amazing sex in her college years with an unexpected mate, a chunky Latino man. Things went south not because of his looks, but other factors. Southern Gal was talking about not getting with a fugly guy, but that wasn't the bases of her post. I have been on a kick about getting out to people the importance of not judging a book by it's cover...although without a doubt I can't lie I will not read a book if the cover is wack, tacky and ghetto and the picture of the author is tired. Usually my instinct are on point with actual books, but human people things can be a different subject. What you see, might not always be what you get.

On Southern Gal's blog (The post), I commented about how some fugly people could be amazing in bed. Now I'm sure I could elaborate more...well I know I could elaborate more on this subject, y'all know I can write a rambling long post, but not in the mood today, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet today. I'm telling you so out of my box lately. However who knows I might write more on this post later today, it might be in a different color font however...the new content I mean.

Anyway this is my point for this post. Well after writing my comment on Southern Gal's post. I happen to go to my gossip blogs. There is only two I visit, I usually don't entertain that kind of stuff. One is a celeb gossip blog and the other is a celeb uh...groupie blog. Anyway I stumbled on this post about Willie Taylor from Day 26 having new photos leaked of him naked. Now the first group of pictures out, was reportedly photo shopped. However these new pics were hacked from Willie's wife's email account. While he is on the road and on tour...because you know they make pennies on those albums, under Diddy's on Bad Boy, so that have to tour to really make anything...anyway while on tour him and his wife keep things spicy by taking sexy pics of themselves and sending them via the Internet...bad mistake. When will these celeb ever learn. When will average people learn no photo evidence!

Now here is where my point of unexpected things in certain packages comes to a point. Now I am without a doubt a huge boy band fan. Usually though from the late 80s or early 90s era....I mean Jodeci, New Edition, H-Town, BEll Biv Devoe, Silk, Intro, 112, Guy, so on and so on. However not since Boys II Men, have I really not thought that a overall group was unattractive like Day 26. The only difference is that Boys II Men, have great sexy, amazing songs, back in the day. Now as you can guess, by no means am I a Day 26 fan. I think the overall group is kind of tired. I do. I mean I really haven't liked anything from Bad Boy in like 8 years, you know besides Cassie's new single, but I will discuss my reason on that, in the Music of the Moment post.

Anyway back to my point. I think that Day 26 has a bunch of raggedy looking average guys, that singing skills don't make them look any...well un-average. Now I am sure soem think they are hot and sexy. I'm not one. They don't do a thing for me. Not a one of them. Well maybe Que, with his undercover DL tail, sorta kinda maybe. but overall none of them really. However these new pics of Willie, has got me looking at him in a whole new manner. I mean he to me is a prime example of unexpected things in not so cute packages. how certain qualities of a person, can make them look and become attractive. Now I'm not going to post the pictures, because well I don't have adult content warning, so I am going to leave the link, Willie stock has just went up! Now here is my thing, do y'all think that younger brother know "Birthday Sex" working with the same thing, man that brings a whole new meaning to that song, if he is.

And man this post is sorta weird, right?

By the way who in the world still wears Joe Boxer anymore, if you do let me know... I'm curious, am I missing out on something, with Joe boxer?
I thought that was such a 90s thing. I'm sorry but that shows you right there the what kind Bad Boy money they working with.


Anonymous said...

Ummm...funny I wrote that post then something happen a day later. lol

Anyway, I've always thought Willie was fine. He's the best looking out of all of the group members. As for his pics, that right there is something I need to bounce on. #dontjudgeme! Sweet baby Jesus...Will-ay!!!!!!!!!! Now that's a penis!

Anonymous said...

having a big penis makes him attractive... i can understand it raising his stock but.. certainly i dont see the need to wake up next to him in the morning.

with regards to the previous post i hope you didnt accidentally get the guy deported! i think you are a nice guy heart in the right place want to do the right things and i think you did until you called the cops but the road to hell is paved with good intentions! but at least your motives were genuine even if you panicked a bit in the end.

and we - well i want to hear all your stories - i wish you would finish the ones you start before moving in honestly...i await the publishing of your memoirs

be safe.
sinfu1 sou1

sunshinestar110 said...

LOL @who still wears joe boxers! I will beg to differ Willie being unattractive! Cuz I think he is hella fine but that's just me..anyway I will agree with u saying his stock just went up just like every other famous person who has been "exposed" maybe his penis being seen by the world will help wit day 26 album sales!

Anonymous said...

Willlaaaaaaaay. I'mma catch up witchoo one of these days Boo. Whooo lawd!

Q said...

I would walk to Brooklyn and get HIM cheesecake for that! DAAAAAAMMMMNNNNN!!!!!

That Dude Right There said...

I mean, the dudes dick is nice and all, but it's no where near "well damn" or "oh hell no" status.

But to me, he's the sexiest one of the group with Q right behind. Will this make me buy an album of theirs? Hell to the no!!!

Anonymous said...

I usually don't care about nude celeb photos myself, but that dude has a nice body and dick. Only thing about him that turns me off is some of the shit he says.

As for the other Day26 members (except for Big Mike), a large part of what makes them unattractive to me is the way they act. All the whining, crying, ranting, raving and wilin out is really not a good look for grown men.

In Big Mike's case, he reminds me of a cute, chubby little brother. Not a ugly, but not rough and rugged either.

Inside Jamari Fox said...

Willie is fine! He isn't Trey Songz though...

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm late with this post - but um, whatever.

Um, so wow - look at Big Willie! Um, I like - I like. I mean, I can't do a damn thing w/that though - but I like.

Um, you're funny sir!

Rodrigo said...

Love this post, At least they were trying to keep thier marriage spicy, although they could use a pinch of common sense.