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Friday, May 15, 2009

Chris Brown, You Can't Even Hold My Baby!

Okay I was writing and working on another post, that has actually been kind of hard for me to write about, but I think perhaps is needed for me to talk about, who knows. However that post will be reschedule for this post right here. This too is also delayed. I started writing this Saturday, but things came up...blah blah blah. I wouldn't be me if I wasn't a day late and a dllar short! So here is the post from Saturday.

Okay so today I've had a busy Saturday. Did a lot of things and tried to get a lot done today. Well, during my day today, there happens to be a certain subject that keeps resurfacing its ugly face, the subject once again is the Rhianna and Chris Brown, the saga. Now actually today, when I changed my Heavy Rotation and Moments on the right side panel, I was going to change my post signature and moniker "YB&DL has got Chris Brown's Back," to something else. Now I was only planning on having it up until April 6, which was his first court appearance, but decided to keep it until the whole thing went away. Here it is May and it's still not over yet. Today though I really was planning on changing it, because I was tired of seeing it. However today I keep getting, that whole saga, back in my face. I know everybody is so over hearing this, I know I am. However, people are still hanging on to their feelings about the whole mess though, and well I guess I am too.

Let me start with earlier today, when I went to go get an oil change and tire rotation. Well in the customer lounge and waiting room I decided to read some of their monthly subscription literature. There was the usual waiting room magazine's like People, Time, Readers Digest, US Weekly, and Home and Garden. However there was a couple unusual in my opinion like Vogue, Elle, and Vibe magazine. I thought that Vogue and Elle subscriptions were a little unusual for a auto and tire shop, then again it was in a suburban area, however that didn't explain the Vibe magazines. Now I have seen Ebony and Essence in certain places, the more...uh...white known black magazines, but the Vibe in the area I was in, just threw me. I decided to pick up last weeks copy of US Weekly, with Heidi Klum and Seal on the cover. They are apparently having baby number 4. Now this is completely off the subject but I have to comment on this for a moment. Now I get they have money and whatnot and Seal...loves when Heidi is pregnant, because he met her when she was pregnant, and she has been pregnant most of their relationship and she is never more beautiful than when she is pregnant...I heard him say that in some interview once after the last baby, but 4 babies is a lot nowadays. I sure he might mean it it, but Seal is trying to ruin Heidi for any other man, if they don't work out in the future, well at least for white guys. It's official he is turning her into one of those white woman who can never go back to white guys, because she has three or more biracial children. A white guy might deal with one or two, but three or more, we might as well issue her a black card because it's a wrap for white guys. I mean here we are at baby 4 and I'm sure it's not the last one, I feel it in my bones. I mean they are not giving her uterus much break either. The ages are 5, 3, 2 and one on the way. I'm sorry I'm sure they want a girl too, but I hope to God it's another boy, because the way she has those boys hair now, I would just feel bad if they had a little girl. I mean they have those boys running around looking straight like "momma do my hair!" I mean I sure a comb has never made its way into those Freddie from A Different World mops, they have on their heads. All I am saying is can you image the poor little girl with that wild do and older sis hair looking all in place.

Anyway back to the subject at hand. Well in this copy of US Weekly, there is a poll about Chris Brown. They have a picture of Chris Brown holding a fan's white baby, since the Rihanna Grammy "situation." That's what I'm going to call it a "situation." Anyway the question they asked or polled people, was "Would you let Chris Brown hold your baby since the domestic dispute?" or something of that nature, I can't quite remember the exact words. However what I did remember was that 67% said NO! Okay are you kidding me. I don't know what I find crazier the fact that they even asked that question to people or that 67% said "Hell Naw," and I'm sure that's how they actually answered the question. Is it really at that point. People are afraid for him to hold their babies. Its not like he is going to bite and beat a baby. When I think about this poll I think about a post I read on this celebrity blog,I guess you can call it. Another blogger turned me onto this site, it's not a gossip site but a celebrity news blog. They do interviews and show pictures, anyway the Blogger wrote about how earlier this month they sent out a "Happy Birthday To Chris Brown" on Twitter, and instantly lost 10 Twitter followers. I mean it was just two years a go he was getting a personal birthday call from Micheal Jackson on MY Sweet 16 show and now he can't get a simple happy birthday from anyone anymore. He can't hold babies and can't get a "It's your birthday!" anymore...I mean people truly feel like Chris Brown is a Monster!

After reading US Weekly, I moved on to Vibe magazine. I first read last month's issue with Keisha Cole on the cover and male model spread with Tyson Beckford and a bunch of hot negros in it. I then moved onto this month's current issue with Rhianna on the cover, with the headline "Rhianna & Chris What's Love Got To Do With It?" Referring to Tina Turner's 80's hit and the name of here autobiographically movie about her abusive relationship with Ike Turner. In the article they even refer to Chris Brown as a "New-school Ike" now was it not me that wrote a couple months ago about how Chris Brown is no Ike Turner. I knew it was coming in print soon enough, with that comparison. Now even though the article was about both Rihanna and Chris Brown, they just had her on the cover, I'm guessing they were to afraid to have him on the cover also. Fear that even the mere picture of him, would cost them sales. Jet earlier this month had him gracing the cover with Rihanna and now I here they are having sales difficulties...a connection perhaps? I don't think so, but ironic nonetheless. Let me first say that this has got to be the best article I have read on the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation yet. I left reading the article thinking I have got to start reading Vibe more often.

The article had so much in it, but I will try to sum it up for you.

I love how they start the article with a 2007 interview of Chris Brown. He talks bout being young and in the spotlight...."Being Young, you always have to have a wholesome image. But I'm not perfect, no body's perfect. I'm just a regular guy. I don't try to pretend like 'Oh, I'm so nice and I'm such a God'." He then talks about his tattoos that his manger was so mad that he gets. She feels every tattoo is another album sale lost. In the 2007 interview he describes the meanings of his tattoos. One being ninjas in dark to light. It represented his life and how he was a bad child doing wrong things but trying to follow his own path to the light. That he had demons as a child that he use to fight all the time. His demons was his hatred for his mom's abusive relationships boyfriends and step father. He goes on to say, "Seeing images like that as a kid, you want to inherit what you see, so he promised himself he would never that that kind of dude...How I'm never going to be that person that lets an argument get that that I would put a woman and child in that position." Demons I guess got the best of him that night in that car. The rest of the article was just eye opening. Even the background on Rihanna, was eye opening. What got me was that Rihanna's father the man who has been so vocal in the Rihanna camp and wanting justice against Chris Brown, is a man who has been addicted to crack for 25 years and who own daughter was so happy when he left her and her mother, when she was 14.

The rest of the article is a sorta rise and fall of the two. How they met in 2005, when they both were about to be signed to Def Jam at the same time, but she got signed and his A&R person got fired a day before he was to be signed. That A&R person would become his long term manager Tina. Let me just say this. After reading this article.I even more now feel that Chris Brown and manager Tina have been hittin' it for a minute now. From the time at Def Jam to when he got signed to Jive and released his album, he live with Tina Davis. I just feel it. They were shopping for music deals and she was teaching him how to work the media. It talked about them dating to that dreadful night.

There was something that caught my attention. When they interviewed some witnesses at the club where the Grammy Party they attended that night was thrown, they gave some interesting insight. The tension between the two started earlier in the day at rehearsal. Rihanna got very upset and a fight started in the dressing room earlier that day, about Chris hugging the club manger that he knew. Chris Brown's dancer's think Rihanna is crazy and insane flips out on him whenever her super jealousy comes out. They say there is two Chris Brown's the one who come out gregarious, joking, and performing, when he is by himself and other Chris Brown that comes in with Rihanna and doesn't move doesn't look anywhere but at her, that doesn't speak to anyone but her, and that is completely terrified to look in the wrong direction or talk to the wrong person. Now add that little combination to his other pressures and you have you boiling point.

The most insight full was Chris Brown's former bodyguard and Rihanna's current bodyguard, Chris Bush. Chris Brown gave him to Rihanna, I guess he felt she needed him more, as her 24-hour a day guard. He said that Chris was under so much restraints and pressure..."It's like caging a pit-eventually he's gonna lash out.I don't blame lil' homie. Whatever allegedly took place could have been prevented a long time ago, it just so happened to be this situation. It took place only due to repressed frustration. There is so many leeches around BOTH of them."

I feel he was under so much pressure. He has to be one thing, that his manager is trying to portray. He has to be one thing for everybody pushed by his manager and one way for his girlfriends, he has parazzi after him, whenever him and Rihanna are together they have people following them with cameras, add that with her being the crazy jealous girlfriend, who probably wants to smell his dick when he comes in to see if it smells like another women...and who wants to bet she has done that at least once. The boy exploded that night! I once again feel like this is not a case of on going domestic abuse like Ike Turner, but a case of over aggression getting quite out of hand!

After reading this article to be quite honest I felt bad. By the end of the article when Chris Bush, said they were the two of the most kind hearted people who in the industry, but were just thrown into turmoil, I just wanted to hug both of them. I really do feel sorry for both Chris and Rihanna, more for Chris than Rihanna however. She seems to be moving on going to rock concert the Met Gala and whatnot, seen all over town. Chris on the other hand is being portrayed as a potential baby beating man, can't get a happy birthday nigga sitting on a bench.

Okay I'm always apparently missing a Chris Brown spotting. The other week, My cousin called me and told me he saw Chris again. He is either seeing him at the gym or at the mall. Anyway he called me as said "Oh by hte way I saw Chris Brown the other day."
"Oh yeah, what was he doing?"
"Just chillin"
"Chillin?...chillin where?"
"Chillin on a bench."
10 second pause
"What do you mean chillin on a bench?"
"I mean he was just sitting on a bench"
Another 10 second pause
"Are you telling me Chris Brown was waiting on a bus bench?"
"No he was not waiting on a bus, he was just sitting on a bench at the mall"
"You sure he wasn't waiting on a bus, things are mighty bad lately?"
"I'm sure, he was just sitting there looking sad"
"Don't people be looking sad when they were once driving a Lambo and now are sitting on a bench."
"Don't worry, I saw the blue Lambo in hte parking lot of the mall"

Now I have heard on the radio and online, that they are both going through emotional things right now. Both are taking to alcohol, to heal their wounds. Rihanna drinking Vodka like it's water...don't know how much that is true. Chris loosing 15 or 20 pounds. I don't know, but my heart goes to the both of them. People say they want to be famous and they want this and that kind of life. Sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for, because there might be strings attached.

All I know is let me run into Chris Brown he would certainly get a ear full out of me. I truly have ideas for him, to turning his life around and this situation. Let me just run into him one time on a bench. He would thank his lucky stars. That's all I have to say, that and apparently YB&DL has still got Chris Brown's Back!


Anonymous said...

this is why i dont agree with ppl all up in ppl's business and i understand where you are coming from got the entire perspective thing; but the fact is that he shouldnt have done what he did. he could've just got out the car and walked down the road and said you crazy bitch stay the fuck away from me. i understand 2 ppl fighting but i mean...

anyways i saw rhianna when she here too a few times clubbing and at shows. and yes we caribbean ppl can drink but because we like a drink or two dont mean we drowning our sorrows lol. anyways rhianna likes to party always did.

anyways did you see the naked pictures and the one with him having a panty on his head. chris is a freak. lol.

anyways lets return your blog to you because we will never know the truth.

PRIMO said...

I feel You On That Heidi/Seal Fiasco. Them boys Hair Just Be So Nappy Like She Stay Wetting It Or Something.....

& I feel you on the Chris Brown/Rihanna Fiasco 2. I think he's doing the right thing by just laying low and sticking close to the people who truly care about him. Rihanna on the other hand I think just don't give a damn. She's still in a way playing Her "I'm A Victim Card" And to me it seems like she just starving for attention right now. Instead of laying low she seems to be everywhere like aint nothing happened. Like she doesnt have a care in the world. I HATE HATE HATE how everyone especially black people are so intent on keeping the story going and being so ignorant against Chris Brown. Yeah He did wrong but they act like this is the first damn time it ever happened. The media is portraying them as the New Improved 2009 Faces Of Domestic Violence, and i think it has to do alot with them both being Black, Young, and Very Famous. It seems like to me everyone just wants to Tear Chris Down [because he's a SUCCESSFUL young BLACK MAN and every media outlet including Oprah is doing their part] why Rihanna sits innocent in whatever black leather get up of the week her stylist has found her. Don't get me wrong I love Rihanna But I hate how everything is one sided and she aint saying a word & partying it up.


Her Dad just starving for attention. I read in COMPLEX magazine months and months and months ago that she doesn't even talk to him and that she used to get Horrible Migraines from all the abuse that went on at home, and when Her mom left him they stopped.

BTW She Looked Gorgeous on that cover, and we all knew His manager was fuckin' him. Shit if i was his manager I woulda got some too.

I Just Cant wait to Read/Watch/Hear the first Interviews they Give. Im Sure He will get a cover then.

[End Rant]

Anonymous said...

I love Heidi and Seal!

I'm so tired of the Rhianna/Chris situation. I truly believe Chris isn't an abuser like Ike. This one situation just happen to get out of hand.

RocaFella07 said...

In this day & age, with the media and internet, its so easy to make Chris Brown look like a 2009 Hitler...By simply blowing ANY and EVERYTHING out of proportion.


Chet said...

I am so glad that you are looking at Chris Brown in a positive light, he has been grounded the past few months and that can not be good for any young person, Chris needs to move on and people need to allow him that space, his life is in an uproar right about now, the young brotha has more than his ex-bit*h on his mind, he has a future to think about, record sales down, concerts a thing of the past, bill piling, employees to pay etc.

I had only recently become a Chris Brown fan, but now I truly feel him, I think he is just like young men hell men in general we all have issues and sometimes things get out of control, I do not like his ex at all and mainly because she reminds me of a trick.

I hit the floor laughing after reading about the conversation you had with your cuzin whom spotted Chris Brown at the mall sitting on a bench, it was so funny when you inquired "Chris Brown is sitting on a bus stop?" Imagine that! I would love to run into Chris at the mall or anywhere for that matter he could use a good friend right about now.

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