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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dusty Dick Detachment Division

Hello, My name is Young. Hello Young. And I'm a member of 4D...The Dusty Dick Detachment Division, and I'm horny. The supporters all clap for me.....
I am So HORNY!!! I want to scream it from the mountain tops. Since I can't because I'm the Good boy.I decide to tell an old but never forgotten friend. I really didn't plan on this being my return post, but frustration breeds unexpected choices. I hate the loathe the word horny. It always has came across as crass and well tacky. I hate it when men use it as and open line, as an adjective on the moment of their life. It is usually accompanied with its acquaintance bored. I always feel it's predictable and dull, and why are you wasting my time. There is nothing sexy about the word horny. However it is powerful it is straight forward it is who I am at this moment. Yes there is a bevy of other words I could have used. I have a carnal desire for the male anatomy. Most may know what I mean, but not all. I wanted to libidinously consume his sex. A few may know, but few will only assume to guess what I allude to. It's 2:30 in the morning and my lascivious desires consume me. A couple will know but most will have to look it up. Horniness though, I feel is so universal. It's simple in all of it's elaborate meanings. I cut to the chase. It consumes me.
I have a fire that won't seem to go out. Its a fire that my left hand...sometimes tight, just can't deem to control anymore. I'm ambidextrous like that, by the way. I need more. It has been truly like 7 months since I have had an orgasm created by another. It started from a constant feel of emptiness from it all. Perhaps emptiness is a wrong depiction. Just a lack of true satisfaction. I have stated once before that is a difference between a shaken up soda bottle and a tilted glass Heinz ketchup bottle. If you don't know the difference then you are a horrible lover who thinks that as long as a man comes, everything is all good in the countryside. I'm not going to say kill yourself, but you are dead to me and see nothing for you. I mean that in the nicest way possible. For two weeks I have been like a wild animal in mating season looking for heat to bath in all that is my natural male essence. Did I go to far with that analogy? Ehh it's perfect. In two weeks I am left with a string of not even close. The first was so promising, it led me to believe, in a return of old glory. I was so close yet truly so far away. The last two I wasn't even in the same ball park. Hell we weren't even in the same city. I had to end it. I really had to give the "Look this just isn't working for me. Let's call it a night." Exact words by the way. I'm starting to feel liek it is really me. Like I am really broken. On the other hand BAD HEAD IS WORSE THAN NO HEAD! Remember this, someday we will return to this. However something is wrong in me. Or maybe I am just growing. As you get older needs change, and that includes sexually. What was once good for 18 is not always the same 5 or 10 years down the road let alone 20 or 30. I crave for the days when it was new and simple.
I would do anything for someone to hit my spot, it has been so long, since it has been touched and teased. Yet not a place I can tell, because it's not the same when been told. In all seriousness, right now I crave the weight of a mans body on top of me. I mean it the thought of him on my back or chest drives me crazy. Not anyone but someone in particular, unfortunately I'm not sure who he is...none recently. I feel in my gut that the heat from his body will somehow extinguish the flames burning in me right now. For now I'm left here on the rainy Saturday night; the peak of all that drives my libido crazy; scratching like an addict feenin' for it's next hit. I'm not scratching for my next hit or for my desire for sex, but because I shaved my chest two nights ago for a sexual lover I know loves a clean palette. He left me starving because he wasn't hungry. If that makes any sense. God help me with the hair in another region begins to grow in. For the faithful here, you know what rainy nights do to me. As for Saturdays, they have always been the hardest day of the week for my desires. Those night always leaves me...well just wanting more. What? We will get to that some other night. Night in general has always been rough for me. In the daytime I usually keep it all tame, but nights is usually when the beast comes out to feast. Why my blog as always kept a decor to resemble the moon's playhouse. Perhaps it's been my adventures in Decadence that has invoke these desires or perhaps it's just has exposed my raw inner feeling for what it has always been. Whatever it is, I need hot passion stat.
Right now my frustration is killing me. I wonder now, is it really sexual, or am I a dog trying to catch it's tail. Do I really want the tail, for what it is? Or am I just trying to get a hold of it, to say I got it? I didn't mean for this post to be what it is, but I just felt I had to express this somewhere. Maybe the Sex Gods will grant me some mercy and a much elevated change. Not the real God, because you know I'm all kinds of wrong with this, but the Sex blog Gods have in the past been good to me. Right now I feel like i had upset them, and I must make amends and make my case.
Once again I'm Young and I'm Horny...for more than sex.... Perhaps a sexual renewal? Or maybe a sexual rhapsody?


Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Been there...done that. I have the shirt. I hope to never go through a dry spell ever again.

Remember how you thought something was wrong with me when I years ago that I hadn't had sex in a year? Now you get it. lol

J. Antoinne said...

I hope you have assuaged this

MyMind said...

you should try jerking off

ivan koki said...

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