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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'll Take One Heart Attack, With A Diet Pepsi Please!

Okay first, I usually save post like this for Mr. Jones on his Surreal Talk blog, or other bloggers, who write about things about this. I was going to finish the story about Von's blind date. That post wasn't finished afteri left the drunk guy, but oh well maybe next time. I would like you guys to take the time to look at this picture before I proceed with the post. Now I want you to take a good look at this picture. When I first looked at the picture I thought I saw one thing, however not until later did I realize what I was actually looking at. Sometimes I guess your eyes can be deceiving. Now I'm going to come back to this picture in a minute.

So a couple weeks ago I was on a weekend road trip with some family, and we stopped one morning at Hardee's for breakfast. So we go to the drive thru, and they have this big picture of their new breakfast sandwich. Me not paying attention, someone else points out, "Look they have a new biscuit...a Fried Bologna Biscuit!" Now I actually couldn't believe what I was hearing or seeing. Now to me that just sounded like a true ghetto masterpiece. Now I don't think you can be a black person in America and not had fried Bologna sandwich at least once in your life. It is usually accompanied with white bread with either your choice of mustard or mayonnaise. I am a more so mayonnaise person. I have had a fried bologna burger once. Which is a really thick piece of bologna, which comes with lettuce and tomato. I also have had a fried bologna and egg sandwich before too, for breakfast; more so in my childhood. However it was shocking to my ears that a national restaurant, like Hardee's was offering such a...I will say Ethnic?...or perhaps culture? to their menu. I think that sounds better that ghetto, don't y'all? Now no one with me that day got this sandwich. I was already a little queasy that morning, and a little nauseous for some reason. I didn't even eat my chicken biscuit until like an hour latter on the road. Some of you might not believe it but the thought of this biscuit made my stomach do bigger flips than it was doing prior to pulling up to Hardees.

Anyway, apparently Hardees was urged by a lot of their Southern franchises to come out with this biscuit. Apparently they had been highly requested by consumers to make this biscuit. So the corporation wanted to oblige the request. Now this hasn't been the first time Hardees have been apart of the crazy breakfast sandwich idea. Does anybody else remember the Monster Biscuit? It was the bacon, cheese, sausage, cheese, egg, cheese, and I'm not sure ham or something else on a biscuit. I'm not sure they may still have it. I couldn't tell you though. I believe at the time, they were competing with Burger King's Double Omelet Sandwich. That was the Sausage, two egg and cheese omelet, and bacon, with more cheese, on a bun sandwich. I always say that Burger King and Hardees are in a cold war competition, to see who can come up with the nastiest, most fattening, artery clogging sandwich. Now I have never tried any of them. However my cousin, I believe has, and loves these types of sandwiches, with mayonnaise always. Even the breakfast ones, no jelly for him, mayonnaise if you will. He is those guys that eat and eat like an endless well, yet never really gains any weight. His nickname was slim growing up. I will say I did fall short once and tried Hardees Chicken Parmesan sandwich, they had out once. To say that night after eating that was interesting...would be to say the least. Good Lawd was praying for mercy on me!

Now back to the original picture at the top. Now when I had originally heard was that KFC was coming out with a new chicken sandwich, I though no big deal. What I had originally heard was that KFC was attempting to try breakfast. When I looked initially at the picture, I thought it was a bacon and cheese on a seasoned biscuit. However what some of you have probably already figured out. That is NOT a biscuit, but actually KFC's relief for the Carbohydrate sensitive consumer, the Double Down sandwich. That's right people that it bacon, monterrey jack and cheddar cheese, and the colonel's secret sauce on...not one...but two fried chicken fillets. When I read this on Black Voice's I nearly fell out of my chair. I kept looking at the picture, and couldn't believe that I missed what I was looking at. Now I know some may disagree but when it comes down to the most outrageous fast food sandwich ideas, I think this one takes the cake. Now apparently this is going to go on their regular menu, no breakfast menu will be staring. This is what it apparently looks like in person. I what it looks like outside of the glossy promotional pictures you see above. Now I haven't tried this, nor do I think I will. I know just eating this I would gain an easy 5 pounds. I'm not my cousin.

I can't wait what the fast food Gods will come out with next!!!


fuzzy said...

I'll be trying this sandwich very soon and offering my reviews! oooo I can't wait to attempt to gain weight once again. All other attempts have failed. I just get bigger, no pounds added, lmao!

Anonymous said...

I will pass on this sandwich. That's a heart attack waiting to happen!

I don't eat Hardee's. There's a Hardee's I have to past to get to my parent's house. On their billboard they had up try our new fried bologna biscuit. I couldn't believe it. Bologna on a biscuit. smh

Corey Keith said...

That sandwich looks a nasty fool! Eww..

thegayte-keeper said...


sunshinestar110 said...

ewwwwww..that's looks so damn gross! why wold anybody want egg and cheese in between two pieces of chicken

Anonymous said...

I knew that was two chicken breasts for the "biscuit" right away. The real one looks gross in person.

I'm going to try it.

That Dude Right There said...

I may have to just cut KFC out of my life for this bullshit!!!

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