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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I can be initmate with a man, more than one way

F.Y.I- This particular post, is going to be written, in third person, in dedication to a certain person. To prove to them, that it easier to write in, than they believe can be done.

Last night, He was writing his post, about his weekend, and recent events. He had one last tryst with L.A. and a few run-ins with Blue. Not really feeling up to it, he decided, to finish it later. He wasn't in a good mood, not angry, but more so on the down side. Sometimes the lifestyle and his dealings with men, could be a bit tiresome, at times. After not wanting to do much of anything else, he decide to go for a ride. Not going anywhere in particular, just out. It was a nice spring night, in the city.

He had his windows down, listening to the classic and contemporary R&B station. He was a fan of the midnight storm type of music, at night. He pulled up at the stop light, and he heard the same music, from his radio, coming from the car, beside him. He looked over and at the same time the driver behind the other car's wheel looked over at him. The other driver was really getting into the music, but it didn't stop him, from giving a head nod, to him. For a couple of miles, they drove side by side, every so often glancing at each other, at further stop lights. They were catching each other's eye, every so often; letting it linger for a couple seconds too long. He was having some fun, he knew this feeling he was having, the other driver was for the down. Last night, he wasn't sure if he wanted to go down that path. He was thinking that the bull, that he goes through, even with DL men is what was putting him in a funk to begin with. After giving it some thought, he look at the guy, who at first sight, looked about in his late 30s. The other driver also was driving a nice luxury car, more on the sensible side, but still luxury nonetheless. He had also noticed, that the plates, were from out of state, Maryland. He threw caution to the wind, and figured, why not get out of a funk, part to do with men, by getting with one. At the next stop light, flat out told the other guy to follow him. After pulling over at a Hardee's, they talked for about 15mins and decided to go back to the other driver's hotel. The other driver, had explained, that he was in town, on business, and that he just driving around. In their conversation, the other driver, had mentioned he was married. Even though it was against his usual morals to get with married men, he was selfish, and figured he needed a pick me up, regardless.

When they got to the other driver's hotel, He was starting to feel a bit self conscience. He wondered, if the valet, knew what he was there to do, with the other driver, by now it was late. Did they know, he was there, for just some sex?...Or that they barely knew each other, let alone each other's name? They had small talk, from the lobby all the way to his room. He realized, that the other driver, was a little bit older, than his late 30s, but he was distinguished. He was usually calm and relaxed, but tonight, with this new man, he was a bit on the nervous side. He didn't know why though. It was a nice room. After excusing himself to the bathroom, he came out to find the new lover, fully undressed but his underwear. He had even folded, his clothes.

After discussing, what they were into. He had found out, that the new man, was a full bottom. He was cool, with that, even though he didn't get down with actual intercourse to much. He didn't usually like to get down that seriously much. He was still nervous, it was bothering him a bit, that he was. However, it was rare, but he liked it, when he was nervous about a man. He felt unsure how to begin. He just took off all his clothes, and told the new man, to do whatever, and he will take his lead from there.

Not going into to much detail, but it was a very passionate rendezvous...very physical. When the new man kissed him, with all his might and tongue, the new man's after five stubble, was burning his face. It still felt good. They were all over each other, alternating, who was on top. After, what felt like a highly sexual wrestling match, which included him getting some oral, and the new guy getting fingered, and rough dry humping; they ended up, with him standing on the King size, trying to screw the new man's mouth off. The new guy seemed a little tired, definitely out of breath, and worn out. He asked his new lover, if he wanted to take a break. The new lover just nodded "yes".

They started to talk, about age. The new lover, had explained, that he wasn't as young, as he used to be. How it was times like this, he wished he was 30 again. He took this as a time to asked, the new lover his age, he turned out to be 50. It was nothing shocking for him, he had been with older men before, not hard since he was 21 himself. They talked some more. The new lover had explained that, he was in town to lecture. He explained, that he was also a writer of sorts, however he had never published. In a little joking fashion, the new lover told him, that I bet you can't guess, what I do, where I write every week, but never publish. He told the new lover, the first thing, that came to him. " I don't know, a preacher?" The new lover explained his shock, but he was in fact a pastor. He really didn't know why that was his first thought, but it was just an aura, that the new lover had. Maybe that was the thing, that he was feeling, that made him, nervous to begin with.

They talked and talked some more... from everything about the church and ministry, to about the new lover's marriage, to about college and career. After the new lover had told, about some of the cities he lived, they realized they had a mutual acquaintance, who was a wanna be pastor. Talk about six-degrees of separation. He wanted to change the subject quick, after that. Didn't want to find out, who else they had in common. He had been around pastors, and preachers, his whole life, through his family. He was sure, they had more in common. He really talked to this man, like he really had never before, with a man he was intimate with. He felt safe, with this man. Not guilty at all, like he thought he would, if he had ever got with a preacher. Maybe it was because, he didn't know to begin with. He even disclosed to his new lover, that he had even thought about himself, getting with a pastor. Particular pastors he knew, not just any preacher. After a couple hours, of talking, he realized, that it was getting late..or early for that matter. As sad as it may seem, he realized that he knew a lot about this man, except, what his name was. It was Bobby. The morning dawn was peeping through the window, so he decide to leave, and let his new lover sleep.

He got dressed, and they talked a little bit more, about the pros and cons of HBC's and diverse universities. Feeling a bit awkward about it, he asked his new lover, where do they go from here. The new lover explained, they will just part ways. He picked up the hotel stationary, and wrote his number, email address, and his real name. It hit him, right then, that he actually told this, man, that he had just been intimate with, his real name. He had been with many man, but never had he every gave them, his real name. His real initial at times, like he gave L.A., but never his real name. They said their good byes, and he left. While on the elevator down, he thought about the experience, he had with the pastor. He knew that Pastor Bobby, wasn't going to call him, and he was very cool with that. He was also cool, that he didn't even finish getting off. He left with something special, he really didn't think he would have. While getting in his car, he realized that there, really might be a day, that he could be comfortable and truly let himself go free, with a guy. He left feeling mentally refreshed, by his experience, with Pastor Bobby. He also left feeling sore all over his body, the next day. His new lover might have been the one to give out first, but he really gave him a work out.


Chet said...

Very interesting story in fact I was visualizing the entire time, and I have one question: Did Pastor Bobby call?

I enjoyed the flirting part and when you discovered that the gentleman was not 30 but 50, I guess today's 50 really is more like 30.

Married and a Pastor...Okay.

YoungBlack&DL said...

Well that was two nights ago, and no he hasn't called me yet. To be completely honest with you, I really don't expect him to call, or ever expected him to call. I had a feeling whenI left that hotel room, that was it. He has to much to loose. I mean, it wasn't hard for us to discover we knew some of the same people. We decided to move away from that topic, but I'm sure, a few more minutes, and we would have found more.

LOL, and yes I thought he was in his late 30s, when he was in his car, but I really knew he was a tad bit older, when we got to the hotel. 50 is not the knew 30, when you need a 15 min cool down, during the middle of sex.

That Dude Right There said...

All I can say is "wow"!!!!!!!! Nice story!