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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Llody teaches lessons in love...

I'm so glad, that some new male R&B, has arrived. Not that I haven't been loving Raheem Davaugh, Lyfe Jennings, and all the other neyo-soul out there, both female and male, but I need something else, I wanted some body moving and up tempo R&B music....However I didn't get that with Lloyd's Lesson in Love either.
I really loved Llody's last album Street Love, which I think was highly under rated, so I thought that, Lesson in Love was going to be a continuation, of that album. It was in the since of it having a lot of mid tempo, love ballad songs. He is one of our great falsettos that we have right now next to Robin Thicke. This is a great album, for getting busy or messing around, with your love one, but not great for working out with, trust me I tried. I'm still feeling it, because it's fresh and new. I was really feeling the second single and pretty much only up tempo song, "Girls Around the World", feat. Lil Wayne, its a sample of Rakin and Eric B's "Paid in Full". It's filled with some great ballad songs, like "Treat You Good" and "Year of the Lover." My Favorites are the sexual laces songs like "Sex Education" and "Love Making 101", which isn't really about making love.
My "Ah that's my Jam" of the moment is Robin Thicke's Magic. I'm really feeling the song and the video. After his last album the Evolution of Robin Thicke, he isn't planning on waiting a few years to bring us more great music, like he did after his first album. I'm really feeling this joint, and he does have the magic, because he is everywhere writing and producing.

My "Ah that's my Jam II" of the moment is James Fortune and Fiya's "I Trust You." It being the song I heard not to long after, getting the inspiration fro my last post. It really is speaking to my soul. When everybody let's you down, and you feel you have nothing left...all you can do is trust in the lord, because he will see you through it all, and be there for you. Just trust in him and everything will work out for the good.

My Throwback of heavy rotation is Ginuwine's The Bachelor album. Before Lloyd's new album, I was in need of some good old fashion R&B, and I wanted a male's voice too, I pulled this out. It being one of my favorite albums from him. I remember first seeing the "Pony" video like it was yesterday. This is when Ginuwine was on fire, and before he settled down and started poppin out babies left and right with Sole`. When there was all those rumors about him being a former stripper and everything. Damn he was sexy. I even love his version, of one on my favorite songs "When Doves Cry." These was the day when Timberland used to produce for black people. ManI wish they could reunite for Ginuwines's next album.

My Inspriational Music of the moment is Dorinda Clark-Cole's Take It Back. Dorinda didn't waste anytime after the recent release of the Clark Sister's aledgedy last album, to come out with another one of her solo efforts. However it was originally pushed back becasue of the groups last album and touring. Dorinda i would have to say one of my favorites of the Clark Sisters. The lead single and title of her album "Take It back" is a great athem in claiming what is yaours and what God has promised you back from the devil and those who steal your Joy. As always Dorinda brings you the down home soul shacking organ bumbing gospel music, that feeds your soul.


yet another black guy said...

alright now, i love me some Clark Sisters! and i'm waiting on some new male R&B dudes with real pipes. brothas have gone all white boy whiny these last years, what happened to all the great soul singers?

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